Oppo Reno3 photographed in the wild, runs Android 10 on a MediaTek 5G chipset

18 December 2019
The photos also show a different color scheme than the one we saw from TENAA.

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My Redmi K20 Pro got PTSD after viewing this shitty copy-cat on its screen. It screams when I say anything about OPPO... :|

this is 100% fake because everyone know why.
so dont bother typing any more.
And how dont they know its fake news before posting it?

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  • AnonD-901275

I cant understand how someone can like the back on the mi 9 but hates it on this one.
There is nothing wrond coping good stuff.

  • Anonymous

Mi9T back color 2020 version haha, but hey, still looks good

That one color has a serious k20 vibe.

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Josephnero, 18 Dec 2019Isn't that photoshoped mi9t?True

  • Anonymous

Uuuu look familiar hahahaha

Boring phone. Next.

Isn't that photoshoped mi9t?

Jesus, another water drop notch. 🙄