CR: Apple is still the top earner in the smartphone world

19 December 2019
Apple's profit margins remain untouchable.

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  • Anonymous

Fintoyu, 20 Dec 2019Biggest profit margins means worse for customers. It is simple. Totally agree with you.

  • Anonymous

MrAllKnown Killer, 20 Dec 2019Yea cuz you dont have money to buy it. We understand and we... moreWe don't spend our money on cheap bendable products like iPad

  • Anonymous

Firewarrior96, 20 Dec 2019yeah , and if that pretty too damn good device breaks or st... moreEveryone knows Apple products have poor repairability score.
It's basically use and throw product. With new updates, you are forced to upgrade or battery detoriates and OS slows down. Shameless Apple has even admitted it.
So basically pushing below par products at expensive price.

  • Anonymous

AnonF-85937, 20 Dec 2019Quit being salty and get yourself an iPhone 6S, it will pro... moreEven Android gingerbread (2.3) has more features than iOS 13

  • AnonF-85937

AnonD-833125, 20 Dec 2019We don't hate Apple, we just love our money. When Apple i... moreThanks for your opinion. I’d rather pay more for the longer Apple support which is upwards of 5-6 years, making up the cost I paid. My iPad Air 2 is still going fine, Android tablets from 2014 don’t even get any support now.

  • AnonF-85937

Bill Jobs, 20 Dec 2019Actually only users of apple mostly cry for updates or bla ... moreYou could have saved time with all your excuses and just told me you have no solid argument to make. 3-4 years is not much. I own a Galaxy Note8 and have owned many other Androids and know how crappy the update situation is.

Yes, thanks for mentioning the features nobody really uses except when comparing to iOS, lol. My Galaxy Note8 had more features than my iPhone XS Max but I barely used most of them because some were battery hogs or incomplete e.g. the Iris Scanner that was eventually canned, LOL.

  • AnonF-85937

Mr. All Known Guy, 20 Dec 2019Whaaaaaaat!! What have I just read? You are truly a clueles... moreThanks again :) you continue to prove how much Google needs Apple.

  • AnonD-833125

AnonF-85937, 20 Dec 2019Exactly! The Apple Haters are a spiteful bunch, look at the... moreWe don't hate Apple, we just love our money.
When Apple is going to make a 300$-400$ phone, then I will buy again Apple.
And don't tell me is not possible. It is very much possible, they just don't want.
Now, the real question is why they don't want? When you will figure out the answer to that question, you will realize that Apple don't give a sh8t about their customers.
So, why should I invest my hard earn money in a company like that?

AnonF-85937, 20 Dec 2019No they don’t. Having to go outside of manufacturer support... moreActually only users of apple mostly cry for updates or bla bla bla. You surely don't know that outside of USA most of android users don't even much care for major os update. They only somewhat care for regular security patch or UI updates which they regularly get. The people of China even don't give a ____ about these regular updates. Somewhat the similar condition in our Europe. But despite having almost 88% share of mobile market (smartphone) Android and its OEMs are so supportive now. You know I've two Xiaomi's entry level devices in my numerous collection with latest miui 11 :o and those are about 3-4 years old. Even my dad's old galaxy j2 get regular security patch updates. That's really cool haa? And I ensure you one thing, that is the KitKat 4.4 has more features than latest iOS 13. Even custom developers can use dark mode manually let alone optional dark theme. And this is what benefit of android although I love iOS and using iPhone 8 as one of my daily device.. Cause for few years I want to lead a simple tech life..

  • Mr. All Known Guy

AnonF-85937, 20 Dec 2019Thanks for confirming how poor Google are in business, they... moreWhaaaaaaat!! What have I just read? You are truly a clueless Apple lover! The reason apple is so successful now 90% because of the ecosystem.. And to run the ecosystem they cannot but need Google cloud system or their gimmick ecosystem based business would get fkked.. Truly you are a apple fan for a reason!

Biggest profit margins means worse for customers. It is simple.

  • AnonF-85937

UI Goku, 20 Dec 2019 moreNo they don’t. Having to go outside of manufacturer support is pretty sad, Lol!
Some of us want proper security not some developer project that may or may not see support in the future.

You lost this argument the moment you put an XDA link.

HuLk, 20 Dec 2019So this report further endorses the fact that Apple charges... moreNo, this shows that no other brand can maintain its initial prices and still sell a lot.
Everybody is in the race to the bottom except apple. Everybody needs to drop prices to maintain sales (even for their mid and low ranges), therefore, their profits drop.

  • Anonymous

[deleted post]Having someone to blame for their misfortune has a soothing effect.

  • Anonymous

Obviously q4 will see up to 85%, the 11 Pro is a game changer and the steep decline in Chinese upper range phones due to Trumps restrictions is adding to Apples momentum, Huawei ads are completely absent from TV, only the most uninformed persons are even considering Chinese phones now, and Samsung had nothing to fill the void it has created, Apple had and most of the buyers sitting on the fence the last two years refusing to pay a thousand bucks for a phone came down, as was proved when the 11 Pro was completely sold out for a long time.
Last year in q4 they made 80% with the Xs and by now we all know how much better 11 Pro is, even Applehaters admire it and would buy if they could afford.

  • UI Goku

AnonF-85937, 20 Dec 2019Not really, the iPhone 5S recently got an update within the... more

Seriously, quit it with the software updates, old android phones have it as well

  • AnonD-901275

AnonF-85937, 20 Dec 2019Lol, but you were smart enough to get an iPad which can als... moreWell, im repairing my gadgets my self. There is plenty of spare parts on ebay.

AnonF-85937, 20 Dec 2019You make it seem as if Android flagships are cheap to repai... moreI never did mention Android devices repairability at all , but To compare it android are tend to be easier to repair than apple and less cheaper

Really said that again you'll do what : " Either way I insure my tech, so if anything goes wrong I claim and get a new device."
So weren't earlier bragging about apple care and That customers don't need to buy new one but they get one replaced !! but now , if anything goes wrong you claim and get a new device , just wow , I guess you are the one who does seem lost

  • AnonF-85937

Firewarrior96, 20 Dec 2019Lost by what ? yep you don't need to buy new one . but you'... moreYou make it seem as if Android flagships are cheap to repair, LOL.

Either way I insure my tech, so if anything goes wrong I claim and get a new device.

  • AnonF-85937

Adul Al Salami Kebab, 20 Dec 2019That device has 1 year left max... Not really, the iPhone 5S recently got an update within the OS it’s on. If they leave the 6S on iOS 13 they will still give it Security Updates within iOS 13.