There won't be a Pixel 4a XL, rumor has it

03 January 2020
Apparently we're only getting one size of the company's next mid-ranger.

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  • 04 Jan 2020

good ... one less ugly buggy beta hardware from Google ... lol

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    • tDS
    • 04 Jan 2020

    I'mPhone, 04 Jan seems Chinese phones will still offer better qua... moreBu great software and wonderful cam

      This could be true.

      In India Pixel 3aXL is priced less than Pixel 3a ( at Flipkart) this is enough evidence that 3a with its compact size is more preferred than XL sibling.

      With iPhone SE2 in working, seems Google is targeting the compact mid range phones ( there are very few players in the segment of compact phones with decent specs).

      With right pricing and availability, it can achieve the sucess.

      But pre conditions are - enters before SE2 and Priced less than or equal to SE2.

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        • 04 Jan 2020 seems Chinese phones will still offer better quality phones at the Pixel xa's price. 3a was sold at midrange price, but it had a rubbish chipset and cheap plastic build.

          who cares, most of us want to see SE2

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            • 04 Jan 2020

            Goes to show buyers will lap up a well-specced compact phone?

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              • 04 Jan 2020

              If Google's high end phones are mid ranges (actually), what does that make their mid-range? (Low end?)