Xiaomi will continue to pre-install Google's Phone and Messages apps on global devices

03 January 2020
MIUI Dialer and Messaging are gone.

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  • RRizMughl

am recently using Redmi note 8. the phone is classy only thing is call recording issue.
call records on mp3 format instead of amr format which increases the size of saved call and am not able to transfer it on any social media due to bigger size.
I requested several time for developers to change the format but yet not solution has been credited of my request. over all phone is excellent..

  • N1ck

I'm really dissapointed about the new google pre default apps. They did a big mistake, this is my last time buying a phone from them. I bought a few, but they really f*** up this time. Better pay more for what you want, than less and having some ugly 2000 looking no function google apps.

  • N1ck

I just bought today a Note 8 Pro, and i'm really dissapointed because of the missing of MIUI apps. It's a good phone for it's price but i can buy a more expensive one instead of having those ugly Google apps :)

  • roghop

Of cource mi message is missed. And to record a call. Very much.

Xiaomi should please return back miui dialer amd messaging apps to note 8 pro. Its disgusting without them

Hilmawan, 05 Jan 2020Call recorder by Boldbeast is one of the oldest and the best cal... moreWell guys if we all make a request to bring back that mi dialer.. May be they will listen to us and thats the only solution to this problem... :/
So contact on their support and send them feedback about this....
And yeah its only gonna help if all of us write this feedback !! lets hope for the best :)

  • Patrick

I have a Mi9 global ROM. Does anyone now that I will still have the default Mi messaging app when I do a full factory reset of my phone, or shall I get the Google messaging app?

  • Yasir naeem

I am also Xiaomi user . but this time Xiaomi disappointing me replace its dialer because Google dialer not supported call recording

  • Sajjad

I am a xiaomi user and have been using xiaomi's devices more then couple of years. note 5, note 6, note 7 are the devices which i have used but now really disappointed with xiaomi's move of including google messaging and dialer app instead of it's own MIUI in note 8. I have sold the device just because of that and i will not recommend anyone to buy this device, MIUI dialer and message app was the best. Google dialer and messaging is not user friendly with all the time annoying updates. Now waiting that if xiaomi includes it's MIUI dialer and message app in upcoming phones or not, if not then goodbye xiaomi.

I recently bought a Xiaomi Redmi K20 Pro Premium Edition with 12 GB RAM, 512 GB storage, Global ROM, etc. and was really looking forward to diving into this premium phone and in general in to the Xiaomi experience, as this is my first phone from the company. I love absolutely everything about this smartphone. However, one this which annoys me and disappoints me is the fact that the default MI messages, phone and contacts apps were missing and I was wondering why the Google apps were pre-installed instead. So, I installed the apk. versions of the default apps, however as soon as you open them, they crash and simply don't work. I have been sending reports, no replies! I even contacted Xiaomi Global Support Team via email explaining about the issue and they basically said they had no idea why this is happening to me, so what they suggested was to factory restore my phone and continue using it through a backup. Now, I don't thing it's worth all the hustle and bustle for simply 3 apps, so I haven't done it and I won't do it. I honestly had no idea why these apps weren't working until I just ran across this article. Thanks very much for this information! I just had no idea what was happening! One question though - do you have any clue whether Xiaomi would release special versions of their apps for smartphones with Global ROMs? I really hope that is the case, I have heard only good news about these apps and would very much like to experience them myself! Till then I guess I would have to stick with the Google apps... If anyone has any information, please share it out! Cheers!

  • wanga

I have been a faithful and addict of Xiaomi phones, upgrading from one to another. At the moment a very frustrated user and selling my RN8.
Meanwhile moving to another brand.
Please make the announcement when MIUI dialer is back to your devices

  • JayJay

I really like the auto call recording function in my Mi 9 SE, it's sad that they're replacing it with Google dialer.

  • cro

after 4 xiaomi phones i had i bouht xiaomi note 10 again, was so disasapointed when I realized that it doesn't support call recording :/
it used to be so easy to record calls on xiaomi, BRING IT BACK !

  • Obkhan

Thank GOD im not the only one who is missing badly this features in my RN8 PRO.

  • Supun

Give a call recorder with next update

I hate Google Contacts and Dialer. I have Mi9 and enjoying it, but the battery is very less (3300 MAH); Therefore, I bought Redmi Note 8 Pro as my secondary phone and noticed that I can't record calls. This is very bad! I am selling that Note 8 Pro.

I use xiaomi phone for miui. No miui, no xiaomi phone. Dialer is the best app MIUI have. I need only play store from Google, no other apps.

Anonymous, 05 Jan 2020What you are saying the features which you are expecting from cu... moreCall recorder by Boldbeast is one of the oldest and the best call recorder for Nokia phones since Symbian era but even their app still can't function properly on some Nokia phones with android 9.
Source : https://www.boldbeast.com/forum/search741899032.­html

It's obvious you don't know what you're talking about because I've never seen an ad or have to subscribe to use the built in call recorder feature on xiaomi's phone, i can send you a video that shows i don't get any ads and i don't root my phone or unlock its bootloader if you don't believe me.

Many useful features that exist today are due to mobile phones with custom UI, if you like stock android i'm fine with that but don't try to deny that a phone with custom UI has more useful built in features that doesn't slow down the phone like third party apps.

And according to sales most of us also prefer a phone with custom UI that has more usefull features than stock UI.

  • Anonymous

Miui dialer is the most advanced app...i change my phone several time from xiaomi...and xiaomi miui dialer is the most simple to use...all what we need is in there like recorder..and i dont need to move to contact page to search my contact...just search it all directly...it was very good ui from xiaomi. .dont leave it...this is us pressure..to spy our phone call and messaging through google....which they said huawei do it...but actually they do it long time before...

  • Big John

Call recording was extremely helpful and worked flawlessly with perfect record quality. Thirt party applications don't work that good!!! Bring it back Xiaomi!