Apple iPhone 9 renders give us our best look at it yet

07 January 2020
The iPhone SE 2 could end up being released as the iPhone 9.

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I hope see phones with one camera again too! this is much better than Plus version with two camera , apple 2 cameras looks much better than 3 , i Hope see All in One Hybrid camera which are Ultra wide camera that can shoot normal (by crop) with high quality , also normal r maybe ultra wide camera can zoom optically easily! also can shoot macro like P30 with this ultra wide eye , depth sensor we had it , i mean shoot Bookeh with 1 camera , we can see hybrid camera like dual , Ultra wide and Telephoto , ultra wide crop image to be normal but high quality , so we can have good phones with 1 or 2 cameras , can be 1 camera with dual screen one side telephoto once ultra wide , btw if the prices of these iPhone will be good and be 2 (4.7 and 5.5) maybe it can sell good but small version will be more popular i guess

you presume that their only incentive to make entry level iphone is to make it unattractive and so 2015 so the young and the fashionable people will consider the more expensive iphone 11, classic Apple strategy as they did it with iPhone se

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 08 Jan 2020Lots of people are still looking for compact phones. Not everyon... moreSo compact.....4.7 screen in 6 inch body

  • Anonymous

Dual sim please....

I will definitely buy the iPhone 9, as I do update to iPhone 6S. I like classic-design phones.

That if they release it is bloody awful, and belongs in 2016 with the other SE.

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The biggest mistake that people make is to think that this could possibly substitute the 11 Pro lineup from apple. This phone (and not sure if they're planning out on a plus version of it) are intended to be the budget zone for apple, (despite of people saying that the iPhone XR and the 11 are budget options they're kind of pricey) this is made for people that really like the classic design that apple has been displaying for years. If you want the top notch (no pun intended) just get the latest iPhone they offer or switch to Android. It's not that hard, I mean, i'm not complaining about the prices of the Samsung or Pixel devices (or any android devices) if I'm not digging it, I just don't buy it.

People just really love to complain.

  • Jazz

Anyone who thinks this phone is ugly has no idea what elegance is about. This is stunning.

  • dutchie

markobarko, 08 Jan 2020From what year is this design, are they loco?despite the outdated design this phone may be quite successful.
keep in mind that there are millions of people out there who dont care to have the latest flagship with OLED screen. all they need is iMessage and sales person saying "this is the latest iphone. it's also the cheapest'.

Tonberry, 08 Jan 2020The iPhone 8 Plus looks okay, but it seems the specs (especially... more@Tonberry
I think you are a tad bit mistaken in the difference between hardware power and proper programming. A great example of this can be gotten from going back to the PS2, GameCube and Xbox generation. All games that were multi-console for the most part looked great on the PS2 and not so great on the GameCube and Xbox, even though both of the latter had superior hardware. The EA games, the Activision Games, all of them were made for the PS2 and then ported to work "good enough" with the other hardware. With an android device you have to program your software to work with a myriad of hardware configurations ranging from single-core to octa-core processors, 1GB - 8GB of RAM, and questionable storage space at best (sorry, but SD expansion doesn't work when manufacturers such as SAMSUNG intentionally turn it off on their lower end phones). With an iOS phone, you have literally one configuration per generation with the exception of storage space and a possibly amped up processor when they release an "S" version of a phone. In other words, it is easier to code and maximize the software for a fixed hardware solution. I switched over to using Apple for my phones and home PCs a little over a year ago, and the only two PCs I even have running in my home right now is a gaming PC that I built 2 years ago and my prior gaming PC that I built 5 years ago that my son uses and refuses to let me upgrade.

I have an older android phone, a moto G5 with 64GB of storage, 4GB or ram and an octa-core processor and I couldn't download and get some apps to work that my friend had on an older S5 because it was programmed to specifically work best with a Galaxy's hardware setup. I haven't been frustrated with my phone once since I switched over.

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Anonymous, 08 Jan 2020You will find out the hard way that you can't directly transfer ... moreBut do not forget the scummy cases when paid apps on android ended up becoming subscription type due to the majority of users being cheapskates.

Imagine the app you paid for being updated one day to a per month/year subscription. With ads. That's how most android/windows 10 paid apps end up these days.

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niki, 08 Jan 20204.7 inch 720p screen. Well come to 2011Lots of people are still looking for compact phones. Not everyone is a fan of tray sized models.

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David11o, 08 Jan 2020As a current and previous user of many apple products i must say... moreTo be fair, you ain't obligated to buy one anyway.

  • Jason

WhatÂ’s a number anyway?

As a current and previous user of many apple products i must say this phone design is an insult. It looks like an iphone from 2012 despite the specs i would never buy this, even if it costs 400 dollars. I've made the switch to android and i've never been happier. I can now choose my phone according to the specs that make the most sense to me, instead of being obligated to endure whatever apple throws at us

  • jtrogr

People pay for the logo anyway so who cares about specs and display.

  • markobarko

From what year is this design, are they loco?

My feelings for Apple products is love or hate. For desktops, I prefer them over Microsoft. I can never go back to Windows after using macOS. For mobile, I prefer Android over iOS. I've used them together for years and I just prefer Android even though I used iPhone three years earlier. But with that said, iPads are the best tablets in the market and that uses iOS.

MacBooks - love (not quite as much as before)
iPhones - don't love (not like back in 2008-2011)
iPads - like (no Android tablet can compare)

There are just things I need to do on my smartphone specifically that iPhones can't do. It's why I'm always, always reluctant getting an iPhone these days. I might love them at first those first couple years. Then I start to hate them when they start slowing down or realize how limiting iOS really is.

anhar.muhammad, 08 Jan 2020You can buy cheaper iPhone 8The iPhone 8 Plus looks okay, but it seems the specs (especially CPU) is on par, maybe slightly better, than the Android phone I'm using now. I want my next phone to still be an upgrade, so I think I should rather save for something newer.

Anonymous, 08 Jan 2020You will find out the hard way that you can't directly transfer ... moreI rarely take photos, and I've already checked the apps. It seems that all the apps I use (or their equivalents) are free on iOS, so I won't need to pay anything if I switch. I'm thinking about saving money for a refurbished XR.