Apple iPhone 9 renders give us our best look at it yet

07 January 2020
The iPhone SE 2 could end up being released as the iPhone 9.

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My only hope from this phone's announcement is that other OEMs who usually think they should copy Apple's design, now can see that phone with full top bezel is still a thing. Hopefully the final design will have smaller top bezel, though. So dear other manufacturers, this time around I highly encourage you all to follow Apple's move. I'm waiting.

Anonymous, 08 Jan 2020Hello caveman . Xperia 5 research a bit?that looks like TV remote, and hefty 164gram. Not compact at all. Big no!

  • Sip

I expected a bottom notch around home button. New year, new design by apple and low end phone with X/XS/11 style swipe ios.
If you do then plz reduce the upper bezel too.

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 08 Jan 2020None of the other phones struggle after few years. Enjo... moreLots of budget androids though, get ignored by the manufacturers, some even less than two years from launch. And without cfws, of which the common man is too intimidated to do, they are left wide open to security issues.

  • Singbee

bjorg18, 08 Jan 2020What's the problem in creating an almost bezel-less smartph... moreOf course, it is the most suitable way to go. People are interested in smaller bodies, not in large bezels. It defies logic not to use full screen available for display within that frame. A 5to 5.5 inch screen could easily be supplied within small bodied frames. Theres no need for any bezel phones now and should be laid to rest. In screen everything is way to go.

Oh man, iPhone 9 is such a stupid name, they should stick to SE2...

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 07 Jan 2020Makes sense its A13+ioS combo would allow it to survive for... moreNone of the other phones struggle after few years.

Enjoy features on iOS 5 years late( even on the premium models) while budget Androids are laughing at 1000 dollar toys by giving users top of the line latest features set and functionality on a smartphone.

  • Anonymous

Now I'm more hypped for Pixel4a than this. Better screen, camera and design. Hope it release at 400$ too.

What's the problem in creating an almost bezel-less smartphone in this form factor?

  • Maria

I am sure this won't be the best seller of iPhone.

  • Kucrut

How about battery life?

  • Anonymous

I was gonna buy a new phone. Maybe I'll wait til March and see if they'd release an iPhone around 400Usd

  • MarOMG

Ufffffffff. Compact phones are great, but this is not compact anymore. We have Samsung S10e, which is only 4 mm taller, and 2 mm wider, but with 5,8 inch amoled screen, so this is a propper compact phone. Oh, and it costs about the same. This must be a joke...

Easy predictable

Anonymous, 08 Jan 2020When Sony launch xz3 with 80% screen ....."omg big bezel" .... moreWas the XZ3 launched at $399?
When you launch a phone at ~$900 and up, people expect it to look more futuristic looking to justify the premium price. Thus Apple has the iPhone 11 and 11 Pro.

This iPhone 9 is rumored to be priced at $399. Plus, it comes with TouchID, where many iPhone users still prefer over FaceID. The target market of this will be those who are still using old iPhone SE/5S/6/6S. If they are still using those phones today, they couldn't care less about bezels.

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 08 Jan 2020Hello caveman . Xperia 5 research a bit?Xperia 5 is 158 cm long. You call that compact?

The sad part is a lot of ppl will still buy so just they can have an iPhone

Stijn , 07 Jan 2020People do not care about resolution. Ever since The last qu... moreIt's only a good deal if you care about or even want to be in the Apple ecosystem. Judging by market share, the majority of the world does not. Apple holds a big stronghold in the US but everywhere else they are not #1, especially the two largest markets: India and China.

  • Jon

Nik, 08 Jan 2020You guys have made significant design customization to iPho... moreMy thoughts exactly .it seems it's intentionally being done for profits .I have forgotten apple .2019 android software is way better than iOS.

  • Anonymous

Looks good and premium.