Apple iPhone 9 renders give us our best look at it yet

07 January 2020
The iPhone SE 2 could end up being released as the iPhone 9.

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why not 18:9 ratio :/

16:9 is kind of outdated.

  • Anonymous

Best looking phone ever.. tempted to upgrade my 7. But not until i see 2020 Sept phones.

  • Anonymous

Davy Jones, 08 Jan 2020It will sell like hotcakes if they- 1- cut those thick be... moreYeah..aka Samsung S10e.

How did that fare? Did it manage to overwhelmingly sell? Did Samsung complain so much buying volume they couldn't keep up? Nooooooope. This proven design will sell more.

The most important aspect of this phone will be it's software.

  • 22

raghu, 08 Jan 2020developer pls we are in 2020 apple is in 2012 💩

It will sell like hotcakes if they-
1- cut those thick bezels and put a side mounted fps
2-an OLED display
3-a decent sized battery

HunBirdie, 07 Jan 2020Gamechanger design :D :D :D Lo

  • raghu

developer pls we are in 2020

  • Anonymous

Nik, 08 Jan 2020You guys have made significant design customization to iPho... moreBecause my friend, this is the iPhone design made when the great Steve was still alive. The call to detail, form and function.

The iconic touchID, once called the button, the home button, takes you back home from where ever you are. Always. 1cm in dimeter. Even when the bezel gets smaller, that button stays the same.

And because of that symmetry need to be obeyed. Top will have the same amount of bezels to match it.

This design is burned into the history of mobile.. Just like nokia, just like motorola. Never dies.

Stijn , 07 Jan 2020People do not care about resolution. Ever since The last qu... morePeople seem to not understand that there is a market for this. Otherwise Apple will not be manufacturing it.

  • Yug

Sad to see Apple work on such bad designs and be cocky about en-cashing on its brand factor, thus denying people a fresh perspective on what Apple really stands for..innovation and freshness.
I adored the iPhone 5 design, iPhone 6 form factor and iPhone X technology advancements. Hoped Apple would make the best and a practical choice in designing the iPhone SE2.
Maybe it is time to accept the fact that Tim Cook isn't what Steve Jobs was.
It is just difficult to see some people set a benchmark and then see them desperately fail trying to live upto their standards as time progresses. Apple, Sony, Ford are a few such brands that I personally admired and still do, hoping they get to their basics and self-introspect.

  • Nik

You guys have made significant design customization to iPhone 8 to get this SE 2. I do wonder, why on earth you can't reduce the forehead (upper bezel ) like galaxy or pixel, if can't do bezeless like impending pix 4al!!
Why these companies make same mistakes again and again? I do wonder, how on earth you became such a big company being so dumb!!!!
now, being an LCD display, plz add a better camera at least.

  • Anonymous

finally, Apple still tries to relive the good ol' big-bezel, compact phones, i'd rather have this or the Sony compact phones as daily/back up driver rather than those fragile bezel-less phones which is actually what I use in gaming and editing, LoL

  • s-pen pusher

Anonymous, 08 Jan 2020Good lord no. Then it will look like a fugly Samsung.what the poster was trying to imply is that the top and bottom bezels are indeed from way back 2016; as you may have noticed no device have been launched in 2018 and 2019 with that big of a bezel. even if compared to razer phone 2 the bezels here are quite big. symmetry is a big deal for apple so if to reduce the top and bottom bezels this would mean the fingerprint scanner will have to be reduced in size as well, and the most sensible form would be to have it in elongated oblate form. simply, you don't want to be seen with a smartphone nowadays with that big of a bezel. add to it the single camera on the back; this really would look like it was from way back 2016.

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 08 Jan 2020Hello caveman . Xperia 5 research a bit?Xperia 5 is not a compact phone coz its length is just like any other android phone out there but yes its width is good enough to hold it in one hand

  • Anonymous

Sponge, 08 Jan 2020If they had reduced the bezels and maybe made the Touch ID ... moreGood lord no. Then it will look like a fugly Samsung.

If they had reduced the bezels and maybe made the Touch ID a flattened oval shape then it would've looked more youthful..

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 08 Jan 2020When Sony launch xz3 with 80% screen ....."omg big bezel" .... moreThe only people obsessing over bezels are Android fan girls.

  • Anonymous

From my personal experience no android phone I’ve ever owned managed to keep its original speed and allure after a couple of years. On the contrary, all iPhones I’ve owned remained fast for up to 5 years and they received updates for as long too. My conclusion: if Apple introduces an entry level phone like this one predicted here with A12 chip at a similar price with an android phone don’t waste your money on an android unless you don’t mind having a dull and slow phone after a year. Get an iPhone instead and enjoy a fast, smooth performance for many years and lots of os updates.

  • Anonymous

potato4k, 08 Jan 2020If Apple can sell this for $399, it’s going to be a huge se... moreWhen Sony launch xz3 with 80% screen ....."omg big bezel" . When apple launch 65% screen phone..... Apple fan : omg greatest phone ever