Apple iPhone 9 renders give us our best look at it yet

07 January 2020
The iPhone SE 2 could end up being released as the iPhone 9.

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  • Anonymous

Kristo Radion, 08 Jan 2020You may say it's disappointing. However, there's no more ... moreHello caveman . Xperia 5 research a bit?

  • Anonymous

paco2x, 07 Jan 2020Don't underestimate that ancient design, many people specia... moreAlso holding on to my older phone because it works perfectly, gets updated without delay, and is as fast and reliable as day one. If you’ve never used Touch ID, you can’t judge the people who prefer it. Giving it up for more screen is not worth it to everyone. I also use the chin/forehead for better grip when viewing. There are serious ergonomic issues with the all screen design, especially when they keep getting heavier.

You may say it's disappointing.
However, there's no more compact phone from android, probably only pixel 3/4 which is not as compact as sony's compact (until xz1 compact, not the fat xz2c).
Android manufacturers should start making compacts again, i'm sure there's a lot of people like me, who values an easy to handle phone, for text and email purposes, not social media and games.
Not everyone wants huge chunk of fragile glass, which in the end you will put silicone wraps on it. I prefer using xz1 compact with no case.

  • Andrew HK

No wide angle camera I'm very Disappointed I think will be heavy than the IP8 10%

If Apple can sell this for $399, it’s going to be a huge seller, especially if it has the latest A13 chip. Many people still prefers TouchID, and $399 price point will make some considering this as their second phone.

Apple Pineapple, 08 Jan 2020Lol, Jobs will burn in hell if only see how miserable his c... moreReally? Apple’s valuation is higher than ever now than during Job’s tenure.

  • I'mPhone

Looks yucky...I have to admit actually the design on the iPhone 11 series are good. But repeating a classic? Well why not make a compact iPhone 11 also with LCD but with reduced features, instead of making such an eyesore

someone, 07 Jan 2020you better need to go look at iphone SE sales .. lol iPhone SE has iPhone 5s design, which make sense for those who don't like iPhone 6 design. This iPhone SE 2 is just iPhone 8 with new processor, so this would be tough sell even Apple discontinued iPhone 8.

  • Apple Pineapple

Lol, Jobs will burn in hell if only see how miserable his company became in less a decade from his dead...

  • Anonymous

This comment section is strange. The old iPhone style with the home button is still popular because for most people, it's what iPhones look like. 10 years of iPhones in this style has made an impact on our culture even if they changed things up with the X. But here, people are absolutely certain that that old design is the death of this iPhone.

  • Anonymous

I'll eat my shoe if it end up looking like this

Anonymous, 07 Jan 2020Honestly disappointingOh, look. An Android fanboy who doesn’t get. Then of course, he’ll claim to own an iPhone. *rolls eyes8

  • Yronk

I think the price for a13 and 64gig chip is preety cheap.. Good job apple

It looks fine. I like the dimensions. I'll wait for the 5.4" iPhone 12 but I generally hate iOS. I just may need it for iMessages to communicate with family.

  • Anonymous

Berserker, 07 Jan 2020Thay sure can cut the bezzels, but how much space is gonna ... moreif it were to be bezeless it would be around 5.5 so...

Anonymous, 07 Jan 2020Less usable you mean. This phone is larger than it has to b... moreThay sure can cut the bezzels, but how much space is gonna be left for the internals and the battery on a 4.7 inch bezzelless phone?
It is impossible.

  • Anonymous

when I saw the big bezels I stopped reading.

This one should be called Iphone 8 recycle edition :D

  • Stijn

ishreal, 07 Jan 2020$400 for that? With a 720p screen and horrendous battery li... morePeople do not care about resolution. Ever since The last quarter 2018, the Xr has been the best sold phone in the world and when the results for Q4 2019 come in, it will likely be succeeded by the iPhone 11. Almost no one cares about resolution, since it is hard to differentiate pixels anyway, and since the pixel density will be good enough.
Rumors are suggesting that the battery will be bigger. Since the A13 is also more efficient, iOS well optimized and the resolution not too high, I think battery life will be just fine.
The phone is easily worth 400$ for many people, they get the faster chipset in any phone on the market, years of support, integration in the Apple ecosystem and in certain markets a broad network of service centers.
I mean, it is not groundbreaking and definitely not for me, but it is probably one of the better deals in the smartphone market, just like the SE was.

That's basically $399 for the A13 and iOS, perhaps a better build and finish compared to other devices in the segment.
But the screen design is so dated it's unique.