Xiaomi's upcoming Black Shark 3 5G could be the first phone with 16GB RAM

11 January 2020
When 12GB just isn't enough.

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Good thing about ram increasement we get more storage.. hopefully more 2020 android come with minimum of 8gb ram 128gb storage

Chinese brands and Samsung lately overcompensate good programming and optimization with cheap bloated hardware. Apple and Sony have the least ram in their phones and work lag free even after 2 OS updates

anhar.muhammad, 12 Jan 2020Wow you aren't being good in interview, are you?Looks like you know everything.

  • sopa

I am not buying a phone with less than 32 gb ram ... this madness has to stop. We are using the same apps as few years ago but the creators make them need more and more ram and processing power. This is not a progress. It is a robbery! Will this phone cook for me?

Morsel, 12 Jan 20204GB isn't nowhere near enough for Laptop. My laptop takes 3.5GB ... moreFor android. It needs more ram because of the google play services that eats a lot of ram.

I can finally say that a phone has more RAM than my pc

  • Carol

"Hold on your phone for years to come"? Yeah right, especially chinese devices. One update per 2 years but wait, does not turn on anymore cause the disposible mainboard got sacked.

Morsel, 12 Jan 2020But I can bring my laptop.Wow you aren't being good in interview, are you?


2025=32gb/tb ram2030-64gb ram/1tb

  • Anonymous

Morsel, 12 Jan 20204GB isn't nowhere near enough for Laptop. My laptop takes 3.5GB ... moreDoesn't matter
If you're paying a lot of money, then so be it
Pack it all

DrakeX, 12 Jan 2020All that RAM for Chrome! This phone better run Windows or Li... more4GB isn't nowhere near enough for Laptop. My laptop takes 3.5GB RAM at idle. 8GB is at least. 16 GB is perfect for Laptop gaming. While 4k video editing you need 24GB( 64GB for being safe and confident).

Now for Smartphones.
We really don't need 16GB , at least not for next 5 years.
The way a smartphone guy think is, they need 3-4 games running at background along with 10-12 apps.
If a laptop guy thought this way the would need at least 128GB RAM.

anhar.muhammad, 12 Jan 2020Your comparison of mobile games and PS4 games really blows your ... moreBut I can bring my laptop.

16GB on this specific Android device falls into "law of diminishing return". Unless they have a platform in which the provide desktop-like window management, 16GB utility won't be maximised. IF this phone is a Galaxy Note, the Dex feature would maximise the utility of the RAM. On Xiaomi, this more of a bragging rights than being "needed" feature. You can have 6GB of RAM and still game well with any games given from the Play Store.

They need this to run 2 channels 4 lanes ads so you have better experience.

Great. Although I don't care about mobile gaming, more RAM is appreciated

Why are people comparing PS4 and Laptops to a Smartphone? Anyway I think 16GB is overkill my phone with 2GB is running fine all I had to do was disable preinstalled bloatware and without disabling I would still get around 700-800MBs free which still ran everything fine but there was occasional stutter

Gusta, 12 Jan 202016GB of RAM but the game graphic still can't match the 2013's PS... moreI am having multitasking issues with the new iPhones,I wished they had 6GB RAM,better optimization helps but it can't make a Honda Civic a Bugatti Veyron,but 16GB is overkill

  • KEK

This is just ridiculous.

Why would someone need 16 gb of ram on a device?

  • Anonymous

NoToSmartphone, 12 Jan 2020id rather to buy a mid-range laptop than to buy this sh1t. a lap... moreI invested my money in Samsung S7 when it came out. It is still working perfectly and smoothly. It is not like you need to change phones every 6 months

But why?
I had a 3gb Android phone and is working great. I just open one app at a time, never leave any app opened in background.
If people think that this is useful and not just some commercial thing, then fate in humanity is lost for me.