Samsung Galaxy S20 lineup won't support 120Hz above FHD resolution

14 January 2020
Samsung will limit the resolution if you choose to go with the 120Hz refresh rate mode.

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  • Anonymous

A lot of creative excuses, as usual. But the reality is what it is.....

That will affect sales for sure.

  • LinuxAndroid

There is a slimm difference between 1440 m 1080. So 1080 with 120 hertz is great

  • Umbrella

People have to remember that Samsung is not just mobile company, they have different divisions or sectors inside the umbrella of Samsung. So more likely their samsung display division given exclusivity rights to oneplus for quad display 120hz meaning willing pay more to display compared them and refusing doing it then oneplus could go to their competitors get the display. Biggest caveat is that samsung will always take safest approach since the note 7 gate happened they tend put feature on A series for testing and if anything happens it not important compared than their premium mobile division. Samsung in all division aims to making money in their sector.

Dunno mate just do it. "Oh boo-hoo it would drain the batrery fast" yeah sure bud maybe I want it that way? Maybe Im fine with it? Th do you care man just give us the ability and leave the choice to us. Not giving people choices is oppressive

  • Anonymous

Jaeger, 14 Jan 2020And you haven't thought that, perhaps, there is a technical... moreOf course that they did it for a reason. They already have the technology as they are using it in other of their products, like PC Monitors or TVs with high refresh rates. You can find them easily in their catalogue.

If you already have the tech, what stops you to push it in a smaller scale at your foundries like others have done? And, about all, knowing that in previous generations competitors already where allowing a better experience in their flagships while gaming or doing anything else.

Someone messed up in the design process or taking economical decisions. But, of course, it was done on purpose. And who pay that? Oh yes, always the customers... while they'll pay marketing to hide it and include that cost in those phones.

Who took the decision of remove several useful features only to add more of the same? Maybe they have tech problems removing features too... Perhaps is a mouse that clicks twice deleting them on the design process at some PC? Let me doubt it too. It was on purpose too... Why they do it in these expensive products when competitors don't need to do it at the same phone size and cheaper? Decisions, decisions... As i said, maybe is time to vote with our wallets buying something better from others and next time or in few years watch what they offer. Watching this, i'll do, for sure.

Anonymous, 14 Jan 2020Samsung has the panel. But panel by itself doesn't determin... morePerhaps it is too straining on the GPU which might lead to higher temps and battery drain. Perhaps other aspects of the display would have to take a backseat just for diminishing returns

  • ure

Well at least they could test the 90Hz option just to be at least competitive, it is 2020 for God's sake

  • Anonymous

Samsung has the panel. But panel by itself doesn't determined the display quality, since you still need supporting hardware and software to make it work. Samsung still don't have the supporting hardware and software to make QHD+ screen work properly at 120Hz. Battery saving is not the primary consideration. Don't overestimate Samsung's technical capability.

Jaeger, 14 Jan 2020And you haven't thought that, perhaps, there is a technical... moreIf anyone else is offering it, it may be because the screen is of lower quality, and perhaps not having great colour accuracy and brightness.

Once Displaymate rates the various 120Hz displays, one will get the real picture about all 120Hz displays.

Anonymous, 14 Jan 2020When others can achieve that and a giant tech like Samsung ... moreAnd you haven't thought that, perhaps, there is a technical issue which prevents to have 120Hz in WQHD? It's all about greedy Samsung, isn"t it?

They did it for a reason. And if you don't like it, there are other brands.

  • donatien

If only ultra version is about to have a 108Mpix camera, it is already a turn off.

  • Gauron

So they couldn't offer a 90Hz at 1440p setting? It is always best to run a display at its native resolution.

r/wooosh, 14 Jan 2020Technically, Samsung just doesn't want to risk the poor bat... morePlease not blame only one plus, check your be loved brand's series S, A And M . How many total models they released in last one year. I het not less than 50.

Ohh one more thing last year so many Sammy friends were talking about TV remote remember? Now Samsung and every other brands rush towards 21:9 they almost reached 20:9. Then why not 21:9 which is actually technically perfect?

Like this so many things people should now start thinking. Don't be fooled by these companies and don't waste money.


Since I have used s7 and s8 at 1280x720 whole time, I dont care.

P40 will be the final nail in the coffin of HUAWEI superiority over Samsungs

  • I'mPhone

Josephnero, 14 Jan 2020Xda guyz will hopefully enable it. Not that I'm shopping fo... moreModding software is not reliable and it can cancel your device warranty, unless you're ready to risk your phone and have thick wallets to replace another phone.

  • Disappointing

Not only that they made an ugly looking phone, now we learn that it's not that impressive technically

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 14 Jan 2020S20 lineup is the more of a successor of the S9 lineup - ex... moreNot s21

  • Anonymous

andrehe, 14 Jan 2020People complain about the 120Hz issue but forget that they ... moreWhen others can achieve that and a giant tech like Samsung can't, it is because they don't want!!! Even when others are giving it to their customers for a lot less money. Call it extra profit, not optimizing it, not having better battery controllers or whatever is needed.

The excuse of "ohhhh its not needed" or "ohhh that is impossible" is too old to justify how much greedy they are and let them do it again and again because is X brand and people feel the artificial need to show it or they are one of those trying to hide it to sell them at any cost. It's all about money. Hopefully people still can vote closing their wallets and watch what happen next year.

  • Anonymous

saddameu, 14 Jan 2020i keep my s10 on HD, i have almost perfect vision and i can... moreThe s10 so s8 s7 s6 all have been set to the factory setting default half people don't notice anything

Probably because because qhd at 120fps is more unstable and causes more lag and more processing which causes bad battery life