More leaks of Samsung Galaxy S20+: 120Hz display, in-display scanner, 4,500 mAh battery, and no headphone jack

15 January 2020
XDAs own leaker offers even more secrets about the upcoming Galaxy S20+

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Anonymous, 15 Jan 2020Quality decreases when you use adapter. Well if you're that neurotic about audio quality why not buy an HD audio player and quit moaning about it.

It's like a warped record or CD on loop... Jeez!

  • Love the Community

Jaeger, 15 Jan 2020Who in their right mind listens to music while charging the phone? Multitaskers. I wanna play games but I wanna keep on going but it's also in the middle of the night while my parents are sleeping so I pop in the headphone jack and charger. Now I can keep going without making any noise from my phone.

Smartphones nowadays can handle this ultimate move without exploding. No person nowadays die from that.

  • Lordflashheart

Fintoyu, 15 Jan 2020Who cares about you ?? We buy. We use hp bluetooth portable ampl... moreI use fiio ubtr but trust me while it's good
It's not as good as 3.5 mm jack there's a difference plus U don't have to worry about charge and stuff

Anonymous, 15 Jan 2020And who cares about you too? Each one can do whatever he want. ... moreyou mention cars as an example of something with more extra's included as standard. in an age where most cars are able to contain these extra's due to constant innovation lowering costs and smaller space needed to add. some modern cars are so small and cheap to produce they don't feel safe to use.
A handset only has so much space to contain all of the things required, so newer technology is added but at the cost of parts that can be done without.
The other option would be to increase the size of the handset to include the jack and other missing things mentioned alongside new tech, but then the moan would be " now the handset is to big" so again you would not purchase, so either way they don't get a sale.

Jason, 15 Jan 2020Bluetooth headphones constantly lose connection in big cities. ... moreYou are aware that there are other brands selling Bluetooth headphones, right? Not only Samsung. As for the Galaxy Buds, I don't want headphones that I need to recharge every four or six hours. My current Bluetooth headphones can last up to a full day without charging, and can be used wired too.

Taz, 15 Jan 2020Yeah adapters. A nother thing that you need to buy, can malfunct... moreWho in their right mind listens to music while charging the phone?

  • Anonymous

If no headphone jack, then i will buy Huawei P40. It has one.

  • Anonymous

Every time a smartphone vendor takes a step forward, they seem to take 3 steps back. It looks like they've almost completely gotten rid of the screen curvature. YAY! Finally a flagship phone I'll be willing to invest in, right?

Nope. Now we have to go and make an already ridiculous and pointless aspect ratio even more ridiculous and pointless. Next year 21:9 (haha Sony). The year after that our phones will be shaped like rulers.

  • Anonymous

Fintoyu, 15 Jan 2020Who cares about you ?? We buy. We use hp bluetooth portable ampl... moreAnd who cares about you too? Each one can do whatever he want.

If there is something sure that sooner or later in the report to shareholders we will see is the impact in sales that the lose of features like the expandable storage, headphone jack, face id, the mythical heart rate sensor from Samsung, ir blaster, etc, will have in the S20 series. And the display limitations against competitors with faster refresh at native resolution too, 60Hz.

You buy. Ok. We don't buy featureless phones and less at the flagships overpriced level. And i'm sure that a lot of people will do the same and choose other flagships of any brand. They also failed with that ugly back. Something that sure will affect their sales too.

We happy with your new featureless S20. We will even more happy with our new flagship plenty of features from any brand we choose and problably even at more reasonable price, faster display, jack, expandable storage, great cameras and all. As the best flagship phones should be as you are paying a lot for them. Is like go to buy a car that cost a fortune but doesn't have any extras... or even without air conditioner. Less is a classic collection one, you'll never pay that much for a modern car if not come plenty of extras and features. Thermal seats, heated mirrors, climate control, multimedia display and even today with the active front windshield projecting information... etc.

If a brand want to sell their product, the first thing, and more even in their more expensive ones, is offer the best they can with all the extras the customer could desire.

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Fintoyu, 15 Jan 2020Who cares about you ?? We buy. We use hp bluetooth portable ampl... moreYeah, only you and CptPower don't need it. Hundreds of thousands need the jack.

  • markobarko

cut 2cm from the top and it is a usefull phone for business.

nick sloter, 15 Jan 2020no headphone jack = no buyWho cares about you ?? We buy. We use hp bluetooth portable amplifiers like Fiio BTR3 or BTR 5. We do not need a lousy hp jack like it was on phones.

  • forceten

nice camera,,like a domino.. hehehe

  • Jason

Bluetooth headphones constantly lose connection in big cities. Sound cuts in and out. So they make stronger Bluetooth 6.0 and 7.0 doing who knows what to us, health wise. I want the option of having a dedicated socket or Bluetooth headphones.

And their reasons for taking it out is stupid and a lie. They don’t want to make more space. They want to sell their galaxy buds more. The buds are great, but no headphone jack is a ploy to sell more. The dongle sucks butt, too. Don’t be like Apple and give users less choice.

Fine, S10 for me when it goes through its first price cut. 3.5mm jack removal is not ok.
Most Bluetooth headphones are not good at quality, not even comparable to a $10 Mi wired earphone, I've tested them.
Industry doesn't decide where my money goes, I do.

And these huge, heavy phones are a rubbish trend!

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 15 Jan 2020Imagine not knowing Bluetooth is inherently inferior to wired h... moreFixed my earlier comment.
This is actually very inaccurate as there are Bluetooth protocols in mobile phones today that are good enough - A2DP standard.
yes they are not wired audio quality, but they are close enough and 99% of the population couldn't tell the difference ( not to mention that most people are using spotify or Apple music which are limited to low quality audio in the first place. HiFi streaming services like Tidal or Deezer are the best option but also cost 3-4times compared)
On top of that in order of getting high quality BT audio you need to spend a fair amount on HiFi BT HEADPHONES
The problem is it is more expensive tech and therefore the wireless headphones are on the pricier part compared to wired ones.

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 15 Jan 2020Imagine not knowing Bluetooth is inherently inferior to wired h... morenot true. there are BT protocols today that are on par with wired...

  • Anonymous

60Hz, no jack and no expandable storage is a big NO.

Hopefully the MWC 2020 is near plenty of better alternatives to buy with all those features plus good cameras too. That, in this phone, are very ugly. The setup of the cameras in these S20 series with those ugly humps are terrible. Looks ugly.

  • Anonymous

WazzaG, 15 Jan 2020Why the obsession with a headphone socket? If you want to use... moreQuality decreases when you use adapter.

Al-Aqsa Lover, 15 Jan 2020I am thinking Galaxy S10 is it steal right now.My sister have one, its pretty sweet.
If you get a good deal take it or wait right until S20 just released/announced, you'll get a great deal on it.