More leaks of Samsung Galaxy S20+: 120Hz display, in-display scanner, 4,500 mAh battery, and no headphone jack

15 January 2020
XDA’s own leaker offers even more secrets about the upcoming Galaxy S20+

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  • Samurai sword

Anonymous, 15 Jan 2020No 3.5 jack = no buyThe jack is most important thing for me, so I won't buy this phone too. I hate adapters and all those headaches using them.

  • Anonymous

ja, 15 Jan 2020I was so excited for this phone until the lack of the headp... moreIf Sony actually does bring back the headphone jack with the Xperia 5 Plus then I'll definitely reconsider buying an S20 phone. They really have to get the pricing right and overhaul their camera software though. It isn't terrible by any means but they still aren't up to speed with Samsung and most flagships

  • Bobs

Funny how for a massive phone they cant be bothered including a headphone jack. Guess they just want you waste more money on wireless headphones.

  • Anonymous

GnuLinux, 15 Jan 2020You are so smart aren't you? Defending Samsung for removing... moreNot defending Samsung but there is a way to achieve wired audio through converter. No need to listen to subpar quality audio with wireless. Where is the misinformation part?

Have the ROG 2 as my daily driver, so I do have two type C ports. Have the jack on my S10 too. Disappointing to see Samsung discontinue it From Galaxy note 10 onwards. But with a converter you still have access to wired audio. You are triggered as if Samsung has completely shut down all your means of listening to wired audio.

  • Anonymous

No 3.5 jack = no buy

  • AnonD-908380

Anonymous, 15 Jan 2020Whoever wants to listen to music. I want to listen to musi... moreThese people want less options and pay more. It's ridiculous...

No jack. No buy

  • Anonymous

It's dissapointing to see new, more expensive flagships dropping useful features like the headphone Jack , IR blaster, expandable storage, heartrate monitor, etc. Pay more, get less. I'll keep my S8 + for another year.

  • Jules

Force Majeure, 15 Jan 2020So the battery is down from 5000 to 4500 mAh? Disappointing... moreWhat? One of the first leaks about the S20+ said it would have a 4500mah battery and it never changed. Oh, S20+ is the successor of the S10, the successor of the S10+ is the S20 Ultra, I think you made a confusion here.

  • guy

Good looking phone .The only one problem is 20:9 its way more than 16:9 but under sonys 21:9 .
+ the huge camera bump is terrible .
(18:9 19:9 20:9 )Screen format without any* content support .I think in five years the phones will be standardized at 21:9 great thats sony was one of the first !

  • Force Majeure

So the battery is down from 5000 to 4500 mAh? Disappointing, I guess next time, maybe.

  • Anonymous

Fintoyu, 15 Jan 2020Go check your ears. It means you are deaf. Fiio BTR 3 is 3x... moreGo check your eyes, it means you are blind. The person was talking about their ubtr not about your btr3. It pumps only half that power.
Besides that btr3 is not much powerful than every phone out there. I trialled Fiio A3 and it wasn't that much louder than my Galaxy S10. While driving my 80 ohm Beyers, it was only slightly louder at max, besides supporting upto 150 ohm headphones and pumping out almost 10x the power of Btr3 at 32 ohms.

  • Anonymous

Jaeger, 15 Jan 2020Who in their right mind listens to music while charging the... moreWhoever wants to listen to music.
I want to listen to music or watch video, doesn't matter if my phone is fully charged or about to die. It can be either via
wireless headphone + wired charger,
wired headphone + wireless charger,
Wireless headphone + wireless charger
or even the age old wired headphone + wired charger
A phone that supports all these use cases is worth to be called a flagship.

  • Anonymous

The true definition of the word MEH.

Even iPhone looks even more interesting than Galaxy(s) these days. :/

So the top end device in the range is huge, and the other devices get the scraps in terms of camera? LG and Sony should be using this time to offer consumers something of an alternative. Huawei is stifled, and I cannot believe other firms are not being more aggressive. Samsung are releasing larger devices, whilst seemingly dropping features on the smaller models. Sony and LG have had better than average endurance from their rather measure mA batteries. One of theirs around 4000mA could be excellent. And a smaller device at 3500mA.

Anonymous, 15 Jan 2020Nobody removes jack to cut costs. They do it to sell more ... moreApple possibly, Android phone makers, I doubt it. The market is to heavily catered for, in my opinion.

  • Anonymous

And why people have to buy extra devices? There are phones with high quality DAC and audio jack that saves you of carry multiple devices. Also free you of carry stupid adapters that usually you can forget or lose. Also don't have to bother charging extra things like the wireless earbuds. Your wired ones will works always, all the time even when you have your phone charging while doing whatever thing you want with your phone. And also last forever if you care them. Something that wireless earbuds will not once their battery fails and you are forced to buy a new expensive ones if you want quality.

There are a lot advantages when the audio jack is available in your phone. And the most ironic for those moaning and trying to defend the Samsung and others decisions for their own profit!, not for your convenience... IS that your phone with mister Jack, also works with those wireless earbuds if you want to use them for some reason. You you don't lose nothing!!! If mister Jack is not there, then YOU LOSE a feature and the oportunity of use your wired headphones or earbuds with your phone.

Lordflashheart , 15 Jan 2020I use fiio ubtr but trust me while it's good It's not as g... moreGo check your ears. It means you are deaf. Fiio BTR 3 is 3x more powerful than any hp output on any smartphone.

  • Anonymous

Love the Community, 15 Jan 2020HD Audio Player? What is this 2000s where you get each of a... more*forcibly following only one way is dumb as there are many ways that are better.

  • Love the Community

WazzaG, 15 Jan 2020Well if you're that neurotic about audio quality why not bu... moreHD Audio Player? What is this 2000s where you get each of anything for a purpose? This is 2020. We're supposed to have an all in one device that can do everything and it's the smartphone. A flagship smartphone should have every features and a flagship without the ESSENTIAL features is not really smart enough to be called smart.

Smart people have different options to every outcome. Smartphones should have different options like you can use wired or wireless headphones. There shouldn't be only one way and following only one way is dumb.