Huawei signs deal with TomTom for maps and services

18 January 2020
Moving past Google Maps, Huawei has found an alternative partner in Tom Tom.

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  • Anonymous

Bye bye Google Map spies.

  • Anonymous

LEEDAQ, 19 Jan 2020can they even make out of the Chinese market?Rofl. You must not get out much.

I for one would actually be glad if Huawei catches upto Google. At least then we'd have a return of true competition in mainstream as well as flagships realm.

Not like current iOS/Android which could be also referred to as laughably disproportionate version of Apple Vs Oranges.

No pun intended.

can they even make out of the Chinese market?

Why not HERE Maps? That is definitely a worthy choice to consider. Heck, I actually use HERE Maps more than Google Maps.

  • Syerin

As a user, this growth is beneficial. The harder they work, eventually the cheaper and better the product we get. Huawei or not, this is technology. The only way is forward. Blocking progress for the sake of winning a race is not user-centric.

  • Anonymous

Its amazing how fast R&D moves when you have Chinese government funding you infinitely

That was the most logical option to have a competitive mapping alternative. Hopefully this will allow TomTom's maps to become more detailed.