DxOMark ranks the Sony Xperia 5 in the same class as the Galaxy Note8 and iPhone 8 Plus

23 January 2020
Sony still has a lot of catching up to do in the camera department as per DxoMark.

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Oh my god!
It wasn't enough to have a misjudgment of a website considered one of the biggest rubbish for world testing and that is even very poorly spoken by the largest organizations in these AREAS HOW: IFA, MWC, GLOMO AWARDS, AndroidPit and many others around the world because of the way and questionable ways dxomark do their sayings whose tests for those who understand are like garbage.

You guys at GSMARENA are good just like many here and you'll understand what I mean!

Let's go to the Facts!
Among the best on the List are these new iPhones 11 Pro and 11 Pro Max that I have and I can post images of them and even tests and these Apple Bite smartphones are nowhere near being as good as the ones: Huaweis, Pixel and also the Sony Xperia-1 and the Xperia-5 qu and ranked among the best in the world at the IFA in Berlin, Germany.

These types of companies that do tests and that only speak well or show good things only of those who pay more, serve no purpose and still say more!

These tests like: AnTuTu, Genkbench, Benchmarks and DXOMARK's photography only serve to denigrate images of good companies that are struggling to deliver the best product and anyone who has a drop of intelligence or common sense never believe in these tests and will look for YouTube channels that are more honest and true and that post smartphones side by side like: Phone Battles and M. Muniz.

Another great example of this subject was Nokia closing the doors for DXOMARK not letting them in.

Why is that?

Because when you do a decent, quality test, you need to run tests on all things and all the ways of a product in that regard.
All Sony Smartphones have always had more than a single Shooting Mode like:

Superior Automatic (which use simple settings and even HDR never comes enabled on Normal Auto)
Manual and the New
Camera Wide Cinema Pro

In addition to everything xperias have bukeh and super slow motion modes 960FPS which are the only ones on the market that reach the real HD and Full HD.
Xperia displays are the only ones on the market with 10 to 12 Bits between 90 and 120 Herts and unique to have innovations with 4K Ultra HD HDR displays on the market, Sound Dolby Stereo Surround, High Cinema among many other unique features even using with playstation.

Real-life testing by honest and fair people are quite different from these rubbish from paid and fake advertisement creators as they happen with Apple Bite and Samsung that buy everything and everyone.

Sony is not even screwing in to DXOMARK other than selling and dominating nearly 90% of the markets for cameras, lenses, camera sensors and general components to practice all competitors.

If they said that Xperia's normal Auto Mode isn't as good as those of Huawei, Pixel and even Apple is Samsung, it's considerable to accept, but denigrating destroying images of a company that strives to do something to please its fans is something illicit and ridiculous to More.

Why is that?

Simply because this trash called DXOMARK does not test in the other modes that a device has available and only use the automatic option and settings that comes by factory default in questionable modes and we all know that simple shooting modes are not those that define the final quality of the cameras of a smarthphone...

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    • 29 Jan 2020

    NipponFan, 24 Jan 2020Will Sony finally excel in 2020 or close shop in 2021?!It depends on how well Sony Smartphones sell in this current fiscal year, April-2019 to March-2020. Less than 8 millions sold in the previous fiscal year. Expectation was 5 millions for the current fiscal year. Downward adjusted to 4 Millions in July-2019, and again downward adjusted to 3.5 Million in Oct-2019. By the end of 2019, less than 2 millions were sold. The total sale of Sony smartphones for the current fiscal year is unlike to surpass 3 millions. This is the HTC level in 2017 before HTC practically disappeared before the public.

      Senseurheart Kimochi, 25 Jan 2020You wrong, the vivid color is still vivid, but definitely t... moreTyping error.

      I mean I still can find the food can be so unrealistic with the Huawei Mate 20 camera.

        Go fast for this pig, 25 Jan 2020It's obvious - there is a misunderstanding. Dxomark just fo... moreSo very true! Using 1 is AMAZING! The rest it's a poor trolling of insolent people! DxO is still crap! Mate20 pro wins only at texture but colors still not at the top Xperia can manage!

          Senseurheart Kimochi, 25 Jan 2020You wrong, the vivid color is still vivid, but definitely t... moreA few month ago I had a chance to try out the cameras on Mate 20 Pro of my colleague in a restaurant to see how it holds up against my P30 and S10. Of course I turned off AI on all of those devices because I prefer realism over cartoonish imagery.

          It turned out that Mate 20 Pro was the best performer out of the bunch, very accurately reproducing the amber interior lighting while also showing a good colour separation between dark orange of fried ducks and yellowish green of green curry. Meanwhile my P30 used an excessively warm WB that turned orange yellow, and S10 oversaturated every colour but green channel that resulted in very odd looking photos.

          It's well known that Huawei's AI algorithms make food too yellowish therefore it's recommended that you turn it off in this kind of situation, but honestly this wouldn't matter to you because it's quite obvious that you haven't owned Mate 20 from the way you talk about its colour science. Goodbye.

            Senseurheart Kimochi, 25 Jan 2020You wrong, the vivid color is still vivid, but definitely t... moreSorry. Nobody believe you, after seeing your satai photo.
            Please learn how to use camera properly first, then comment.

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              It's obvious - there is a misunderstanding. Dxomark just forgot to write the 1 in the score. The real score is 195 and everyone who owns an Xperia phone knows that. I hope they will fix this typing mistake as soon as it's possible.

                Shui8, 25 Jan 2020I dont want to be bother with him anymore. His worshipping ... moreI am using a entry China phone right now, it is very basic just like you (even you get the flagship) don't care about something that you lost it (taste) forever...

                  Nick Tagataka, 25 Jan 2020As you say colour reproduction or vibrancy are matter of pe... moreYou wrong, the vivid color is still vivid, but definitely the "chemical color" they are different, should I use the "toxic color" to let you understand? I still can't find the food can be so unrealistic with the Huawei Mate 20 camera.

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                    • 25 Jan 2020

                    Nick Tagataka, 25 Jan 2020As you say colour reproduction or vibrancy are matter of pe... moreI dont want to be bother with him anymore. His worshipping level to Sony beyond facts & knowledge. (while using cheap china phone because his Xperia Z2 broke)

                    He may not addressed it, but almost every person here know about him, a laughing stock.

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                      Senseurheart Kimochi, 24 Jan 2020I remember a Huawei Mate 20 user name is Shui8 praise the m... moreK.

                        Senseurheart Kimochi, 24 Jan 2020I remember a Huawei Mate 20 user name is Shui8 praise the m... moreAs you say colour reproduction or vibrancy are matter of personal tastes, but other criteria to evaluate the image quality, such as dynamic range, detail and noise level are all objectively quantifiable. There are phones that excel at them, some that don't. But man that was a long essay to read, you could've cut off the first 4 paragraphs in your writing and it still would've made no difference to your point.

                          And while all complain and cry about what's better and what's best, I'm happy with my xz premium.

                            Anonymous, 23 Jan 2020What's that? I thought Sony was the God of all cameras and ... morewell.. vV5 still think the same.
                            Sony created the world and killed the dinosaurs millions years ago.

                              Anonymous, 23 Jan 2020Then why are they selling camera sensors to every other man... moreThe sensor components are another business unit. They are not the same as the Alpha division.
                              Just like how Samsung is selling their OLED displays to others. Samsung components is a different business unit than Samsung Mobile.

                                I remember a Huawei Mate 20 user name is Shui8 praise the music of Huawei Mate 20 how good it is. But after I experience it I must say it quality is far behind my Xperia Z2. Why do I say that? This is because I found the Huawei Mate 20 music playing mp3 audio quality is a mess and noises mixed with very low quality bass and noises treble with it built in Music Player!! Even I have try out the settings which is the Smart/Flim/Music preset setting and the Dolby Atmos EQ still can't compete with my Xperia Z2. Let you know I am using the 3.5mm good quality extra bass earphone to listen the Huawei Mate 20 audio output. I also found that the Huawei Mate 20 play the high tone more than low I mean it play the treble more pronounce than the bass, I actually can't hear any deep bass from it, don't get me wrong Huawei Mate 20 has bass but definitely not the numerous deep Bass, if you are audiophile you will know what I am talking about, remember this is the mp3 file Huawei Mate 20 can't upscale the audio quality, it only can upset your experience.

                                While if you are play the music with full size, I mean the Flat.file, that's can be a fairly good experience but still it plays the treble pronounce than the bass and the noise are less pronounce this time, but I still don't have any "kimochi" to listen it (which is the comfort listening experience to the user), I think those noises and discomfort treble are the main fault.

                                On the YouTube music audio quality the Huawei Mate 20 is also far from good, the same problem as mentioned above, I have no more interesting on music listening on the Huawei Mate 20, it crap, even you turn louder to get a bump of bass it really hurt the listening and the "kimochi"....

                                I have try Huawei Mate 20 borrow from my friend and the "shui8" is such a newbie on music listening taste.

                                So should I trust those biased reviews or believe my ear and my eye? Or should I take it as a personal taste? Definitely no, the noise is there the treble is mixed not pure on the Mate 20. Same as camera comparison, there are tons of people saying the personal taste, but is "Chemical color" pleasant to look in reality? It just a tricks to "stole" your eyesight but definitely won't win from eternity...

                                  Like seriously? Is really Xperia 5 a midranger? This article is everithing but objetive; how does it come a Snapdragon 855 top SoC complemented with high specs software and hardware is quoted as a midranger? even it is not a cheap device. Starting with this odd, hard to believe in the rest of the article.

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                                    DxoMark is just a shit💩

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                                      AnonD-754814, 23 Jan 2020Previously DxOMark used to top the Xperia devices even if i... moreThey decided to change how they test the devices and that ruins xperia score.

                                      For example: Sony low score because full hd video is standard. Full HD video also standard on the iPhone but they test 4k because otherwise the iPhone score will drop.

                                      Another example: when Xperia made great/better shots on manual mode and sucked in automatic. They would test automatic, where Samsung and Huawei etc would do better.

                                      Today Xperia makes the best low light shots on automatic. But today xperia has a lower score because it lacks a night mode and other brands are tested in light mode.

                                      In the end Yea Dxomark may not especially do this against Sony but they do the tests where other brands shine. Sony makes better results in some real life tests. And is penalized by some stupid decision that dxomark makes (testing the phones to be "on par" while all are different)
                                      It's like when I saw the battery test Xperia 5 again one plus 7t pro they tested the one plus with lower brightness and lower resolution and locked at 60hz. It's not how it works you wanna test your battery test it with both phones with everything ON don't save battery on the phone you prefer

                                        Anonymous, 23 Jan 2020So you claim the cameras score points are not correct ?exactly, they are not fair, are based on which OEM pays them more.