DxOMark ranks the Sony Xperia 5 in the same class as the Galaxy Note8 and iPhone 8 Plus

23 January 2020
Sony still has a lot of catching up to do in the camera department as per DxoMark.

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  • Mike

Anonymous, 23 Jan 2020Unlike the Sony sensors used by other flagship phones, Sony only... moreAnd none of these phones besides maybe Mate 30 constantly take better photos or video compared to Xperia 1. Results differ on shot by shot basis and sometime Redmi K20 would take more appetizing image than Mate 30 Pro and other time Xperia 1 will best them all. Smartphone photography is still very tricky and many parameters affect the quality of the output. It's not all about just hardware features or size or software, it's a combination. After all I had taken more atmospheric interior low light shots with indirect light source with XZ2 Compact than with iPhone X while iPhone X did take a lot better landscape nighttime shots where only source of light were building windows. I also could turn outdoors low lit scene into a fully lit up scene with XZ2 manual settings while iPhone X couldn't do that no matter what.

Nick Tagataka, 24 Jan 2020All right, so if you were referring to the giraffe shot, well I ... moreI did not get anything wrong.
You are trying to naively justify a scam from a site that fabricates data for promotional purposes.
So... please, grow up, and quit denying the obvious.

I myself am quite grown up. And obviously more perceptive than you. You got that "justification" quite wrong. And staff knows exactly what they did there.
On the other hand, your belief and wrong justifications on both matters are subjective, one would say childlish even.

Tann Hauser, 23 Jan 2020Falsely? Definitely not. And you should be aware every comment ... moreAll right, so if you were referring to the giraffe shot, well I think you're getting it all wrong. First of all none of Huawei's flagships apart from the regular Mate 20 ever had a dedicated 2x telephoto lens. In Xperia 1 review, Xperia 1 used roughly 2.5x digital zoom on top of 2x lens, whereas P30 Pro was relying on hybrid zoom where it combines a super-res image from the main sensor with an image from 5x lens to make the centre of the frame look sharper. This is why P30 Pro managed to take a lot sharper photo than Xperia 1 despite showing it used F1.6 lens (=the main lens) to capture the scene.

And yes, what you did back then was DEFINITELY a false accusation. You started some ridiculous conspiracy theory that the author of the review deliberately manipulated the score to make readers have negative impression of Sony phones, when in reality he lowered the score due to an error he found during the recalculation process. Just because you missed an opportunity to admit your fault that doesn't mean you should keep denying your wrongdoing. Grow up.

  • Anonymous

Tann Hauser, 23 Jan 2020Falsely? Definitely not. And you should be aware every comment ... moreOk you are clearer now on what's wrong. Something's certainly fishy here. DXO received Huawei money?

The giraffe shot is not 2x but ~5x zoom. DXO used the 48MP mode in P30 and cropped it to 10MP. For Xperia 1, they used the telephoto camera and digital zoomed it to match the perspective of P30. Why go to all this trouble?

  • Anonymous

NipponFan, 24 Jan 2020Will Sony finally excel in 2020 or close shop in 2021?!Close it in 2020

Will Sony finally excel in 2020 or close shop in 2021?!

  • I'mPhone

Morsel, 23 Jan 2020Optical zoom 10x ?I mean hybrid zoom. Yes the maximum is 10x for the Xperia 1. Not sure about the Xperia 5 as I didn't try the camera.

  • skyfly

GSMArena, Xperia 5 is a flagship compact version of Xperia 1. Did you seriously write it was a midgranger? Seriously? It has a flagship processor, good camera. Define, please, what is a midranger and what is a flagship!

  • Anonymous

A smartphone camera with a larger-sized sensor requires larger and thicker lense(s) to match. To put a large-sensor camera into a thin smartphone requires more manufacturing finesse and effort. To understand why Sony smartphones are so dismissed by true smartphone aficionados, you only need to take a closer look at the size of sensors used in Sony smartphones in the recent past:

Flagship. (Identical camera setup for all 3 models. All tiny sensors. Part of the corner-cutting, cost reduction measures.)
Sony Xperia 5 Plus (2020): 1/2.55", 1/3.4", 1/3.4".
Sony Xperia 5 (2019): 1/2.55", 1/3.4", 1/3.4".
Sony Xperia 1 (2019): 1/2.55", 1/3.4", 1/3.4".

mid-ranger. (Even tinier sensors.)
Sony Xperia 10 Plus (2019): 1/2.8", 1/4".
Sony Xperia 10 (2019): 1/3.1", 1/4".

When other smartphone-makers start to use even larger sensors for their 2020 smartphones, how will Sony smartphones be measured up against? (Oppo will be using 1/1.3" sensors, Xiaomi will be using 1/1.33" sensors, etc.)

  • Anonymous

Also the Sony camera UI is shocking and needs a complete rework.

  • Anonymous

The Xperia 5 is not a midranger at all, it's a "normal" flagship as opposed to the Xperia 1 "premium" flagship. They both have the same internals, SD855.

  • Anonymous

Unlike the Sony sensors used by other flagship phones, Sony only uses tiny sensors for this phone:
12 MP, f/1.6, 26mm (wide), 1/2.55",
12 MP, f/2.4, 52mm (telephoto), 1/3.4",
12 MP, f/2.4, 16mm (ultrawide), 1/3.4".

Compare these to the main sensors used by others:
Vivo X30 (X30 Pro): 1/1.7".
Vivo NEX 3: 1/1.7".
Oppo Reno3: 1/1.7".
Honor V30 (V30 Pro): 1/1.7".
Huawei Mate 30: 1/1.54".
Huawei Mate 30 Pro: quite unusual, it uses two large sensors, 1/1.7", 1/1.54".
Xiaomi Redmi K30 ($240 phone, with aluminum frame premium build-quality): 1/1.7".
Huawei P20 Pro (early 2018 model, a phone of yesteryear): 1/1.7".
Realme X2 ($200 phone): 1/1.7".

  • Sawsan

This is tantamount to heresy.

  • Wim

Wait, how is this a midrange device exactly? Come on gsmarena!

  • Zack

If youre a regular user just trust your eyes. Avoid photo benchmark sites like them. For me personally, quite happy with my XZ2. It takes great and sharp photos, looks great on printed in 4R as my album collection. I dont care about anyone saying how bad XZ2 camera was. For me, I trust my own eyes.

Whackcar, 23 Jan 202095% of smartphone users use auto modes when taking pictures, whi... moreHuawei struggles with complicated scenes.

I'mPhone, 23 Jan 2020You should test the phones hands-on instead of trusting reviews ... moreOptical zoom 10x ?

Anon, 23 Jan 2020Simple, because Sony is not paying Dxo enough lolPreviously DxOMark used to top the Xperia devices even if iPhone/Samsung was doing better. What will you say about it ?

  • Jros

DXO mark only tests point and shoot ,

  • Anonymous

Note 8 camera is far better than xperia 5 camera. Xperia 5's note 4'ish camera shouldn't get the score that high.