A week with Huawei Mate 30 Pro: is there life without Google services

03 February 2020
I was missing a lot of apps, but I found a surprising amount of free time in the process.

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  • 29 Apr 2020

Anonymous, 18 Feb 2020i dont think they can put microsd because they're banned fr... moreThis is weird. SD Association is not a company, it is an association from companies all over the world. They create standards where they don't exclude companies from using these standards.

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    • 18 Apr 2020

    Hello, for my part, I just took P40 Pro (replacement of my P20 Pro) ... using the Phone Clone, I was able to deliver all my apps without the need for a Play Store. Of my 60 apps, there are 2 that I couldn't use at all: Strava and an alert application from the Swiss confederation because it requests Google services.
    For the rest, with the Microsoft launcher, Outlook for my emails and transferred apps (facebook, whatsapp, banking application, health insurance and so on), it works normally. To see over the duration for the update of these apps how I will have to proceed.

      Only people that really love Huawei will buy it. For regular users Hw is not longer an option. If you use your banking app to pay all your bills this phone will not worked and that is a most for almost all adult users. The post is about a regular user point of view that will not spend the time/knowledge to make GMS works (I like it, very honest).
      In the short term this is bad news for us because other brands will rise the price of their smartphone.

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        • mtk
        • 27 Feb 2020

        Incredible phone,facebook,whatsapp,instagram etc. works (except youtube and google maps),incredible photos,works very very fast (''clean'' android) and a great price!

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          • 18 Feb 2020

          kek, 03 Feb 2020Well, for all the negative stuff that has happened with the... morei dont think they can put microsd because they're banned from trading with the SD Assocation (the company that writes the standards for SD and MicroSD cards), they have no choice but to use Nano Memory

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            • 16 Feb 2020

            you are probably the 1st type of person you said up there. Because I am using Mate 30 pro for a month now, and I found the top of the line camera (my main usage) and then amazing screen + overall hardware. I will list all the pros and cons so that you can probably readjust your article or others who are willing to buy can take some help from it.

            - Best camera so far (S20 Ultra is still not in stores at the time of writing this comment).
            - Optimized battery time, usually covers my 36 - 40 hours with normal usage.
            - 99% of apps work with apkpure (appstore) or apptoide (appstore).
            - Curved edges on the screen gives you the best feeling than any other phone available at the moment.
            - I am using all social apps (except youtube) on my phone.
            - Actually you can have twice number of more apps than you see on your phone technically because what you see on your playstore normally is country limited and google play policy limited. For Example you can't have a free movie streaming app on your playstore while you can still download it from apkpure (appstore), Or you can't have different country version of your game (say PUBG Korean, or Chinese or Global) but you can have all of them on apkpure at the same time etc.

            - Whatsapp (the most used app) does not take backup, you have to either start from scratch or do the tricky method to get your chats migrated.
            - 1% of total apps does not work, which includes netflix, youtube or any other app that uses Google Play Services as a base. This also includes your games which needs sign in using google play, if you have option to sign in through facebook (they still work then).
            - 30x zoom is useless just like any other phone as 5x is optical zoom and after that it's just digital zoom which means it's only increasing picture size instead of zooming in, same is the case with S20 Ultra (upcoming).
            - Phone does not really feel secure as all the apps you are downloading are not really uploaded by their developers, instead someone took them from playstore and added them to thirdparty app stores.

            There is a lot to write based on my experience as a geek user during this one month, but I prefer people doing their own research, if you really think without youtube you are more impressed with software than hardware, then this phone is not for you.

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              • 14 Feb 2020

              I have Huawei Pro 30 and can get Google, instagram, gmail, etc. Just look around and it's there! The camera is the best camera on any phone I've had... 50 x zoom with good clarity. Huawei's WeChat is as good if not better than WhatsApp. Huawei's battery lasts twice as long as Samsung or Apple iphone.

              The problem with the author of the article is he's trying to compare an old girlfriend with a new better girlfriend while still in love with old girlfriend.

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                • 08 Feb 2020

                Huawei has allowed GMS to be flashed from USB C via appgallery on Admin Permissions without root. I don't think it's difficult for most people. Whether or not they will publicly make this instruction available on the retail package for consumers is something else.

                  Anonymous, 03 Feb 2020Exactly and may I add he is not using YouTube alternative w... moreI'm using that one! Youtube Vanced it's called.

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                    • 8K$
                    • 04 Feb 2020

                    I´ve been using my Huawei Mate 30 Pro since October 19, as a chinese living in Brazil, the lack of google really is something that impacts.
                    My phone isnt google sideloaded, but Ive downloaded almost all apps I need from Aurora Store and Amazon Store, which are pretty good, Waze works very well in place of Google Maps Navigation system, Facebook, Instagram runs smooth, for some apps that really requires GMS, I chose to load a virtural machine inside, which are usually small apps.

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                      • 04 Feb 2020

                      SpiritWolf, 04 Feb 2020Unusable? It effin isn't. Or are you telling us that iPhone... morebad comparison cuz apple users still use Gmail, Youtube, Maps, Photos..etc LOL

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                        • 04 Feb 2020

                        KevinFanch, 04 Feb 2020I don't agree that Huawei needs Google Mobile services. I a... moreWhich OS??? /e/ OS ????? What???

                        Which phone you have..? Mate 30 Pro just released few months ago.. N u r using a phone since a year... And can you download apps like Facebook, WhatsApp, Asphalt, And also UPDATE THEM REGULARLY... and most importantly... Can you access Google Play Store to access it's massive collection of apps to download and update all your favourite apps... which app store you use specifically for all these important functions

                          I don't agree that Huawei needs Google Mobile services. I am already using /e/ OS on my phone for half a year and it is not missing anything. It is privacy focused Android without any Google spyware in it. I can run all the apps I need because it uses MicroG as a replacement to Google Play services. Loading commercial apps is also easy through app store or Aurora Store etc. I would never go back to a phone with Google surveilance in it.

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                            • 04 Feb 2020

                            kek, 03 Feb 2020Apptoide is like going to the black market to buy meat. You... moreWi-fi network error because of bad settings

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                              • 04 Feb 2020

                              Nibbz, 04 Feb 2020You can install all Google apps very easily and they work p... moreHow U made them work???

                              Can you explain the process... And Do they word 100% similar and smooth compared to a device that came preloaded with GOOGLE MOBILE SERVICES???

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                                • 04 Feb 2020

                                Martin, 04 Feb 2020I Just bought the Mate 30 pro and sideloaded Google apps. T... moreAre they working fine... And as smooth as they used to function in a device that came preloaded with GOOGLE MOBILE SERVICES.... And Can you tell how you installed google apps and make them work correctly... How??

                                  Unusable? It effin isn't. Or are you telling us that iPhones are unusable because they lack GMS?

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                                    • 6QH
                                    • 04 Feb 2020

                                    Nice phone

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                                      • 04 Feb 2020

                                      Tbh, I don't think the mate 30 is meant to be used this way outside china. If you cba to sideload apps or even install the whole gapps-story, simply don't consider this phone. if you are nerdy like us, you get a nice little challenge. I simply didn't do it because of price + security issues. An imported china-phone usually lacks all sorts of security sadly.

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                                        • 04 Feb 2020

                                        Amused I am. I get notifications for social media and all the map and other nessecities I need on mine lol