A week with Huawei Mate 30 Pro: is there life without Google services

03 February 2020
I was missing a lot of apps, but I found a surprising amount of free time in the process.

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Why was aptoide not used?

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    • 03 Feb 2020

    You didn't mention properly about you tube experience

      since mate 30 pro dont have native GMS support it price much cheaper than iphone 11 (not pro) in my country which cost about $929 (64GB) meanwhile Mate 30 Pro cost about $832 (8GB ram/ 256GB rom, and also get free huawei case and freebuds lite)

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        • 03 Feb 2020

        If use 2 phone is a common, I'll choose mate 3 pro and the new razr 2019. Razr is for google apps and social media, mate 30 pro for the camera

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          • 03 Feb 2020

          Glad to see the GSMArena version of the Play-less Experience. If we can look on the bright side, this is the ultimate phone for phone-addicts willing to achieve their New Year resolution of putting it down more often. According to other such reviews I've read, it's unanimous that without GMS, this phone is severely handicapped.

          I don't like seeing such great potential wasted due to some silly economic and politic feud.

          However I don't have much hope that HMS will manage to make up for it. This article lists everything that needs to be fixed and it's a huge task. Like it or not, Google rules over... well... their own OS.

            Heh, even if the phone has Google Play, i won't buy it, the curve is too much and the notch is too big!

              I tried something similar on my Samsung a couple years ago and more or less came to the same conclusion.
              I uninstalled all apps I could from the Play store and looked for equivalents on Samsung's and Amazon's dittos.
              The fact that toy can't even get a decent mapping service outside the Play Store is already there a deal breaker. Then I realised, nor once single streaming service I used was available. About a week later I gave up and accepted that we're stuck with Google. I think it's going to take a lot more than a single manufacturer going rogue to change that. Samsung has sort of tried it and failed. Amazon has tried the same and equally failed. Huawei will probably not stand a chance getting any of the big apps or services onboard a forked Android. They need an alliance with other big manufacturers to succeed.

                This shows how reliant the mobile industry is to Google. Regardless how many OEMs out there people think are "competing" with each other, in the end it's all monopolized software wise by Google, at least outside China.

                Even Microsoft couldn't survive when Google decided not to make their apps on Windows Phone.

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                  • 03 Feb 2020

                  What happens if you try to access www.gmail.com from the phone's web browser?