Flashback: the Samsung Galaxy S II was a best seller, its variants ushered in the 4G era

16 February 2020
The Galaxy S II came out right around the time of the first 4G networks, which made for some interesting versions.

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  • Anonymous
  • p2r
  • 14 Oct 2021

I didn't owned this phone but I used few s2 devices of some friends'. I can say the s10 and s10 plus are the real and last successors of the s2. Because of Galaxy S2, I owned s10 plus. I was very jealous to s2 and htc sensation users. Just s7 and s10 series are the new made Galaxy S2. Just look some camera desings, absolutely same. Note 3 4 7 8 9 also were successors too.

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    • Dave
    • nqq
    • 14 Jun 2020

    I remember this phone so well, bought mine in 2012. I was a die hard Nokia fan since early 2000's but I skipped the Symbian touch screen phones and also did not want to jump to WP. So Android seemed like the only real way to go (I will NEVER buy an iPhone, no fu*king way!). The S II was a great phone. It felt so smooth and fresh after N82. Of course the camera was better in Nokia with the xenon flash. Used it for a couple of years and traded it for a N9! My friend had one and I had always wanted the Meego to own. Also bought S 4 as my main phone. Then I returned to Nokia after they finally embraced Android 2017...

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      • William Fan
      • sxr
      • 27 Feb 2020

      Oh man, I got converted to AMOLEDs when I saw my friend have this one! You'll know the difference of LCDs against LEDs back then. Ever since I got into the Samsung "ecosystem" too lop

        This was my first Android phone and it got me hooked thereafter on Samsung phones. After the Galaxy S5 arrived I switched(within 5 months out of disliking it)to the Galaxy Note 4. I've bought Galaxy Note phones ever since.

          The S2 isn't a great phone because the UI slow response.
          The back cover protrude at it bottom weird for grip.
          The audio quality is cheap just like the recently China phones.
          The build quality not sturdy enough. It doesn't have water-resistant, leaving a lot of dust in the speaker hole.
          The dimensions is chubby not really well for one hand usage.
          But it has removable battery, that's not a selling point.

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            • Elvis Burdā
            • mcB
            • 18 Feb 2020

            gringo, 16 Feb 2020this device is called the beast ... the only one that survi... moreTo 10! ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

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              • 855
              • LH4
              • 18 Feb 2020

              Great flashback I remember how hot it was the cpu most of the time but the screen was superb and also best phone for hacking

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                • SamUser
                • 3PE
                • 17 Feb 2020

                Yeah, i have S2 back in the days and it was a superb phone. It was my first samsung smartphone.

                  I still remember it. Galaxy S II was everything that Samsung today isn't.
                  S II was what Huawei is now. Unfortunately the biggest economy in the World USA does the best to suppress Huawei's ahead-of-others-tech and if you think only in the Camera department they are ahead, you know nothing really. No government will ban them for camera tech only. They are way ahead, and, if 2019 they weren't ban, and forever because now they will do their mobile services, they would be no.1 already. Real exciting company. Samsung is no exciting anymore. Predictable. S II was nothing of predictable. Came out of space. Last 5 years nothing from Samsung came out of space. And some Huawei models did come out of space. Many phones still cannot compete with for example mate20pro - october 2018 model. That's 16 month old model which in mobile sector equals 3 years

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                    • Dave
                    • 7Xc
                    • 17 Feb 2020

                    Way back when smart phones are that exciting

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                      • Alf
                      • prj
                      • 17 Feb 2020

                      Last samsung phone with no flicker amoled. I enjoyed it very much, and after that i get eyestrain with flicker S4, Note 4.... and then i gave up amoled phones for IPS one. Miss the punchy colours and deep blacks of amoled, but my eyes are thankfull for no flicker phones.

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                        • Lelsvis
                        • tug
                        • 17 Feb 2020

                        Anonymous, 16 Feb 2020I wish Samsung would go back to the square design looks muc... moreWell, note series still have those design elements.. If you look closely, there was a bit of different in design language between galaxy S lineup(more rounded) and galaxy note lineup (a bit square & boxy).

                          sadh, 16 Feb 2020The time when Samsung's display was burning your eyes. So v... moreThis is a reason I moved to amoled and never look back. It was game changer from dull lcd screens we had back in the days

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                            • Oflife
                            • mpR
                            • 17 Feb 2020

                            I remember thinking the S2 was HUGE! Great phone, very similar build and grip to the Note 4, Samsung's best Note ever from an ergonomics angle - no curved screen either. I have a Note 9. And although it's superb, I wish I didn't have to case it. I do like a nice grippy plastic back.

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                              • Garett
                              • ajg
                              • 17 Feb 2020

                              Ah, the good old days!
                              Still have it, works now as a GPS tracking device in my car. Feels unnervingly light and small now, I have a "What, I really used a screen so small???" feeling! :D

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                                • barom
                                • yb4
                                • 17 Feb 2020

                                It's funny, this phone was the cornerstone of why I disliked Samsung. I remember hating this phone. Constantly crashes, and after a few months of usage there was a noticeable slowdown as well as bigger drain on battery. I remember switching over to Sony Ericsson Xperia Arc and was so much happier with the software stability and felt like a superior phone despite inferior hardware. Also the Motorola Defy was pretty awesome too and way more stable than Samsungs TouchWiz

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                                  • Dexter
                                  • IbF
                                  • 17 Feb 2020

                                  Yeah i got one when it first came out after my samsung captivate. and one of the best phones I've had

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                                    • M.G.
                                    • s8h
                                    • 17 Feb 2020

                                    For Some reason, I preferred the way phone used to look back then!
                                    It was kinda comfortable. (Not denying the fact that consuming content on a larger display more fun though)

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                                      • Anonymous
                                      • B1H
                                      • 17 Feb 2020

                                      This phone is one of Samsung's most prized models. Had the privilege to own from 2012 to almost 2015/2016 before I had to give it away as the GPS could not get locked onto any satellite. Used it as a rooted device for almost 2 years. Would have kept it as a GPS device for the car if it had not given up. We really miss standout devices like these in today's world.

                                        One of my favorite phone.... I bought it in 2012 and still working smoothly.... 😘😘