iPhone XR was the most popular phone of 2019, Samsung leads the 5G market

26 February 2020
In terms of shipments, XR moved more units than the iPhone 8 it replaced and the iPhone 11 that came to replace it.

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  • Pajson89

this must be joke, i never saw anyone with iphone xr , who would even buy xr ? LOL

  • Stop Lying

No One Like XR in Our Country :-D

PangHu, 27 Feb 2020Quit your crap, you must be buying a Snapdragon S10 and nev... moreI am suffering from the same problem with my exynos S10e. It gets hot, battery doesn't last a day. I don't even game on my phone. I just want a smooth phone experience. Seems like switching from iPhone was a bad decision. I was very happy with the 6s plus which got old so thought that a new top of the line samsung might be a good choice but it's not.

  • AnonD-804996

[deleted post]I could easily buy XS with 512GB if I wanted at the time yet I didn't because XR just made more sense. And I still love it. Making sensible decisions doesn't mean you're poor.

Anonymous, 26 Feb 2020No matter how people compare them, whether it's Pixel, S Se... moreSo, if iPhone users so rich why do they need a phone that last for 5 years?? Then, these iPhone users be like calling Android users poor who actually switch phone more often than iPhone users. *smh

I moved from Note 9 to iPhone 11 since I got used to QHD far too long, I couldn't stand that LCD resolution though I was slowly getting adopted to. But I felt it was giving me troubles with vision etc, I upgraded to 11 Pro Max. But I must say iPhone 11 is a real value for money compared to XR but for iPhone 11 price range in my place there used to have lots of challenges for Apple like OPO, Huawei but now a days Huawei is almost not to be seen in the premium segment, OPO trying to play Huawei which is not really shaking the crowd to go after it.

Both iOS and Android not surprisingly the cheapest dominate the show!

  • PangHu

Anonymous, 27 Feb 2020Owned an s10 myself. Had none of those issues. Stop being ... moreQuit your crap, you must be buying a Snapdragon S10 and never touched an Exynos one. And you may have a defective iPhone.

How can an iPhone 11 Pro Max overheat? Did you update your software? I guess not? My iPhone runs better and the battery lasts longer than the S10 Exynos. My S10 also has decent camera performance, the chipset has poor image processing so I can blame it (low-light is lacking and shadow details somewhat little).

I admit, SD version of S10 is much better, probably better than the iPhone in some cases. Go import an Exynos S10 and test that yourself, the battery doesn't even last a day.

It even throttles a lot in games and now Antutu says my battery health is just 90%. My iPhone running 3 months still says 99% in settings. And I also charge the iPhone the wrong way a few times.

What a Shamesung fanboy.. should have bought a Mi 9 if it was available in my country. I'm looking forward to the Mi 10 Pro.

  • Anonymous

PangHu, 26 Feb 2020Utter crap. Owned a S10 (128GB) with Exynos SoC. Batt... moreOwned an s10 myself. Had none of those issues.
Stop being cheap and don't buy duplicate refurbished phones.

But yeah my Brother's iPhone 11 pro lags like hell after continuos gaming. So much heat detoriates battery health. Besides we all know how Apple forces you to upgrade by slowing down processors and battery with updates. Add to that, no way to get the juice back up quickly since it has weak 18w charging. Hard-core gaming depletes battery very fast.

After an hour or so of gaming, phone gets incredibly hot and thereby the chipset ends up getting throttled with lost frames. Also he can't connect his favorite high end Audio technical headset without that 3.5mm headphone jack.
WiFi connectivity during online gaming drops since it lacks additional WiFi antennas like the ones present on gaming phones. And the worst part, no way to get higher refresh rate even though the A13 is capable of pushing frames past 60fps.

He is seriously considering getting the ROG 3 for gaming. IPhone is simply handicapped by iOS.

  • PangHu

SkaAndroid, 26 Feb 2020You downgraded to the iPhone XR with old average specs like... moreUtter crap.

Owned a S10 (128GB) with Exynos SoC.

Battery won't even last a day. Games cannot run at very high details otherwise it will throttle a lot. Even PUBG Mobile at smooth extreme is a stress for the S10. Opening apps can be laggy at times. I have also noticed audio buzz during COD Mobile gameplay and game just crashed. This is the first time in 6 months I'm playing (including beta) and the game crashes this way. Unacceptable.

Owned a base 64GB iPhone 11 and had no issues ever since. The battery does last for 2 days with no charge even under constant use, try that. 60Hz LCD display is average, but the phone does not have issues running games at very high details, even PUBG Mobile at HDR Extreme+antialiasing is fine for the iPhone.

Enjoy that rubbish Samsung, I'll swap my S10 with a Mi 10 Pro soon. The Mi 10 Pro even aces DxOMark's camera and audio tests.

Although it is somewhat comprehensible* that there are no android flagships in the top ten, it's strange that the XS or XSmax didn't appear as I can't believe those couldn't sold more than 15M in 8 full months.

* I thought that at least one galaxy would make it.

  • anon

Biki, 26 Feb 2020My iPhone XR which I got in 2018 December has a screen burn... morewow.. how did you manage to get screen burn-in on an LCD screen?

and, how exactly is your phone 'crushing' apps? like.. physically crushing it? or having a crush on it perhaps?

plus, well.. yeah, the paint chips off fairly easy since it was ADVERTISED as having a softer metal than the one's better than XS and the XS max.

not a fan boy, but let's set our expectations correctly

Anonymous, 26 Feb 2020iOS users bought what was available to them, Android users ... moreVery true indeed. However with only 3 months of availablity the iPhone 11 did well and came close to the XR, it was cheaper than the XR launch price too, at least in the USA. But a Samsung Galaxy A50 offers the same as both of them and the 11 pro so it's more sensible.

dredre, 26 Feb 2020Look at that,not a single android flagship not even samsung... moreThe cheapest iPhones are also the best selling iPhones, not the flagships. Same for Android phones, however there's a lot more choice in Android devices than there are iPhone devices, so the sales are spread on a broader range of devices.

  • Anonymous

[deleted post]Do you seriously think people who buy XR cares or knows anything about specs? Most people who buy phones couldn't care less about specs. That's why we don't see any flagship Android phone in this list.

XR screen is very good for what it is and it looks good for potential buyers then it looks good. And like this article shows, screen haven't been problem for anyone else than few Android boys.

[deleted post]No I just have fun with the Apple Haters who cannot stand to watch Apple continually crush their favourite manufacturers!

SkaAndroid, 26 Feb 2020You downgraded to the iPhone XR with old average specs like... moreLol, XR outperforms any Android crud, the a12 Bionic makes the Snapdragon 855 look like mid end chip.

He definitely upgraded

Anonymous, 26 Feb 2020iOS users bought what was available to them, Android users ... moreKeep telling yourself this LOL!

Iphone XR: The cheapest iphone people can buy to call android users poor for buying something other than apple even though XR is cheaper than the Samsung theh are making fun of for being a poor peoples choice. (I buy iphone therefore I am not poor is their motto. Seems weird and unrealistic but you have no idea how far down people have fallen)

  • SkaAndroid

nepu.bug, 26 Feb 2020Ha..! This is really interesting because I also have an iPh... moreYou downgraded to the iPhone XR with old average specs like a 400 dollar Android phone jaja XR is a rip off. Gakaxy S10 or Note 10 also have good battery life with super fast charging at 45 watts. XR hasvaverage 18 watts charger

  • Anonymous

Oppaii, 26 Feb 2020Apple only releases flagship grade phones thats why the gen... moreNo matter how people compare them, whether it's Pixel, S Series or Note Series, Apple iPhones have proven to be best in almost all categories at the end of the year, especially during holiday season. Secondly, the price of iPhones remain the same throughout the year. Not to mention, iPhones can even last upto 5yrs, which is a huge plus point for everyone. Lastly, apple is trying hard to improve their overall ecosystem, and people dont want to leave it. Android users like me, are not locked down into certain brand, there are tons of different options to choose from.