Flashback: Oppo Find 7 had the better 1440p screen, introduced VOOC fast charging

08 March 2020
The Find 7 also beat the LG G3 in terms of processing power (despite using the same chipset). 

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  • 10 Mar 2020

The only 1440P Phone with 6000mAH battery is oppo find 7.

You replace the battery with a second one.

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    • 10 Mar 2020

    I still use my oppo (or is it oddo) Find 7.

    Why nobody's talking about how great its 1440P display and just talks about iPhone vs Android crap instead is really bothering me.

    I still don't think any 2019-2020 phones can adequately replace it.

      Shanti Dope, 09 Mar 2020Don't give a damn about your personal freakin' business. My... morethe case with oneplus is that it was only created to disrupt or challenge the duopoly of apple and samsung in the flagship smartphone market in hope for bbk brands to get a break, but just so as not to compete with its sister brands. so, availability has been limited crippling its potentials. that's simply the explanation for oneplus' existence.

      look, i don't hate sony and i actually am hoping it is able to revive itself because i was once a fan myself in its late symbian/windows mobile days and early android days. then again, it stopped listening to the market as a whole and turned only to fans like you. see, fans whatever the case may be will always be outnumbered by the target audience. the ones who would be ecstatic for a great device and most likely to tell everyone about it are not the fans, rather those who were swayed by the greatness of such a product.

      going back to oneplus, its first device, the oneplus one, was not marketed extensively but it still did meet some degree of success. the same formula was used by xiaomi with the pocophone f1. these legendary devices only sold pretty well because of word of mouth.

        4K display on a phone is pure gimmick. And don't tell me it's because Apple or Samsung is yet to do it. I've never bought an iPhone, and don't see myself doing so; last time I owned a Samsung Note device was back in 2016—4 years ago.

          Shanti Dope, 08 Mar 2020Next article should be the smartphones with 4K screens. I ... moreJust curious; what do you need a 4k display for?

            Shanti Dope, 09 Mar 2020Both of them are capable of handling QHD @120Hz. They suppo... moreActually the battery isn't too bad on the Snapdragon variant.
            You are getting around 2hr more SOT compared to Exynos variant and as close to the Oppo.

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              • 09 Mar 2020

              last time i check this was oppo topic. why the hell sony got inserted.

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                • 09 Mar 2020

                I still have a Find 7 which is working perfectly.

                One advantage it has over current phones is a user replaceable battery.

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                  • 09 Mar 2020

                  Even Oppo's R17 Lite had Excellent charging speed..

                    Lloydinio, 08 Mar 2020I had the Oppo Find 7a. I loved it so much. Nobody k... moreMine still works except I can only use it with a mouse using OTG because half of the screen is dead

                      Shanti Dope, 09 Mar 2020Sony Mobile isn't even close to death. I showed you the pro... morethat's okay. i understand. we go through that stage of denial when we lose something dear to us. do you still have sony mobile store in the philippines? does sony mobile have its own web site? can't you see the pattern? that's how oems go when they die. well, they may still be thriving in a few regions, but if they are not anymore in your region then it is dead.

                        Shadocx, 09 Mar 2020Hmm, no need to get offended, what I'm trying to tell you i... moreSure thing. But the difference in battery life in Snapdragon and Exynos variant isn't really that big, as is the case with previous Samsung flagships.

                          Flgshp2020, 09 Mar 2020Easily unlock able with a third party app. QHD @120hz woul... moreBoth of them are capable of handling QHD @120Hz. They support the same Snapdragon 865 after all.
                          The only difference is that Oppo was able to optimize the battery life better than Samsung did.
                          Oppo also gives the Automatic switch option for better power management.
                          Additionally, if Samsung really wants to advertise the new technology, then they should embrace it by giving the users the full ability to use it straight out of the box. Again, if the phone is well-optimized, then the phone could consume as little amount of power as possible when using the new features.
                          Oppo just did the technology better, but Samsung could still make it even better in the future.

                            [deleted post]Sony Mobile isn't even close to death. I showed you the proof, now it's up to you on how you'd interpret the salty truth.
                            Nobody's stopping you from believing something to be false though.

                              s-pen pusher, 09 Mar 2020lol. says one who can't afford and support sony products (i... moreDon't give a damn about your personal freakin' business. My experience is way too different from yours, and like I've said, sharing my own one wouldn't change your mind because you objectively tried to find faults at it too much. Perhaps you might be even lying about those things, so why would I even trust you in the first place?

                              "Great products will market themselves."
                              So why are OnePlus phones not that very popular albeit very good products? You definitely need good marketing strategy for your products to be known. Having absolutely no idea of something wouldn't expose the hidden gem without the manufacturer or some popular person advertising it, and apparently for Sony, nobody does that. It's that freakin' simple.

                              Like I have said many times already, my experience already gave me enough idea of what it's like to use the products.
                              The problem with your case is that you're sponsored by a lot of those Chinese brands that are great at marketing and luring people to give positive reviews in exchange for money and exposure. I don't believe you'd be getting that much money just by blogging smartphones, otherwise I could've done the same thing and succeed as well. End of discussion.

                                Shanti Dope, 09 Mar 2020Good for you, but maybe next time you should just don't say... moreHmm, no need to get offended, what I'm trying to tell you is, if GSM Arena tested the Snapdragon variant of the S10 it could have scored 85-90h in the endurance rating.
                                Xperia 1 also have a SD 855 so...

                                  Shanti Dope, 09 Mar 2020Higher refresh rate screen that only works in FHD+ Or in Q... moreEasily unlock able with a third party app.
                                  QHD @120hz would consume a lot of battery only during gaming where CPU & GPU are pushing a lot of frames, Not during normal tasks. Plus AI mode automatically bumps up refresh rate or tones it down according to content.
                                  So during movie consumption, it tones down to QHD@60Hz thereby saving battery.

                                  This is where Oppo is giving out if the box QHD@120hz and still giving better battery life is better than Xperia 1 II or S20 series.

                                    Shanti Dope, 09 Mar 2020https://www.androidheadlines.com/2020/02/sony-shipped-1-3-m... morelol. says one who can't afford and support sony products (i refuse to call them sony mobile anymore because sony mobile is non-existent now). i do my own researches and reviews. i have my own blog that reviews smartphones in the filipino language. the ads served on my web site affords me to buy my own review units and then resell them- this means i get to use these devices and experience them myself firsthand. so, instead of relying so much on what sony fans like you claim, I am objectively finding and experiencing myself what sony is sorely lacking. i have said it before and i will say it again- great products will market itself. majority of the smartphone market only cares for what works great for their needs, and sony (and sony fans) unfortunately perceives this the wrong way. you sony fans imposing your ideals based on what sony feeds you and treats it as if it is the gold standard is getting it all wrong. if you sony fans were right, we still would have sony mobile today.

                                      Flgshp2020, 09 Mar 2020Samsung is pretty happy sitting there with a 3k higher refr... moreHigher refresh rate screen that only works in FHD+
                                      Or in QHD+ with battery life as good as 6-year old flagship phones despite a 2020 flagship battery capacity.

                                      Go back to me when Samsung finally offers 4K screens for $1000 :)))

                                        Shadocx, 09 Mar 2020Sorry, that essay is way too long, Snapdragon is better tha... moreGood for you, but maybe next time you should just don't say it unless I asked specifically for it. Last time I was concerned, I never gave a damn about your opinion, but sure thing :))