AppGallery review: Can new Huawei and Honor phones work without Google?

15 March 2020
We take Huawei AppGallery for a spin to see how well it can replace the Google Play Store on the latest Huawei/Honor phones.

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  • Anonymous

I cannot agree 'AppGallery is trustworthy' without any proof. A new AppStore alternative is always risky.
AppGallery is trustworthy only when Huawei is trustworthy.
Is Huawei trustworthy? The answer can be found why it is banned from Google Services.

  • HoHaHaHo

Very tedious.. for global market. I can't think of buying Huawei anymore as I rely on GMS.

  • FapPhone

GaneshV, 15 Mar 2020What about games like PUBG or COD ?Might work but you can't save progress with GPlay. Use Twitter or Facebook.

What about games like PUBG or COD ?