Samsung developing a massive 1" 150MP sensor, Xiaomi phone with it coming in Q4

17 March 2020
Finally, a sensor larger than that inside the Nokia 808 PureView. Besides Xiaomi, Oppo and vivo are also interested in the sensor.

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  • 17 Mar 2020

All that oomph will be worthless without a dual pixel laser autofocus

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    • M8r
    • 17 Mar 2020

    The phone will have a HUGE bump not that all of the phone nowadays have one but this one will be bigger... just because OEM's want THIN phones.!

      Size matters ... guys.

        Finally 1 inch sensor is a smartphone has returned

        Remember the Panasonic Lumix CM1? horrible camera quality but no one mentions it (it's still a benchmark)

        But because Samsung is at the helm of this sensor will underperform as usual and go for tiny pixels ....

        Sony please save us with a 1" sensor that optimised

        Or Huawei please make a custom 1" sensor with 1.0 or higher pixel size

        And like others state we still don't have good glass lenses that can resolve high megapixels properly

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          • 17 Mar 2020

          useless... just give us 12MP sensor with 2 micron pixel size and dual pixel autofocus

            I don't understand why there is even a need for quad Bayer and Nona Bayer instead of putting bigger individual pixel

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              • 17 Mar 2020

              Hail oil painting !!!!

              But still be worse than RX100 because of poor plastic lenses cellphones use.
              Glass is better, also cameras have elements with different shapes for different purposes, while phones use all elements equal.