Redmi K30 Pro will sport a 60Hz notchless OLED display, new color confirmed

19 March 2020
It's coming on March 24 with a Snapdragon 865 SoC and 5G support.

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I was little bit afraid but THANK YOU Xiaomi for using 60Hz display, I will definitely buy this phone.
I don't need 60+ Hz displays because almost every phone that have 60+ Hz display look not smooth when screen refresh rate is lowered to 60Hz compared to phones that have 60Hz default screen refresh rate.
For example I used Realme X2 Pro which have 90Hz and when I set it to 60Hz it doesn't look as smooth as my Samsung Galaxy S9 which have 60Hz default refresh rate. I also compared my friend's OnePlus 7 Pro and it also doesn't look as smooth when set on 60Hz like other phones which have 60Hz default refresh rate.
Thank you Xiaomi, I'm very happy about this decision!

  • Stranger

Magical Triangle, 19 Mar 2020Problem is there's no phone that has it all, and this almos... moreRealme x2pro says hi at 450USD.. Think twice

  • Diego

don't care about 60, 90 or 120 Hz display. I hope this become global.

Magical Triangle, 19 Mar 2020Problem is there's no phone that has it all, and this almos... moreIts a matter of preferences, some peoples won't care about the 60+Hz, for example I plan to buy this phone for my GF as her Redmi Note 5 is now slow and have a lot of bugs (slow 4G, don't register some touch, crash etc etc), she doesn't care about higher refresh rate, she actually don't even care about flagship, a low middle range phone is enough for her, but in our budget I am able (based on rumored price of 400$+) to get her a really really amazingly powerful smartphone who basically have everything better than my OnePlus 6t she already consider more than powerful enough for her.

So if the phone is sold at 450 or 500$ we will take it, but if it is at 500 and a 120Hz display added 50$ more, this amazing phone would start to get too expensive, let alone a 100$ more expensive because of the display...

In my case I wait for MY perfect phone, and none come even close to what I want :
3D facial recognition in either a pop up or on the back with a secondary display on the back (and no foldable thingy) meaning no notch or hole and a flat display.
At least an optical fingerprint scanner under the display though I really, really want a sonic one, the 3D Sonic Max from Qualcomm is literally what I ever wanted since they started talking about UD FPS before the first one is released, mostly the being able to scan it on a large area part.
All that with a SD865, NFC (I pay a lot with my phone), Wireless charging (to finally put to use my car wireless charger), a 4000mAh+ battery and at least one of those 1m precision satnav new standard (BeiDou B1, Galileo E1 and E5a, GLONASS L1, GPS L1 and L5).
Well I have more expectations, but those are the most important ones.

And well, the 3D Sonic Max is out there, available and not even that expensive but way way way better than any optical or capacitive FPS ever on Smartphone, in every ways, yet no one even used a single one, not even the Galaxy S20, and it was a no brained for Samsung to upgrade from the older and problematic previous 3D Sonic, but even them didn't...
3D facial recognition cost almost nothing, there are massive upgrades coming with Qualcomm partnering with Trinamix to make the already safest unlock method available even more secure, yet very few phone even have 3D facial recognition, only the old outdated Find X have a pop up + 3D facial recognition and it have lots of issues as Oppo quality wasn't what it is now and their OS in the Find X2 is far better than what is available on the Find X...

And there is only one reason for all those issues (few phone with true fullscreen, or lack of some important features), it is all because smartphone lack diversity, I mean they all have the same things, all have the same teardrop notch or single puny and useless punch hole, mostly when we talk about the SD865, half have waterfall display which is a start of diversity but it treat the market to become another trending feature which flood every new phones...
Here we finally have a single phone who finally do things differently !
Not only he have a pop up so true fullscreen, he also have the audio jack, flat display etc.
If you want your ideal smartphone to one day appear (and remember that for some, this one IS the ideal one, even with 60Hz display), don't complain that one phone is different, actually do point it out and encourage phone makers to take exemple and do more diverse phones, and your ideal smartphone will have higher chances to emerge !
And maybe, maybe ! Enough peoples doing that will make at least one manufacturer understand that there is a big market on doing many variant of the same phone with different features, meaning we could have a K40 with many subvariant which include punch hole and notch (for those who like them) bezel, pop up, 60Hz, 120Hz and more, audio jack or emphasis on IP rating, wireless charging or not, and then a lot more peoples will be able to get their ideal smartphone, meanwhile what I want represent probably the lowest chance to one day emerge, until then, I'll keep my OP6t even though I really hate having a camera up my face.

The design is dope. I am glad they didn't chicken out and kept the pop up camera.

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 19 Mar 2020The only brand that has oled tv as flagship line is LG. A... moreSo why does Sony choose to use OLED for their flagship phones?

Anonymous, 19 Mar 202060hz flagship killer , thanks for the laugh sir.6 month ago everyone would think you are just crazy as no one would even be able to know what you are talking about, they would think :
"Wait, is 60 okay ? too much ? not enough ? I mean every flagship have 60Hz, so what is its point ?"

But based on your opinion, a 100$ (or more) more expensive smartphone with a 90 or 120Hz display fit more FLAGSHIP KILLER than a CHEAP 60Hz one ? Suuuuuuure !
Because everyone know that you need a 240Hz display in order to have high FPS (mostly with almost every app and games still locked at 60 images per seconds), good quality pictures, great battery and stuff like that.

Flagship killer were NEVER MEANT to be 100% flagship like in term of feature, their goal is to be as close as possible to flagship experience while being affordable, and it often meant some features or some other stuff, sometime even quality, were sacrificed in order to archive that, that's what every SD845 and SD855 flagship killers did, and that's exactly what the K30 Pro do, and it is quite remarkable as the ONLY thing this phone have missing for the rumored low price of 400$, is higher framerate, something you probably, as most people here, never experienced yourself on a smartphone and which never bothered you with previous smartphones at the point you probably never thought about the idea of improving it.

But suddenly it became a vital feature, even though most peoples (maybe even yourself too) were complaining about it when the first SD865 Smartphones came with it, saying it is a battery waster, an expensive gimmick, a useless thing we can't even see...And other arguments like that, but now, even in order to have the lowest price achievable, lower than most SD855+ Smartphone with less features than the K30 Pro, it is a sin or almost a crime against humanity to not have it...

Have you peoples got insane or did I just slip into an alternate reality where Smartphone all did have over 60Hz since several years ? Because that's Mandela effect level of crazy the reaction of peoples into the comment about a SINGLE missing thing from a smartphone which already check every damn features most peoples want :
*Low price.
*High power and latest SoC with lots of RAM and latest and fastest memory standard UFS 3.1.
*True fullscreen without any notch or punch hole.
*Flat display (though some peoples still like curved edge display).
*Audio Jack, USB C and SD card capabilities (even though it is hybrid).
*Oled Display (I know many want LCD) with HDR10 and Underdisplay Fingerprint scanner.
*Really good camera setup with optical stabilisation and zoom.
*Large battery (with 5000mAh it beat most SD865 Flagship, well most Smartphone actually and with 4500 it is on the top average of SD865 Flagships) with quick charging tech.

But : OMG ThIs SiNgLe FeAtUrE iS mIsSiNg On ThIs AfFoRdAbLe SmArTpHoNe, I cAn'T aCcEpT tHaT, i'Ll RaThEr ChOoSe ThOsEs OtHeRs aNd MoRe ExPeNsIvE sMaRtPhOnE wHo MaY mIsS oPtIcAl sTaBiLiSaTiOn AnD oThEr EsSeNtIaL fEaTuReS, BuT hAvE a 244Hz dIsPlAy, ThEn PrOcEeD tO cOmPlAiN aBoUt ItS pRiCe !

  • Magical Triangle

Raky, 19 Mar 2020Well, to all of you that really needs 120Hz refresh rate on... moreProblem is there's no phone that has it all, and this almost did. Notchless screen, big battery, latest SoC, headphone jack, OLED display, and no ridiculous pricing. Right now there's no phone that has it all, this one was the closest, but left out the high refresh rate.

  • Raky

Jules., 19 Mar 2020Whether you disable it or not, you pay for it. These brands... moreXiaomi has get to chose,but you need to pay for all extras.

  • Raky

Ariur, 19 Mar 2020I never said everybody needs high refresh screens and Galax... moreYou buy a car with 300hp or 500hp and you still drive it 50 or 80, 90km/h aren't you???
So, they produce that strong engines, even though it is illegal to drive it fast as they can go.

Car analogy is not a perfect here.
Everyone has their own needs, you believe that people don't need sd865 (I agree with you, most of us really don't need it), but as I mentioned...Oneplus got it market share doing exactly that....bringing best SoC, wit little bit less capable screen, camera, without IP rating...and with cheaper price tags.
Xiaomi (redemi's parent company) have a huge experience with seller devices like that, cutting some corners to get price right.
So, there is a huge market share that will actually prefer this device against regular k20 that comes with 120hz refresh rate screen ...

For your money, you can choose yourself, but it is irrational to "fight " decisions of some just buy it or not, as I wrote before....there is an S20 Ultra, it will offer all that you believe goes with sd865.

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 19 Mar 2020IPSi is for entry level phoned,, who wants that ancient tec... moreThe only brand that has oled tv as flagship line is LG.
All other has LED as main products.
LCD does not mean entry level.

Be sure that phones like iphone 8+, sony xz2 premium and LG g7 with LCD offer by far better images than many phones with oled like vivo nex s, oneplus 6T, moto z3 etc ...

  • LOL

... its not about cheap its about k30 pro not killing the sales of mi 10 .... thats all, anyway i would prefer plastic matte back, 8gb lddr 4 starting ram , ufc 2 or 3 , ips 120hz , stereo speakers

  • piku

Guru, 19 Mar 2020Stop this OLED madness. Not everyone is a fan of oversatura... moreLOL! If AMOLED is so bad why flagship from Apple and Samsung use it and they are considered best flagship phones regarding over saturation most phones comes with color profiles which can be used to tone down saturation

  • S8 9.0

K30 has 120hz refresh rate but K30 pro cant have even 90hz ??

  • Anonymous

Everyone complains when it's LCD panel. Now that's oled and it's only 60hz 😂😂😂 LCD 90hz or 120hz would be WAY better than 60hz for just oled. LCD is not as bad as y'all are saying. It can be sharper with less pixels (so a 1080 looks like 2k and 720p looks like 1080p, that's how iPhone 11 panel is so good being what it is), and also it's way easy on the eyes, less eye strain

Anonymous, 19 Mar 2020why even complain about anything in life. don't ask and jus... moreWell you got everything wrong about me, I am the opposite of that, I am constantly fighting against unique trending things such as punch holes, notches, curved display and every other things that one might not want and are on the vast majority (almost totality of the phones) on the market.

Here, rather than the typical all top features and high price, we have something different, lots of top features but one and low price, I think this is the wrong phone to complain about.

I am all for smartphone variety as it is really lacking, what we need is a different phone, and this one having almost all top features that you could want and that even if you don't care aren't something you can complain about as you are not forced to deal with them (notch or punch hole is indeed something if you don't want, you'll have to deal with it, but high capacity battery or nice cooling isn't something that will be negative to your experience), but unlike other, it doesn't have a high refresh rate display, which is nice when you can have it but not a necessity, its not like we were having a bad experience before those 60Hz+ phones hit the market few month ago anyway.

But what we don't need is a phone that could be different (here being able to get a powerful SoC so even with planned obsolescence it will still be really fluid even in many years where a middle or low rance one would be uncomfortably slow) but at a lower price than usual.

To take your analogy, considering that I am the kind of guy to jump on the road in front of a car to save someone else (I did it just a week ago, AGAIN, to save one of the stray kitten I feed), in your point of view I might be the stupid Darwin Award kind of guy who can't keep himself alive and it could look like I don't even complain while a truck came at me, but in my point of view, I am the one who saved life while taking managed risks.
Even in this analogy, mixed with real, life facts, it show that we can't all want, desires or even view things the same way.

If putting a 90 or 120Hz display was really cheap and it would only make the price inflate for as little as 10 or 20$, I would too complain about the 60Hz, because the added refresh rate would be worth that extra, but since it is way more expensive than that, having an affordable flagship (the first real flagship killer with a SD865 BTW) is more important.
As someone who want diversity, I'd even would like a cheap 60Hz and a more expensive 120Hz version available actually.

Magical Triangle, 19 Mar 2020It's better to have the option for those that do want it. E... moreWhether you disable it or not, you pay for it. These brands should make a pro version of their main phones in the high specs low price category with one more expensive with the gimmicky features (wireless charging, high refresh rate and this kind of stuff that we didn't know we would want before they went global) and one cheaper with the most important stuff. Obviously it's tough to decide what is important, OIS? Triple cam? lots of people doesn't care about the camera, etc...

Only 60hz?

Raky, 19 Mar 2020Great performance, better battery life and cheaper...only t... moreYeah, what's bad is that we can't just disable manufacturer custom OS and use the one we want instead, every custom OS have its fan and peoples who don't like it, personally I liked Android One on my Nokia 6, my GF like Xiaomi ecosystem, so it is the perfect phone for her.

Ariur, 19 Mar 2020Your car analogy is false. This phone does have already 300... moreWell it would be more like producing a 300HP road car and customers complaining it don't have slick race tires, the speed isn't limited.
display FPS doesn't affect anything performance wise actually, it is just a comfort thing, it is like complaining that your 200$, 1440p, 144Hz monitor don't come with 1000$ graphic specialized monitor like accurate colors, factory calibrated and integrated calibrating probe.

Higher display refresh rate is only a confort thing, the phone will work the same with or without this, even camera resolution have a far bigger impact, I personally don't have any issues with my OnePlus 6t curent refresh rate and I never noticed any fluidity issues, I also didn't noticed any improvement from my previous 60Hz to my current 75Hz one (though this isn't a big step up, I'll give you that).

A lot of persons will enjoy being able to play with a powerful phone for all curent games and being futur proof performance wise even at 60Hz, that's the point of a powerful phone, being able to do the high performance stuff, that's why gaming phones don't focus on camera that much and focus on display and performances, here it is a budget phone with already a really good display, highest performance and really nice camera, we can't have all low price, great display at high refresh rate, highest performances and nice camera, its like on CPU, we can't have low heat, low price and high performance, there is at least one :

Low cost and low power but it don't heat a lot and stock cooler is enough.
Low cost and high power but it will output lot of heat with the stock cooler.
Low heat and high power but you'll need to buy a stronger and costly cooling solution.

Don't get me wrong, if for the same price we could have a 90 or 120 or even a 144Hz display, I'll be quite happy, but I prefer lower price and only 60Hz.