Xiaomi passes Huawei to become third biggest smartphone maker in February

20 March 2020
Xiaomi achieved a historic victory over Huawei.

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  • AnonD-908380

pane, 23 Mar 2020he does not comment on the experience of his devices but ... moreI can provide you with my serial number, if that makes you stop lying.

Hilmawan, 23 Mar 2020Aren't you the one who made the statement that nearlly all ... morehe does not comment on the experience of his devices
but only makes bad comments and does not even own these devices,
this is an incurable disease from the boy, thrown away by his company and just makes bad comments so you just ignore him him

  • AnonD-908380

Hilmawan, 23 Mar 2020Come on don't be that person. https://c.mi.com/global/th... moreI know Samsung has alot of issues with their new midrange offers. I experienced that myself and switched to the Redmi and asked here if there are notification issues before purchasing. And then I realised most WhatsApp messages coming in silent (already autostard enabled and optimisation disabled). This is why I am incredibly pissed. Especially because I had this going with MIUI 8. And Google Keep is completely broken for MIUI phones, just sad. Sorry, don't take it personally.

AnonD-908380, 23 Mar 2020I didn't deny what I said. You are nitpicking and biased. Y... moreCome on don't be that person.




  • AnonD-908380

Hilmawan, 23 Mar 2020Hahaha... You're a funny guy, please see for yourself what ... moreI didn't deny what I said. You are nitpicking and biased. You literally just have to search for "MIUI 11 notification" and you will be greeted with threads with issues on this topic and articles stating that this is a general issue with Chinese phones. I have posted on Samsung community pages as well, complained about broken fingerprint sensors and no fixes for over two months. I did the same on Mi community but the difference is that at Samsung I got replies but on Mi community you will be silently ignored by the devs. There are people posting illegal content and even after reporting those they never get deleted. This shows how they simply don't care.

I've also reported all these, made polls and saw comments from a Mi9se and Mi mix 3 user who have notification issues. Keep in mind that this has always been like this. RN8 launched with Android 9 and S8 with Android 7, updated to 9, and yet it can manage notifications but the RN8 can't lmao.

AnonD-908380, 23 Mar 2020Nope, you are nitpicking and biased.Hahaha... You're a funny guy, please see for yourself what you said in your first post.


I only speak based on the facts whether you like it or not because that way we can educate each other and not become trolls like most people on the internet.

  • AnonD-908380

Hilmawan, 23 Mar 2020Aren't you the one who made the statement that nearlly all ... moreNope, you are nitpicking and biased.

AnonD-908380, 22 Mar 2020You claim everyone is a liar or a troll just because you do... moreAren't you the one who made the statement that nearlly all Chinese phones have notification issues in your first post?

I just don't agree with your statement and try to give you advice that might help, if you only talk about the phone you are using i will not comment anything about it because not only i don't have a Redmi Note 8 but also sometimes some people do have problems with their phones.

I can easly find the similar problems with Samsung devices or any other brands on their official forum.


But I'm sure not all S10 users have the same problem, so next time it will be much better if you just make a statement based on personal experience with the phone you are using because you will be able to prove it if someone doesn't believe you.

UsmanHSh, 21 Mar 2020Color OS 3 had this problem with aggressive power managemen... moreI still seem to have problems getting Whatsapp notifications on Color OS 10 even with app freeze turned off and notifications enabled. Using a China version phone though so maybe it's not an issue on international versions

They would and could do better supporting sciencist to find the cure than trying to win a race who will ship or sell more devices.

I live in China and I haven't seen anyone use a xiaomi/redmi for ages. They must be doing well in other countries.

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 21 Mar 2020Huawei makes better phones than Xiaomi imo so they should d... moreThey really don't make better phones, especially at the mid-range where Xiaomi has better screens and in general use the better more popular Snapdragon SOCs which have better compatibility with Android and apps in general.

  • Anonymous

AnonD-908380, 21 Mar 2020Done all that. It's a known issue since the first MIUI...It's not a problem man. You are making stuff up.

AnonD-754814, 22 Mar 2020The anonymous comment was from me. There has been some malf... moreAgain, many peoples use the word "America" to talk about both, and what is official in a language is basically how peoples talk, that's how languages evolve, not because some language officials take decisions, but because peoples come up with new way to talk, and those become official with time, and it wouldn't be the first time a work have two meanings, like in Canada where there is Québec and Québec, one being a region the other a city.
So yes, both are correct, simply because most peoples use those two that way.

And that's depend on what you are talking about, is it historical, geopolitical, demographical, geological, based on the super continent, based on climate type etc etc.
There are many valid way to classify continents, not just one, it is like vehicles, do you count tracked and wheeled vehicles as two groups, or do you also count cars, bikes and trucks as different vehicles ?
For many things, there isn't an universal truth but several ways to see things.
I just give you those 3 links so you can understand how things can easily have different points of view :

  • AnonD-754814

Demongornot, 22 Mar 2020Well both of you are right and wrong, actually there isn't ... moreThe anonymous comment was from me. There has been some malfunction I guess.
And for the continent we have to accept what is widely accepted.
7 Continents.
not 4 nor 2 .
7 .

  • Anonymous

Demongornot, 22 Mar 2020Well both of you are right and wrong, actually there isn't ... moreSeveral time I have seen America used as a continent in various books. But all those time those were used as symbolic sense rather than using actual definitive meaning. And in all those places the word 'continent' was also used with America. Not America alone.

For making my point clear,
I didn't say using America instead of USA is correct. There was the guy who just tried to make correction of others saying a wrong thing that America isn't USA, it's a continent.
I was just trying to be reasonable with that user. I wasn't voting for anyone. Because both are wrong where America as a continent is more wrong.
America as USA has been being widely used all over the world.

  • Moontyp

And huawei Will keep down to the sloupe with the expected p40 series prices. Xiaomi Will follow the trend, if they start rising the prices, and this is unavoidable when they taste the profits worldwide.

AnonD-754814, 22 Mar 2020I didn't say It was right. I said only America as a contine... moreWell both of you are right and wrong, actually there isn't a specific norm on continents, sometime the whole North and South America are considered to be the American Continent, sometime we do the distinction between North and South as each their own, the same happen on other places too, ranging from 4 to 7 continents based on how you group (or don't) them :
Some peoples goes further and count the Island in the Pacific as their own continent and probably some may or may not count some of the 3 Polynesia, Micronesia and Melanesia.
Same with Asia where some are tempted to split Soviet Union, Middle East and the rest into 3 distinct continents where the last one being named Asia and include the typical Asian from East Asia most peoples think about when talking about Asia.

And the USA are commonly referred as "America" by contraction of the official name "United States of America", and since the way people talk define a language, it is correct to call the USA : USA, United States, United States of America and USA.
Also US citizen are Americans, reinforcing the legitimacy of the use of the name "America".

  • AnonD-908380

Hilmawan, 22 Mar 2020I'm a former Xperia user who still have Xperia X Compact an... moreYou claim everyone is a liar or a troll just because you don't happen to have issues? I know what you mean though. There is a guy on the Redmi Note 8 page who posts fake comments and had multiple accounts, which were likely banned.

AnonD-908380, 21 Mar 2020If you have no other brand to compare it to, you will think... moreI'm a former Xperia user who still have Xperia X Compact and just like most people in the world my family, friends and coworkers use phone from various different brands so it's not hard to compare my Xiaomi phones with other phones.
Internet trolls can easly sign up to Mi community and post anything they want you can find this type of people in every single forums.

Unlike those trolls i'm not just talk without being able to back it up, i'm willing to show you the proof in real time that my Xiaomi phones doesn't have notification issues.
If you really have those problems that you mentioned maybe there's a manufacturing defects or something like that because i don't have any problem connecting to hotspot while my Mi Band 4 paired to my phone.