Xiaomi passes Huawei to become third biggest smartphone maker in February

20 March 2020
Xiaomi achieved a historic victory over Huawei.

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wasox, 22 Mar 2020Wrong, America is one continent, frm alaska to tierra del... moreI didn't say It was right. I said only America as a continent is as wrong as America as USA.
But developing people outside uses America instead of USA.
It's the same as Southern Ocean. Without southern the Ocean is just ocean.

Morsel, 21 Mar 2020Hello, Mr 'Who knows all' America also isn't a continent, ... moreWrong, America is one continent, frm alaska to tierra del fuego, north, south, central are used as subdivisions naming, it is mistake to say america=USA

Cyberchum, 21 Mar 2020Did you care to read the article? What does a phone that's ... moreDid you care to read the comment you complained about ?
I said, knowing they made such an amazing phone they DESERVE to win a spot on the top 3.
I never said it has anything to do with a specific phone, I just said that because of their good design choice, they deserve to be the one who get more popularity, I could have talked about the Mi 9T Pro if I wanted to give a specific exemple of phone who did actually got them lots of sells, which by the way have the same advantages and they kept the whole fullscreen and didn't move away from the pop up camera.

I just applauded the choices, it would have been any other brand, I would have done the same, I don't even own a Xiaomi, my GF own a Redmi Note 5 and she is satisfied with the MIUI but we have a bad experience with it as it is quite slow now, so if anything, I am clearly not a fanboy.
You on the other hand are a hater who felt the need to spit his anger on someone for no apparent reasons.

Anonymous, 21 Mar 2020More competetion= more e-waste Having one or two companies... moreLol really.
Could you see apple and or Samsung alo e at the market, a mobile would cost same price as a car... Greedy companies.
More companies, better prices, very logic, same with all stuff.

potato4k, 21 Mar 2020That won't happen. Samsung are in more markets than Xiaomi.... moreYou can't merge them all together—well you actually could, but wrongfully. There's a reason why they aren't listed as one. They are all independent brands, and there's no phone brand known as BBK.

  • AnonD-908380

Cyberchum, 21 Mar 2020Not absolutely true. I've never had a notification issue, b... moreYea right...

AnonD-908380, 21 Mar 2020As soon as you lock your phone it doesn't work. MIUI just e... moreNot absolutely true. I've never had a notification issue, but it might be because I set up my phone nicely.

Demongornot, 21 Mar 2020Considering what they did with the K30 Pro, they deserve it... moreDid you care to read the article? What does a phone that's not even officially announced yet, lone alone released, has to do with February figures? Oh boy! Fanboys are so funny.

  • Salva

Aierlan, 21 Mar 2020Yeah, you can add Oneplus and Realme to those two as well t... moreand add iQoo too

  • Anonymous

Cant wait to see Ni A4.

Anonymous, 21 Mar 2020Huawei makes better phones than Xiaomi imo so they should d... moreAbsolutely. I put Xiaomi in the same class as Oppo/Vivo/Realme. Huawei on the other hand have become a direct rival of Samsung & Apple. Their flagships are truly premium, and they have been bringing class-leading camera systems every year.

They only need to work on their HMS, and they'll be back on track.

  • Kotaro

Huawei phones not so popular in my country, they are too expensive or overprice for what spec chinpo brand while xiaomi and realme it's a winner. People would rather go to samsung over huawei.

  • Anonymous

Whackcar, 21 Mar 2020Huawei's growth slowdown is only due to US interference. ... moreHuawei makes better phones than Xiaomi imo so they should do better in China which is not reliant on google apps. If they can develop the app gallery into a proper rival to the play store and break the google monopoly, they should start selling their phones internationally again.

Huawei's growth slowdown is only due to US interference.

They are still doing surprisingly well considering the problems they're facing. Once their ecosystem develops enough, their situation is gonna improve considerably.

  • Adul Al Salami Kebab

PainSama, 21 Mar 2020Because they're not allowed to use Google products. Not a l... morePeople are addicted to Google, this should not really be allowed... Google has a monopoly even if buying a iPhone you need to use Google for shitloads of things! My advice is unless you live in a country where Google isn't needed for much or at all you will be fine. (most European banks supports HMS anyhow now so its not a critical issue...)

well, while huawei mostly. offers quality products, xiaomi fails to do so cause of the price (see the so many lcd that get yellow tint from the bad applied glue). also i hate their lack of innovation and just copy/paste from other manufactureres.not to mention the software side that in past year is bugged, high standby drain and some questionable looks. so yeah, maybe they have numbers, but they are nowhere near in quality.

  • AnonD-908380

Hilmawan, 21 Mar 2020I still have Mi4C, Redmi Note 5 AI and Redmi Note 8 Pro non... moreIf you have no other brand to compare it to, you will think everything works. I have tested notifications and if you turn off "wake up or light up screen / lockscreen for notifications", most notifications arrive 30 seconds to minutes late or until you unlock your phone. Even with that turned on, Google Notes doesn't push on time or with sound, and yes I have set priorities to high. I didn't even have to do that on Samsung and it worked immediately. I have reported this and Mi community suggests I'm not the only one. Besides that the phone can't make use of Wifi (5 and 2.4GHz) and bluetooth at the same time.

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 21 Mar 2020More competetion= more e-waste Having one or two companies... moreAre you from these companies?

  • AnonD-908380

Anonymous, 21 Mar 2020there is no such a problem with xiaomi, I have used two mi ... moreNo you liar. There is always someone lying about this. This is still happening!

  • Anonymous

Xiaomi is more value for money. Great news. Their phones are reasonably priced. Just disable all ads in their preloaded apps and enjoy.