Xiaomi passes Huawei to become third biggest smartphone maker in February

20 March 2020
Xiaomi achieved a historic victory over Huawei.

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Congratulations to Xiaomi and it looks like Trumps plan is working

Because they're not allowed to use Google products. Not a lot of people would buy android phones without Google play services ya know.

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AnonD-908380, 20 Mar 2020One major problem with nearly all Chinese phones: notificat... morethere is no such a problem with xiaomi, I have used two mi phones (MIUI global & MIUI EEA global), none had issue.
I think you have changed your setting which you couldn't know revert back.

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Anonymous00, 20 Mar 2020Samsung should learn from Xiaomi in terms of pricing their ... moreIs not allowed yet. Japones have been in the same place 30-40 years ago.

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Anonymous, 21 Mar 2020More competetion= more e-waste Having one or two companies... moreThis is the dumbest comment I've read in this forum. Companies with a monopoly/duopoly tend to destroy inventory to keep their prices high. There goes your stupid e-waste argument. Of course it's better to have competition. A company that doesn't adjust their prices to clear their inventory makes no money and goes out of business. A company that goes out of business stops generating "e-waste".

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wasox, 21 Mar 2020America is not USA, it is a continent, there are many co... moreHello, Mr 'Who knows all'
America also isn't a continent, When you add North or South before America then it becomes continent. When someone says only America they generally refer USA.

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Huawei is dead becasue of the Google and US ban. Xiaomi was smart to embrace the full screen of the K20 and now K30 and not go backwards like Oneplus 8 Pro.

somtimes dont belives what pple writes here.3month ago had decided move to xiaomi phones/(xiaomi mi 9) after been a samsung user for 10yrs. despites alots of critics about batery life on xiaomi phones.i my self didnt find any issue concerning batery life am heavy user i always get 13 to 15 hours ( gaming , 4 social apps,stremaing) and yet i dont use dark mode,and allday keeps screen
brightnes btn 50 to 80% ,MiUI is also better then samsung UI and yes it has ads but you can fully tun off ads on MIUI by just taping off "recomendetions" tab,.many pple reporting bugs are those coming from features phones smartphones ..they deserve position 3.

Anders, 21 Mar 2020Huawei are fifth really because Vivo and Oppo are the same ... moreHuawei is 5th because of Google ban otherwise they would be beating a** of even iphone

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Anonymous00, 20 Mar 2020Samsung should learn from Xiaomi in terms of pricing their ... moreActually NO. Xiaomi should learn a thing or two from Samsung in the same way Samsung has learned from Xiaomi and other competitors.

I see Samsung maintaining the top spot because Samsung has learned a lot from Xiaomi and other competitors. Samsung's midrange phones have upped their game. Bigger batteries, dedicated micro sd slot (triple slots in all), plus improved multiple camera setups and lower pricing well within Xiaomi's aggressive pricing range.

Samsung is learning, sprucing up, and is redefining its midrange line up and midrange strategy to compete aggressively with Xiaomi. Lower price, better specs, better value for the money than its usual mediocre, overpriced midrange line up of yesteryears.

Take a look at the pricing vs. features offered in the latest Samsung 2020 midrange phones for example: M31, A71. All these phones have huge to extra huge batteries, triple slots (2 SIM slots + 1 dedicated micro sd slot), triple to quad camera setups with 64 megapixel sensors (main camera) and priced aggressively well within Xiaomi's territory.

Xiaomi in the mean time REFUSES to learn from its mistakes:
Midrange to flagship Xiaomi phones either DON'T HAVE micro sd card slot at all, or DON'T HAVE dedicated micro sd card slot (triple slot). All Xiaomi phones with micro sd card slots have those STUPID HYBRID slots where you are forced to choose between dual SIM and NO storage expansion, or single SIM with storage expansion. Not so with Samsung's latest midrange phones above - they have 3 slots in all for two SIMs and a micro SD card.

Another STUPID Xiaomi thing is, Xiaomi phones if they do have micro sd card slots, CANNOT ENCRYPT micro SD storage (Probably a MIUI software limitation or government dictated.). Does Xiaomi want someone else to gain access to micro sd card contents if people lose their Xiaomi phones with huge capacity micro sd cards attached?

Also, ALL Xiaomi phones even the most expensive ones with the latest, most powerful snapdragon processors and state of the art 108 megapixel cameras and 8K video capability don't even have Widevine L1 certification to download, view and mirror DRM encrypted movies (Netflix/Google Play Movies/Amazon movies) in high definition to the phone screen or to a large screen TV or Projector. How can Xiaomi possibly ignore this if it wants to penetrate the movie loving crowd and those in more advanced countries? Xiaomi still thinks most customers only view pirated or illegally downloaded torrent movies. Have you heard of 'Netflix' Xiaomi, and how it's popular even in poor, third world countries?

Then there's Xiaomi's pathological attachment to the old, outdated USB C 2.0 hardware that doesn't allow video out on the USB type C port, even in its MOST EXPENSIVE flagship phones. Almost ALL of Samsung flagship phones have USB C 3.1 which enables high definition video out through a USB C to HDMI adapters, not so with Xiaomi's. Oh well, OK, they probably don't matter because Xiaomi phones don't have Widevine L1 certification anyway so NO high definition video will ever come out of that USB C port anyway even if they did have USB C 3.1 hardware.

So there, Xiaomi, you will never be number 1 if you don't consider those above as serious limitations that will prevent you from being #1.

AnonD-908380, 21 Mar 2020Done all that. It's a known issue since the first MIUI...I still have Mi4C, Redmi Note 5 AI and Redmi Note 8 Pro none of them have notifications problems and all of them running official MIUI with locked bootloader i can show you a video if you don't believe (we can do something like video chat/call) so there will be no editing or something like that and i also have friends who still using MI6 and Redmi Note 4.

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I'm guessing they will now piss it all away by offering overpriced phones like all that came before them. The cycle continues.

I think this is a temporary situation ..... huawei phones are much better than xiaomi, samsung, iphone larga .... I think there is one problem, it is also the operating system ... because the US is interfering with huawei.

lol, 20 Mar 2020prepare trump to ban xiaomi and remove gms lolThe phones are not an issue. Huawei could not touch Apple in America even with GMS. The problem is the 5g network. That is why ZTE is also banned, but you can still get a few ZTE phones on contract here.

Anonymous, 21 Mar 2020More markets? You mean america?America is not USA, it is a continent, there are many countries in The America continent, in which, by the way, huawei, xiaomi, oppo, vivo, etc, are not particularly popular, America is a continent, not a country, and it sums more than 1000 million people

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AnonD-908380, 21 Mar 2020As soon as you lock your phone it doesn't work. MIUI just e... morelie...

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BigDisplay, 21 Mar 2020Its not good, less competition = higher prices. No lol. More competetion= more e-waste
Having one or two companies is better

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potato4k, 21 Mar 2020That won't happen. Samsung are in more markets than Xiaomi.... moreMore markets? You mean america?

BigDisplay, 21 Mar 2020Its not good, less competition = higher prices. No lol. Yes, lol, chinese sub brands ate multiplying like fungi, so, competition is increasing, if huawei exists or not, no impact in cellphone market

Anonymous00, 20 Mar 2020Samsung should learn from Xiaomi in terms of pricing their ... moreThat won't happen. Samsung are in more markets than Xiaomi.

The one that might take over is BBK (if we combine all their brands). Looking at this data, if we combine just OPPO and Vivo, they're already at number 2. That's not counting OnePlus and realme.