Weekly poll: the Huawei P40 phones are so good, but can you love them with no GMS on board?

29 March 2020
Huawei has already replaced much of the Google ecosystem and is offering camera hardware that is (currently) unrivaled. Is that enough?

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With or without GMS those phones have become too expensive for me to afford

  • Agent94

I don't care so much about GMS. I always hated the majority of useless Google apps that were pre-installed on my phone. However it's very easy to find and install whatever app you want. So yes I would buy or at least I would try to live without GMS.

Right now I have mate 20 pro and I am 100% satisfied with it. It's really fats and I didn't experience any problems. So If I would pick a new phone, it would be a Mate series. So I am waiting for mate 40 pro which would be the real upgrade with the new kirin.

I believe this is a temporary solution and huawei will put more apps in the app gallery.

Great new series. Except the fact that it doesn't have Google and it's a C C P owned company, make me want to avoid this.

  • Anonymous

How if your Games acc bind to google how can you login it on huawei with no gms support?

  • Anonymous

p40 800 euros? almost like the mi 10 with gms is a better deal at the same price.

Pro is already 400$ cheaper than Ultra, life is good ...

Sux for Huawei...

  • Pk25

Anonymous, 29 Mar 2020The lack of GMS is deal breaker for me. Idc for gmail, or c... moreI think you can get YouTube through an apk which is easy and safe.

Phones this days are like getting girlfriend
Ever month new phone comes out and becomes more confusing which one have to choose
Some phones are easy to reach and some are hard
In the end I will just ignore them 😛

  • LilPhone

No, because the apps that need GMS to run will not work, rather I'm not concerned with the Google apps itself. Otherwise it's a great smartphone. Could have beat Samsung S20 if it had GMS, a higher-refresh rate display, and better service and aftersales support (2nd hand prices are below par).

  • Mexx

In less then a minute you can have all google services on phone. So i dont see where is the problem

It should be half price

BigDisplay, 29 Mar 2020P40+ and I will try live without Google, lots of alternativ... moreBanking apps, they are the major issue.

For now, all P40 series are overpriced.

P30 Pro will be a nice catch, insanely cheap now for the specs. Its camera setup already 1 year ahead when it launched last year, so you wouldnt be left behind in 2020.

GMS included as bonus.

P40+ and I will try live without Google, lots of alternatives out there.
If I can't live without, it takes some minutes and Google is installed, lots of walk through out there to.

If i just miss some of the usually apps I have on my Mate 20 X now, I can get them as a APK files, even bank apps i can find and I'm living in the tiny country Denmark.
This here I could use instead of Google Play store if i have the needs https://auroraoss.com/.

So to be honest, i really don't see any big problems with all this, lots of solutions out there.

And still i hope Huawei soon will come with their own OS, so i can be a part in the competition to Android/Google/US.

Competition is good for customers to... So bring it on... Soon thx.

Stay safe out there folks (Y)

  • Anonymous

The lack of GMS is deal breaker for me. Idc for gmail, or chrome, or hangout, or other useless google apps, i only care about youtube. I cant live without youtube. MV, tv shows, musics, anime. Let say, lack of youtube and cannot install it at all, so i will not ever buy huawei product even if its good. Just i cant live without youtube. Open it everyday. If there a video service that have the same content as youtube like MV, tv show, musics, anime and other stuff in huawei phone, then maybe i consider huawei phone.

None because of price and lack of GMS and vanilla is just crap compared to vanilla S20 so yeah Huawei can keep their phones but tbh its a perfect time to pick P30 Pro

None, since there's no way to make sideloaded GMS work reliably on those devices without getting a "Your device is uncertified" error. I'll consider buying and using their phone once they release more compact phones with real optical zoom, as a pocket camera.

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 29 Mar 2020They should lower the price to compensate the lack of gmsIf gapps, they would cost even more.

Anonymous, 29 Mar 2020They should lower the price to compensate the lack of gmsAbsolutely true. The price of P40 Pro+ is outrageous considering that the only upgrades from its lesser sibling are an extra zoom reach, higher storage capacity and faster wireless charging. Literally everything else is the same yet they had the nerve to charge extra $400 on it, ridiculous.