Weekly poll: the Huawei P40 phones are so good, but can you love them with no GMS on board?

29 March 2020
Huawei has already replaced much of the Google ecosystem and is offering camera hardware that is (currently) unrivaled. Is that enough?

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  • MrGrumpy

Couldn't care less if it doesn't have Google spycare crap or if it comes with a 200MP super-zoom hyper-pixel night vision military grade camera with a free HJ from a Victoria's Secret model.

The phones are all just too damn big. End of.

The Last Oracle, 29 Mar 2020Great new series. Except the fact that it doesn't have Goog... moreTo be fair, ALL Chinese companies including Xiaomi, Oppo, OnePlus etc. could easily fall under the control of their government during a state of emergency with no exception. And it's not like the company wants your personal data on your phone, it's not something a general consumer should even care realistically speaking.

sayabosanhidup, 29 Mar 2020but i would rather n even willing to pay more with gms abse... moreAverage consumers will not buy Huawei without GMS.
Huawei need to incentivize them to jump into the HMS eco.
The long game is key for their survival.

  • Anonymous

No bootloader unlock, No buy!

Fearghast, 29 Mar 2020No Google services = no + not being able to record 4K witho... moreSo far I haven't seen any videos of showing P40 Pro dropping frames on recording in 4K. It seems that they made a huge improvement in this area.

soon there will be a standalone OS competing with android. iOS is already there and obviously without GMS!! so GMS is not a big deal but the matter is I just hate the P40 lineup's design.

Anonymous, 29 Mar 2020The lack of GMS is deal breaker for me. Idc for gmail, or c... moremaybe there are some alternative to youtube on HMS

  • AnonD-833125

Nope. Bye.

No Google service - no buy. I ain't gonna be bothered with GMS sideloading on $1000 phone. That's for sure.

  • Pj25

a simple dude, 29 Mar 2020I will never buy a Huawei as long as they don’t fix or just... moreEmui 10 is one of the best ui I have ever used. It's even better than Samsung one ui as it's faster and I got zero problems or bugs.

  • Tev

loved my P30 Pro but recently upgraded to S20 Ultra.

Unfortunately the P40 Pro+ isn't an option for me, Google Play Services is so important. Maps, Gmail, YouTube and then other apps which need it (such as banking apps). Makes it a complete no go, otherwise I'd of waited.

The other issue for me is the screen, brightness is poor for what you're paying. I did expect a bit more from Huawei generally.

No Google services = no + not being able to record 4K without droped frames = also no :(
Youtube, Photos, Gmail, Keep etc. I use them and more even on my iPad.
It's a shame Huawei makes realy decent phones, yet they lack in aspects that I personaly won't compromise on.

I would definitely want to love the P40 phones after seeing how excellent the photo quality of the Mate 30 Pro. But after seeing and analyzing the photos, no thanks - I'll stick with the Mate 30 Pro.

I will never buy a Huawei as long as they don’t fix or just get rid of EMUI... It makes the experience so cheap particularly if we’re talking about a 1000$ phone

Anonymous, 29 Mar 2020The main camera is not as good as it should be.And you base that opinion on what?

  • Anonymous

The main camera is not as good as it should be.

Anonymous, 29 Mar 2020The lack of GMS is deal breaker for me. Idc for gmail, or c... moreGo for Youtube Vanced

  • Anonymous

None. No phone will be my new phone this year, unless my current one has an accident. I'm waiting for 5G modems to get more mature first.

It depends on the user. If you've got the money, you'll appreciate the P40 Pro & Pro Plus for their excellent hardware & design. If you're stingy, then you'll find reasons to discredit it's value with flawed reasons.

Personally, i think P40 Pro & Pro Plus are excellent devices if you're willing to move on from the GMS ecosystem (or implement them if you're a tech user). The hardware in both phones is arguably well worth the price tag, and the lack of GMS doesn't diminish their cost or appeal.

Innovation deserves praise & support, and thus I will do my part.

Absolutely don't care about GAPPS, but that curved screen? Should I even mention that absolutely horrendous hole? Even notches were fine but this is absolutely irritating. That too at a price as high as this without bringing much to the table other than the cameras.

Nope, thanks.