Weekly poll: the Huawei P40 phones are so good, but can you love them with no GMS on board?

29 March 2020
Huawei has already replaced much of the Google ecosystem and is offering camera hardware that is (currently) unrivaled. Is that enough?

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  • Anonymous

I won't spend any money on phones with those hilarious dead pixels let alone >1K lmao

Emeline Shaw, 29 Mar 2020What are you talking about? iOS has YouTube, chrome, bankin... moreI'm talking about alternatives

  • iOS

Emeline Shaw, 29 Mar 20201. Sh*ty cameras 2. Most ugly cutout since the s10 series ... moreThe current new flagship is not as the same as P30 Pro but still its much better than iPhone.
Without P30 Pro's release, dum beech like u probably still spend 1000s on iPhone 12, 13, 14 before u see any well matched ZOOM capabilities, ultra fast charging and stable battery.
Even the word 'Pro' also came from that.

Don't forget...the apple's rotten now from inside out.
If not, why and how much did iPhone evolved since uPhone4S? =]

Sponge, 29 Mar 2020People need to remember that the vanilla P40 is priced &Aci... moreThe cutout this time is absolutely horrible.

Chuck Norris, 29 Mar 2020GSMarena, you must be blind. Even if p40 pro+ had Google s... more1. Sh*ty cameras
2. Most ugly cutout since the s10 series
3. Sh*tty battery
4. Sh*tty low res display
5. A f*cking mono speaker on a 1500 dollar phone
6. The price tag
7. No gapps

Conclusion: Huawei dropped the ball completely this year. Must be the worst, most useless and overpriced phone to come out in the last 5 years.

People need to remember that the vanilla P40 is priced £200(UK) below the Vanilla S20, but given that the S20 has the 120Hz refresh rate vs 60Hz on the P40, has proper water protection, a sharper display if refresh rates aren't your thing... In my opinion the extra cash for the vanilla S20 is a better buy than the P40, anyone looking at the P40, I would say get a P30 Pro...

As also mentioned the cutout is ugly, Samsung got it just about OK with the S10+ cutout, no bigger thanks.

sohail shafayat, 29 Mar 2020soon there will be a standalone OS competing with android. ... moreWhat are you talking about? iOS has YouTube, chrome, banking apps etc.

nuke54, 29 Mar 2020Phones this days are like getting girlfriend Ever month n... moreThey are getting more expensive as well;)

  • Chuck Norris

GSMarena, you must be blind.
Even if p40 pro+ had Google services, it's 1 heck of an ugly phone especially when compared to P30 pro. I mean just look at that giant black pill shaped hole. If ppl including me thought S10+ was ugly, then this is on a whole new level of ugliness. That pill is the largest yet. With an added bonus of having corner disbalance that doesn't allign well with notification icons and so much wasted space on both top and bottom. What's the point of stretching that screen if you are not going to use it?
2) You've got same size battery but now with larger faster refresh rate screen that drains battery quicker. At least put a larger battery like Samsung did.
3) P40 Pro+ is the only 1500 dollar phone with same 1 bottom firing speaker and same 8gb ram that P30 Pro had last year.
4) Kirin 990 has no chance against snap 865 when using dolphin emulator or any very intensive graphical games like Black Desert Mobile, Silent Hill, ...etc
5) Finally the best part of p40 pro + is camera and 10x optical zoom but we have to wait till summer to actually get one.
And yeah no Google play services but that's no issue cause COVID19 will lift the ban.
Oh and I'm not a Huawei hater cause I have P30 Pro and hide it's tiny notch but this successor is not going in the right direction...

  • Anonymous

Yee, 29 Mar 2020Id ve very happy to switch from Google. Their approach an... moreSay the one who watched videos in youtube

  • Anonymous

Noisey_Boy, 29 Mar 2020The kind of comments on here just goes to show that Android... moreNot everyone said the duopoly should stop. Only huawei fans said that lolll

  • Anonymous

BigDisplay, 29 Mar 2020Nope, u can clone it or get a APK file. My friend did that... moreOh how very safe, a banking app from unofficial sources, if anything goes wrong with your account, your bank probably won't help because you unofficially sourced your app

  • anonym

As I can see the poll results are 50-50. So half would buy a huawei without GMS and the other half will not. I hope this is the start of something new about huawei and in the future we will see a new exosystem. Right now its too early to make assumptions whether HMS will succeed or not

I still have a thing against holes, drops and notches. I'd rather have a bezel than a notch, TBH.

Until they get main camera to use whole sensor in binned mode, it won't be worthy.

  • Noisey_Boy

The kind of comments on here just goes to show that Android devices with GMS have become the kind of locked in ecosystem that Android users used to abuse Apple for.

Android used to be about choice and freedom but now they've slowly integrated themselves in such a way that people now feel that they're completely dependent on them.

Everyone says that the duopoly of Google and Apple should stop but then no-one actually supports those that do.

Too expensive!!! I'm so disappointed. The lack of GMS is a big deal to me. If I forced myself to use a GMS-less Huawei phone because of its amazing camera, then I would prefer to buy the Mate 30 Pro because it is cheaper and has a better front and back symmetrical design.

  • Anonymous

- RYYB cause weird White Balance+Skin tone
- No GMS (Don't tell me it's easily to install. Mate30 pro can't install GMS with full access+performance since early March)

so nope.

Peachy001, 29 Mar 2020Banking apps, they are the major issue.Nope, u can clone it or get a APK file.
My friend did that in 2 minutes with his Mate 30 pro, before he just installed all the Google cr.. from a guide on the net.

  • Yee

Id ve very happy to switch from Google.
Their approach and monopoly... they're taking a piss!
Ios is a joke because its like a jail and you wear the same uniform as ALL others.
Microsoft and blackberry gave it a go but they failed.
Im waiting for a new big thing and NO, i dont need a google account or gmail!