Huawei says it lost over $60 million on the Mate Xs foldable phone

09 April 2020
Apparently, the phone is so expensive to manufacture that even at its exuberant price, Huawei is still hemorrhaging money.

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  • Dan usa

I've had the xs since March

There is definitely life without Google

I use the xs mainly for business & investment. I have found that almost all of the apps are available, without sideload, on independent app stores,

I use websites for banking and investing, & have the icons on my lockscreen

I have dropped the phone on concrete while folded. It landed on the exposed edge. To my surprise, there is no damage at all. A glass screen would have broken. The polyamide screen is amazingly tough

This is my do everything device. I love it

Having the screens fold outwards was a bad idea, I would be constantly worried about cracks, scratches and stuff on my screen. Too fragile. What’s the point of carrying such a big and heavy phone around with you all day? When I do have the comfort of using such a large device why settle for such a small screen, when I can use my 12 inch iPad Pro.

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 10 Apr 2020Apple makes tons of profits because they charge much more i... moreIt's not imac, do you mean the Mac Pro?

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 10 Apr 2020Apple makes tons of profits because they charge much more i... moreIt's the high amount of tax,shipping, plus iPhones in other countries may or mostly be sold by authorised reseller, which makes iPhone costs even more. Because authorised resellers also wants to profit.

  • Anonymous

They are too big, too heavy, and too expensive.

  • AlienKiss

What did you expect from a product that looks and feels like a bad prototype??
Also, their credibility is on the minus side, something like -2
Suck a lemon whoawho!

  • Anonymous

Luxor, 09 Apr 2020Where the people said this will sell better than Galaxy Fol... moreThey just Samsung haters.

Samsung released theirs before Huawei. Samsung had issues but Huawei delayed theirs too to improve the vulnerability of the device, so these Huawei fanboys should be thanking Sammy.

Samsungs was cheaper and more practical.


I have severe doubts about it. Its more likely their cost overruns were due to unexpected delays 'encountered by samsung'

Another reason could be not the expense of 'usual' parts that make for a phone. But the 5G antennas and stuff. 512 GB storage and 8GB RAM options aren't exactly cheap either. Most of all I think mass-producing, testing, ( and when the delays hit it, re-testing) of the hinge and the associated manufacturing-line equipment, plus the optimization of UI according to mechanical foldable form factor could've been the reason it was priced such high. Not to mention huge R&D for that foldable screen.

  • Anonymous

AhmedSLL, 09 Apr 2020This is why Apple make more profits, they make sure new tec... moreApple makes tons of profits because they charge much more in other countries compared to USA. Same Apple device that is $800 in USA can be found for more than $1400 in other areas.

Also tons of money with repair. They charge $600 to replace a broken rear glass of 11 pro max. While Samsung charges $100 for rear glass of s20 ultra.

I can buy a car for the price of new imac here.

  • Anonymous

Foldable phones should be clamshell, while this type should be a foldable tablet.

  • Anonymous

AhmedSLL, 09 Apr 2020This is why Apple make more profits, they make sure new tec... more1000 is still crazy

Like someone wrote, they should have just priced it cheaper. No matter the loss, if this is for R&D towards the technology, they have to get as much phones into the public as possible. They won't completely cover the loss, but you've got to build consumer confidence and awareness. There are 2-3 reviews on the X and only a little more on the Xs. The phone has little visibility.

But Huawei butt-fumbled this from the beginning. Since some of you referenced cars, Samsung's fold got out to a GTR Quick Launch head start, then MKBHD peeled the screen protector and things quickly came to a holt. In that time Huawei had the entire spring, summer and fall to take the lead in foldables while Samsung was figuring it out. They couldn't because the X was just as vulnerable. That is why it was delayed.

For Samsung, foldables are not just about creating foldable phones. Its about creating a stronger brand. That's what Huawei was trying to intercept when they rushed their foldable. All of these companies are still trying to figure out a way to build their brand to the same level as Apple. As crazy as it sounds, you won't get there by just innovating. Apple is about to introduce a mid range phone that is going to wipe the floor with mid rangers and some high-end phones that have better specs, because of their brand presence. You need something different that brings a wow factor. Samsung is banking on foldables to do that by creating a new way of interacting with your mobile device.

Guess it really wasn't a bad deal.

Where the people said this will sell better than Galaxy Fold. This is a great idea they said. It make more sense to have screen outside they said. Where are you all now with your bold claim??

  • asd


abigfanoftechs, 09 Apr 2020Hahahaha, consumers don't buy expensive craps.OMG read the article. It's not that people don't buy it, it's that Huawei sells the phone for less than it costs them to build it. Sony did that for the PS3, where its estimated Bill of Materials was over 800$ at launch. Yet the PS3 sold very well. Admittedly, the point of selling a game console is to make money on royalties from games sold for the platform but that's besides the point.

Guess why...because of ban. It was and is the first device on Earth to bring it all, usable and beautiful as any other phone when folded, main cameras with big sensors, main cameras doubling as selfie, notchless when unfolded.
All they got to do is upgrade specs and make it cheaper, still no competition with such capabilities.

Hahahaha, consumers don't buy expensive craps.

Cpt. Spack Jarrow, 09 Apr 2020You do realize that unlike Toyota Huawei is fully backed by... moreRegardless of what statement you made there, I just pointed that out the situation they're facing on are similar, if not the same. The endgame result of they're facing is another topic to be detailed and discussed. Sure, your statement could be true, as I didn't want to get political here. But remember, what I did here just saying they both lose money for something they had to take for a risk.

  • Cpt. Spack Jarrow

TheGoldenMellifluous, 09 Apr 2020This situation where Huawei risking in for Mate Xs foldable... moreYou do realize that unlike Toyota Huawei is fully backed by the ccp and their end goal isn't a piece of art for the history books?