LG Style3 unveiled in Japan: a mid-ranger with S845 chipset, 6.1" QHD+ OLED display

10 April 2020
The old chipset still has a flagship GPU and QHD resolution is more than most mid-rangers get.

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  • 11 Apr 2020

Brand new G7 ThinQ with new name

    How funny it is, that it's called an "opinion" but cannot be expressed freely, or must always be a positive thing to be allowed to get expressed.

    Just a minor sensitive thing and censorship goes crazy.
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    It's as if this site is ran by a government agencym

      Hey TJM
      Wait for my reply to get approved.
      It's full of facts about you, and it's so real that even GSMArena moderators cannot handle it.

        AnonD-908380, 10 Apr 2020Quote: "You mean Apple is also out of touch?? This one has ... moreOh my freaking gosh!! Your reading skills are really disappointing!
        Did I freakin' said that you mentioned Apple?!
        Dude, read the WHOLE statement!

        "but I used Apple to justify the fact that a $1500 premium flagship phone with humongous notch is selling like hotcakes"

        There I said it! Easy to understand but you really failed it!

        And I didn't even try to call you a fanboy like you're doing to me, but your assumptions are all over the place!
        I have very low expectations for you but oh my gosh! How can you go lower?!

        "you start whining when you are called one yourself"
        Of course I will. You just called me a different name and you'd expect me to be silent about it? Common sense dude!!

        " If you don't like being called names, maybe choose your words wiser"
        Or maybe, JUST maybe, you could improve your READING COMPREHENSION skills and try to understand what I'm truly saying first before replying irrelevant and nonsense ideas.

        "Frankly I don't care for LG nor Apple, both suck badly."
        Then what the f are you doing here?! You don't care enough to leave a comment here and put some hatred towards me and LG? Okay bro.

          Anonymous, 10 Apr 2020I've never owned a Poco. I'm saying the less RAM and higher... moreSlower than what?
          Almost all mainstream flagship devices from 2 years ago only had 4GB of RAM, and they all ran just fine without any major slow downs. Fact is, this phone would even run faster than any mid ranger having 32GB RAM or even more.

          And those phones you're talking about are probably at the end of their software support already. LG might not be very good at this, but certainly this one should get one more software upgrade given its powerful internals.

          And no, 2 year old flagships are still costlier than you may think. For the same price, you can only get those phones if they are wrecked and having hardware issues already, or half as much as the original price for a brand new (and that's gonna be more than $400).

          I don't get your outright hatred against the design. It was once acceptable before, and this is clearly just a mid range phone that's offering better hardware than the rest (QHD+ OLED, IP68, SD845).
          If anything, nobody should be buying the iPhones for the design as a sole reason alone.

            Anonymous, 10 Apr 2020I've never owned a Poco. I'm saying the less RAM and higher... moreIm using htc u11 with 4gb ram and QHD screen and it is faster than my mi 8 se with fhd screen and 6gb ram, perfectly usable

              Anonymous, 11 Apr 2020yeah, but rather get an older phone with 845 for less... Older phone with 845 is used and most likely you will get it in not so good condition

                Does LG think it's 2018.

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                  • 11 Apr 2020

                  Nice phone, sd845 is better than the midrange chipsets, price is great, display is amazing. At least the phone is a normal size and it had OLED. Currently using the LG G7 with 3000mah battery, screen on time 5-9 hours (5 when i use the phone two or three days and it's on standby mode a lot), although i changed my resolution to 1080p. 3500mah should be enough. At least the battery is bigger than phones from a certain fruit brand.

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                    • 11 Apr 2020

                    Great specs

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                      • 11 Apr 2020

                      LP760, 10 Apr 2020To those stupid techgeeks criticizing LG for using SD845. ... moreyeah, but rather get an older phone with 845 for less...

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                        • 10 Apr 2020

                        Repackaged G7 ?

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                          • 10 Apr 2020

                          Shanti Dope, 10 Apr 2020Your Poco cannot be submerged underwater without breaking a... moreI've never owned a Poco. I'm saying the less RAM and higher resolution screen makes it SLOWER than a two year old phone that was cheaper from the beginning. Everything about this phone screams designed for 2018. If they had released it back then it'd be cheaper by now.

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                            • 10 Apr 2020

                            LG g7. Great price with the same specs.

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                              • 10 Apr 2020

                              To those stupid techgeeks criticizing LG for using SD845.

                              For similar price you would most probably get a SD730G phone.
                              SD845 is old but still much better than current mid rangers.CPU is comparable but GPU,ISP,DSP,memory bandwith,Cache size,thermal design everything is clearly better compared to current mid range SoCs.

                              & To those bragging about Redmi K30 or Poco F1.
                              Poco was cheaply built phone bragging just for its SD845,its other components were cheaper compared to other somilar priced phones with display quality being the worst part.
                              K30 is also nowhere as good as this phone by LG.
                              LG has high quality QHD+ OLED display,IP water & dust protection,Quad DAC audio & finally Adfree android interface.Its design is just not that great,old fashioned, obstructive notch bit except that this one is much better phone in this price segment.

                                YoshiAkash, 10 Apr 2020Don't waste your money on LG smartphonesOh please, LG is a much better alternative than all those big brands out there. Till this day, I haven't found any phone that can match LG's audio quality. Not even Bluetooth can cut it.

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                                  • 10 Apr 2020

                                  Anonymous, 10 Apr 2020"i do not think japanese would have interest in such lower ... moreAnd you do? lmao.

                                    Don't waste your money on LG smartphones

                                      LG G7 THINQ

                                      become amoled( oled ) + 500mah more = paying 181$ more

                                      G7 now 4/64.... 169$

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                                        • 10 Apr 2020

                                        YUKI93, 10 Apr 2020I'll be honest, there's nothing wrong with SD845. The likes... moreI agree the Old snapdragon is still a good chip set.