Flashback: the Nokia N95 was a high point for Symbian but also the beginning of the end

12 April 2020
This phone seemed to have everything but it came out only months before the iPhone, which changed the mobile world forever.

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I had one of these. It was the first phone where I ran sportstracker from Nokia betalabs. I almost tear down the device, just taking it with me for running. It got wet a lot of times just out of sweat. So its GPS started to fail and finally, I got rid of it.
It was an outstanding device, great music experience. Best mobile photos at the time.
It was also possible to watch youtube using the web browser, which was an extraordinary accomplishment...

    Still having and using N82 and 808. Symbian isn't dead for me. There are even working app'stores'.

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      • Ng
      • vV5
      • 12 Apr 2020

      I misses Nokia maps are completely offline navigator,
      As long as downloaded offline map,
      You can use it without internet

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        • Samy
        • 61K
        • 12 Apr 2020

        Too many memories with this cellphone

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          • oPaGanDasTyle
          • pXD
          • 12 Apr 2020

          remember all of this, at this time im with a Moto Z3 with some "modified firmware" wich is a thing back in the days and one of my work coleagues do have a N95 at time, waste of money cause i feel the phone bulky and thick.

          Even, i look for it and desire one, i saw what will happen sooner or latter, Nokia put the legs ahead of the foot and make a mistake, they are in a hurry and forget to calm down.

          Doing like 100 models of phones a year is too much, people will not have the info we have today and just can compare them.

          Nokia pay with his own fame, is own pride...now, look what they are, the same fate will happen to sammy and/or apple one day, when people realize they are buying the same phone over and over, year after year..cause is that who can move a company, they need to sell even if the fish is smelling relly bad.

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            • Zain Shahid
            • sUv
            • 12 Apr 2020

            It wasn’t the N95 , rather it was the N97 that was beginning of the End. The N95 paved way for some great Symbian phones until the iPhone arrived with multitouch and later Android gained momentum. The N97 was dead on arrival

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              • 12 Apr 2020

              I was still using a Nokia phone until my wife upgraded to the iPhone 6 when it came out and I received her iPhone 5 as a hand me down. I still miss the all week battery life, ruggedness and the extreme small form factor of the Nokia. But that's about all I miss though. The iPhone 5 was so much better and I could not see myself using a feature phone again.

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                • Andry
                • vgN
                • 12 Apr 2020

                I had N95 before.
                I installed Garmin GPS for Symbian, and it became my first and reliable turn by turn navigation device.
                good ol day.

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                  • Maria
                  • Kxc
                  • 12 Apr 2020

                  Nokia oh Nokia, I always remember you as the king of phone's exterior designs.

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                    • AnonD-909757
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                    • 12 Apr 2020

                    This sweet time were phones had feature that actually served a purpose :
                    *Display with no hole notch and other stupidities.
                    *A front camera who didn't spy on you.
                    *Having mechanical parts at a time were no one were stupid enough to say "Blahblahblah wear, blahblahblah moving parts, blahblahblah fragile, blahblahblah water and dust, blahblahblah point of failure" while most of those phone probably haven't had any mechanical related issues and many would probably were still on working conditions nowadays if they haven't been trashed for a more recent type, many of those 13 years old devices are still working even with heavy use every days.
                    Meanwhile guys are worried about the same kind of mechanical system on a phone that will be dead in 5 years.

                    If only those glorious days could come to the Smartphones, there are SO MANY features available to be implemented into smartphones, but none of the really interesting, amazing, practical, important and yet cheap features are available on smartphones, but meanwhile stupid idea like "puke hole", "cursed edge display", "underperforming scamera", Jack port removal, putting the smallest and worse possible ambiant light and proximity sensor, non removable batteries, 5G and other stupidities are trending...

                    Those phones had multiple amazing era where many interesting evolutions and features saw the light, not so much for Smartphones...

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                      • Anonymous
                      • XRg
                      • 12 Apr 2020

                      I remember installing Windows 98 on the 8gb version since it had 128mb of RAM.
                      Also official SD card expansion capacity was limited to 4gb on the regular n95 according to the company, yet it would happily take in 16gb memory card.
                      Nokia N series phones would happily support more expandable storage than what it was rated for.