Flashback: the Nokia N95 was a high point for Symbian but also the beginning of the end

12 April 2020
This phone seemed to have everything but it came out only months before the iPhone, which changed the mobile world forever.

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  • 12 Apr 2020

I had the N95 8gb and also N73 music edition. Both were superb phone.
N95 8gb was amazing as a gaming device and watching movies OTG.
I also used to download PC games(10gb as 1gbnsplits) using 3G:)

    Nokia N95 was a super phone,but it was the phone the down turned Nokia,as after a couple of months the slider became to wobbly,and then it was a good for Samsung to become more popular as the D500 & D900 were phones with a spring up slider that never went wobbly and were so thin and the phone sprung up so quick,Nokia seem to go onto a bad run and Samsung phones became more popular,everyone still wants Nokia competing more with Apple & Samsung in the modern times but HMD seem to use weaker chips in there Nokia phones

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      • 12 Apr 2020

      I used to be a HUGE Symbian fan and I used to make themes for it. I went to visit my old account on mobile9 and wow!!! I have 747.2M Downloads!!

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        • 12 Apr 2020

        It was my most favorite phone.
        Better in every way.
        The price was also very high though.

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          • 12 Apr 2020

          One of the best phone I had.
          Its 5 MP camera was way ahead of its time.

            The N series was really something else. Quite a few of the models were best-sellers. N95 was definitely one of the most popular phones of it's time.

            It would be great if the real Nokia was alive today. They would produce some of the best phones today, no doubt about it. Instead we get to see the generic trash that HMD keeps churning out.

              I remember having the standard one, and loved it, I had previously had a Nokia n80 and it was a massive upgrade to that, shame Nokia didn't go with Android from the beginning and went with Microsoft, they had very good hardware. I really do think they'd be a big player still, up there with the apple's and Samsung if they'd gone down that route.

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                • 12 Apr 2020

                Ohhhhhhhhh look at that. It's an original NOKIA. NOT A FAKE HMD-NOKIA.

                That means all!!!

                  Wow.. this series is the best.. i miss those days.. I was in 7th standard and I always used to snoop around everyone’s n 95.. n72.. etc what days

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                    • 12 Apr 2020

                    Thanks for wonderful article. I still have working 808. It's so much better than brick phones

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                      • 12 Apr 2020

                      Thank you for this trip down memory lane. I was fortunate enough to get this phone as a present in high school, and I was most certainly the coolest kid on the block. Was a great phone for its time, but as you write fully point out, Symbian's archaic design never stood a chance

                        I had both n95 and n96! My all fav two devices!

                        But hugely neglected by some people for the gimmicky iPhone.. Where new shéêp era began..

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                          • 12 Apr 2020

                          Anonymous, 12 Apr 2020I have to disagree. IMHO the Nokia N8 was the pinnacle an... moreThen you weren't exactly paying attention. Nokia were already well and truly behind samsung and apple by the time the N8 came out. The N8 was amazing with the design and camera though. Ahead of it's time. But android and iOS simply dominated the market ever since. And Nokia failed to adapt.

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                            • 12 Apr 2020

                            I have to disagree. IMHO the Nokia N8 was the pinnacle
                            and the beginning of the end. Not the N95.

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                              • 12 Apr 2020

                              Please remake with specfications similar to samsung m30. Will sell in millions.

                                I also agree that it was N97 really, to claim the title "beginning of the end". N95 was really a peak for Nokia.

                                Moving on, correct me if I'm wrong but N95 was really one of those earliest phones from Nokia which had a dedicated 3D accelerator i.e. a GPU. N82 also had one. N900 had one of the best of those for the time.

                                Finnish Nokia was an unbeatable legend. A bulwark of innovation, until Microsoft's greed and a Trojan Horse named 'Stephan Elop' sabotaged it to death.

                                I dearly miss you, 'real' Nokia.


                                  Wow, I am always checking your website every other hour and love your articles, specially the Flashback series. With the advanced technology of 2020, HMD still fails to deliver better phones as Nokia did back in that time. I wish I could travel back in time.

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                                    • 12 Apr 2020

                                    I had a N95 and it was excellent. Much better than the iPhone at the time. Pictures aren't even remotely in the same league, it took the 3GS to get *close*. The Nokia could output movies on a TV. It had a lot of apps. It had a long battery life. Etc.
                                    Sadly Nokia didn't exactly catch the touchscreen wave after that. And the whole CEO trickery really killed it. Not even sure how that's legal.

                                      I hope tgey re releae this eith kai os. Current kai os phones lack in screen size, camera quality and memory.

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                                        • 12 Apr 2020

                                        Every time you guys post something Symbian related, I feel the nostalgia train hitting me in the back, and I start imagining what could have been if Symbian had stayed alive up until today.