Apple's new iPhone SE is a $399 iPhone 8 with the latest chipset and a better camera

15 April 2020
The phone goes on pre-order this Friday, and ships on April 24.

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That's good but I like want to see iphone se plus 2020.can apple will announce iPhone se plus 2020.

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    • 0wS
    • 15 Apr 2020

    Android: big bezels, no bezels, small bezels, pop up camera, punch hole, double punchhole, large doube punchole Huawei style, holes on the middle, holes on the left, holes on the right, teardrop notch, narrow notch, wide notch

    Apple: hErE's OuR 2016 iPhOnE oNcE aGaIn

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      • Rrza
      • tDE
      • 15 Apr 2020


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        • 15 Apr 2020

        This small think will eat Android sales for sure.also don't forget it will have far better performance than throttling machine for 1500 euro

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          • Lj%
          • 15 Apr 2020

          Now people in India no longer need to buy from Xiaomi and Realme.

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            • 7BB
            • 15 Apr 2020

            That's a nice price tag for that Bionic chip. Of course, I've never cared for iOS but kudos to Apple for making an affordable iPhone again.

              400$ for SoC, rest you could just throw away ...

                Overpriced as hell


                    A small phone is always good, there are people who are ready to buy small sized smartphones

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                      • 15 Apr 2020

                      OK, RIP all those trolls "A13 and 399 USD = never" :P