Nokia N82 Black version pops up

06 Feb, 2008
The Finland giant Nokia silently released the highly expected and speculated Nokia N82 Black version. The phone appeared nowhere else but in the USA Nokia online store with an "Unlocked" status. The...

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  • s_r_joy

the killer, 08 Feb 2008ohhhhh myyyyyyy goooooodddddd, this fone is S E X Y. All th... moreYou are right man! There is no chance fot any other mobiles including SE infront of the NOKIA N82.Many people go for SE,Samsung,LG but I always go for NOKIA.NOKIA is surely the king. I am using this mobile for the last one year and I feel that it is the best phone in the world. I am also using a NOKIA N8 but I feel more comfortable using N82.

  • nandu

hi i want to buy n82 but not avaiable so want to know where v can get it now

  • firmware

does n82 black comes with firmware v30.... or v20.... ???

  • for vicky

wicky made in china doesnt mean that these fones are fake !! nokia has its registered & licensed factories out there in china under same quality standards of nokia .. so it doesnt matter if its chinese or from finland its just NOKIA

  • nim@

Toky, 17 Apr 2008i dont think they will make an 8GB of N82 or put a DVB-H on... moreim totaly agree

  • WMH

N82 is best camera at night shot.

  • vicky

Anonymous, 16 Feb 2008Will this also be available in Asia? Specifically, in the P... moreI checked nokia website and it says that it is available in PI. just got mine from I was so excited while waiting but a bit dsappointed when it arrived coz it says on the box made in china.

  • vicky

Is N82 made in china are genuine?

  • ionel

i kno` that n82 already have an 8gb memory. Not the memory phone, but you can put a card with 8gb capacity. So, if you want 8, you got it with some money :D

  • Toky

i dont think they will make an 8GB of N82 or put a DVB-H on it coz if they do this phone will be OWNING all other phones..just imagine it will have all the great features you will be looking mostly they will not put the two features..

  • prashanth

will DVB-H technology will come in this n-82 black version?..plz anyone tell me...

  • .dmb.....

first of all am 16 and i like 2 know what's hot when it comes 2 technology and its not fair comparing se and nokia. se lovers go to the se section nd stop entering the nokia section mainly because you gonna live heart broken. sure se mobiles looks like model and nokia looks like body builders. what did you expect mokia build 4 functionality and performance while se is built 4 looks. nokia's are smartphones nd se's are portable dial-up phones+ mp3 player+ camera. comparing a bmw 325i(se phones) to a m3 smg(nokia phones) is nt fair at all... still going to get the n82 4 my b-day... we all goog things don't come cheap

  • Reaz Islam

Look Guys ! I've checked out all the N-Series models presently available in the market in the last few months & fact of the matter is......apart from the new Nokia models yet to be released in 2008.....N82 black & N95 8gb (King) are two of a kind best choices no doubt. Forget the price when you're considening buying top of the line products......Looks & featurewise both the models are unique in their own way....if you like a fancy slider with all latest tech except a xenon flash....go for N95 8gb...on the other hand if you a Bar-design fan then your perfect solution with the same specs as the King is N82 black version......both phones are equally classy in their own which 1 to buy is entirely up to you & forget what others comment based on their biased views about these 2 great models.....better yet go to a Nokia Dealer & try out both the models in hand & decide which one suits you better & you'll be more happy owing & using ! Luck Chumps !

  • Anonymous

Don't believe me aye?
Check with then.

  • pe

Is for sure that the black version will be avalibow in april??

I realy want the black one, but there is no info abut in anywhere, i'm start to thing that wont be realese so son, and maybe will never exist

  • Anonymous

Yeah it is but they are probably improving it also.
Might even change the keys.

  • haizing

april? so late q q"

  • Anonymous

Will be availible in April.

  • Anonymous

Will this also be available in Asia? Specifically, in the Philippines?

  • Huo

almost perfect man...keep on nokia, u really did a great exquisite job in n-series BRICK category...