Nokia N82 Black version pops up

06 Feb, 2008
The Finland giant Nokia silently released the highly expected and speculated Nokia N82 Black version. The phone appeared nowhere else but in the USA Nokia online store with an "Unlocked" status. The...

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  • Anonymous

look at the larger image previews if you did not already and you will understand why it is beautiful. I thought the bar design was a bit too sony ericsson in when I saw the silver but this black nokia n82 has smooth edges which is a nokia trademark.

  • Anonymous


  • Mashhood

i regret buying a silver N82 just yesterday... aaarghh, nokia making me angry... this isnt fair, till the black N82 reaches asia, there will be a better phone than this, some one help please!

  • Anonymous

thx god!
now it's (finally) perfect!

  • jaazz

Thiss is wht....!! I called the sexiest phone on earth...It is the beauty in Black

  • Jon2

This phone is astounding beautiful! Good thing I didn't buy the original silver version. Gotta buy this no matter what!

  • Anonymous

fantastic news! been waitig for the black one to come out...:D thx GsmArena guys :)

  • silversurfer

this fone is Fu*k*ng may add good features to a hone but 99.9% of them look software has 2 many bugs.i have a n73 is annoying always freezes.never buy nokia u pay a premium and get a crap fone.i think a fake nokia from china is more reliable:0)

  • nak007

Nothing much change only color? Nokia always come with Black Version if they are Music Edition.... How come this fon not? anyways i love this phone so much, My dream Phone for now.

  • Irfan Ali

One of my FaV dream phone ever

  • Dani

Nokia i love you now.!!!!!!

  • Anonymous

How do people call this one a brick when it's average?

  • darkmarko

another brick from nokia
at least the black colour makes it look elegant(on the picture)

  • Anonymous

I wouldn't exactly call it beautiful, but with all the features and capabilities it has, you simply cannot stop at the surface.

In my opinion this black version looks a bit like a spy-phone, which I find very appealing. The silver one was just too flashy and.. well.. 'bling-bling'..

  • Anonymous

i cant see wats so beautiful about this phone, its a bar shape with no variance at all with the other bar shape phones
..i guess some people are just too gulable

  • Anonymous

aahhaahha i knew it.!!!

  • Anonymous

that's what i call 'black beauty'

  • Anonymous

Wonderful, simply wonderful!
Can't wait till it gets here!

  • Anonymous

god damn! Nokia ... y u rippin off ppl!

  • Paul