Nokia N82 Black version pops up

06 Feb, 2008
The Finland giant Nokia silently released the highly expected and speculated Nokia N82 Black version. The phone appeared nowhere else but in the USA Nokia online store with an "Unlocked" status. The...

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  • Anonymous

More expensive than Iphone because it does so much more, 3G and has amazing video for one, Iphone is crap (no video or GPS) and anyone who buys it has fallen for marketing hype

  • squall_kay

iphone is iphone while nokia is nokia...becoz it is nokia, it will sell..becoz it is has better specs than the iphone...iphone n n82 in difference league...

  • Anonymous

i got my N95 8GB knowing that the N82 was just around the corner infact it had already come out and their were adverts in all the mobile shops even though we knew that a black version was coming as even GsmArena said it in their review, but black looks amazing, i wanna have both phones know!!!! and the xenon is just amazing take a pic in complete darkness and it only takes 3secs to get focus!!! love both phones!!!

  • mikandrew

N82 Black version looks nice only because the silver version looks so bad.(It is rumoured to be made from old sardine cans)

  • Anonymous

How are they going to sell this when 16GB iPhone sells for only $499?

  • wael

hi nokia where is your nokia touch screen sport edtion do it now please ....

  • Anonymous

gimme a slider identical as the n81 with these specs and ill get it

  • Andy Burgin

Nokia are really letting it customers down nowdays,i first bought the N73 an it was only available in Silver i was told then all of a sudden they release the Black Music version,then the N95 an was only out in Silver front an different coloured backs an then a Black one turns up,they just done that with the 6500 slide as well,why can"t Nokia make Fascia sets available to buy like they used to so anyone can pick there favourite colured fascia set to put on there Nokia mobile you have bought from them,Nokia please realise Black is the top colour on a mobile phone

  • Anonymous

the phone isnt as good as the n95 8gb, so they should be tryin to better that fone, not making rubbish black addition ones.

  • darling funny reading the comments from se lover..
at least my boy, at least, nokia has made something new n different, n82 in black version..look at shameful..dont even have any idea to make their phone look better! come on la..adoii!!

  • Anonymous

GSMARENA is understandly a "nokia fanboy" because nokia has been releasing better phones than SE lately. this black n82 is the icing on the cake and i personally was disappointed by the w960i so i'm planning to buy this black beauty instead. all hail nokia!

  • M299

The silver one looked a bit cheap but this one is quite nice.I like te SE style.

  • philm

no mention why its black other than just another colour,,wat i mean is its not 8gb version or music viersion

  • Anonymous

When SE released the quicksilver white version of K850i, you don't have any news about it.
But now that we are speaking about Nokia, you're always on.

Hello? GSMarena is a totally Nokia Fanboy!!!!

  • Dr. Z

"i cant see wats so beautiful about this phone, its a bar shape with no variance at all with the other bar shape phones ..i guess some people are just too gulable"

SPECS man, specs. Have you seen the specsheet?
Some of us spend $500 on a phone that preforms really well... Others spend that on a decorated brick.

  • Anonymous

Nokia could of made this phone look better.
The looks is still disappointing. Too bad, with all of its features, it could of been a wonderful phone.. but I'm sure there are several people who loves the design though.

  • Dani

take it back to the shop say it has problems..and replace it with a black one when it comes!
or sell the silver one..and then buy the this one..

  • Anonymous

i like the silver one better

  • RoCkeR

SE design in feature packed nokia style.Lookin gud

  • Anonymous

what I meant is that you can see the smooth edges with this black as compared to the typical black sony ericsson phones. The only complaint is the number keys, not quite nokia and yes, I think sony ericsson makes bricks