Nokia N82 Black version pops up

06 Feb, 2008
The Finland giant Nokia silently released the highly expected and speculated Nokia N82 Black version. The phone appeared nowhere else but in the USA Nokia online store with an "Unlocked" status. The...

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  • chris

i am not finding the black N82 online anywhere where should i look?

  • Jakku

I just placed an order for two units.
Thank goodness I re-checked the site and they changed the details!
Now it says Color: Titanium!
There is no chance in hell i'm gonna pay for that!

  • jijay

nice color from n82, but, the price is to high, guys, pls wait until SE launch the NG K880.

  • nop

Pls be smart,cleaver abit, don't compare a trunk speaker which will broke when open high volume compare with NOKIA speaker PLUS this phone have AN OPTICS like LG, so Be Genius ,Pls Compare this with those phone which have OPtics Like LG not other phone that DON'T HAVE ANY LENS/OPTICs

  • nop

Srry a speaker which will broKEN,BROKE,llousyyyy when open HiGh Volume CANNOT compare to Nokia

  • Karen

hey nokia.>>>pls upgrade ur sound like sony ericsson

  • Krit

Hope the black version is available in Dubai before april!
All rumors are squashed! This also comes with 2GB Card!!
Most probably the phone will be 'officialy' announced at 3GSM 08

  • N82

are you out of your mind SE had not crossed 208Mhz barries is your ma ma going to add 520Mhz to P5i Nokia phones are powerful enough to run Windows 2000/XP (though it will be very slow) where as SE can run MS-DOS who said Nokia is slow it was history when Nokia was slow i know that you had not seen any high-end Nokia except crapy 6600, 66XX series and N70/N72 today Nokia uses 369Mhz CPU with 220Mhz GPU also when SE will be using 520Mhz CPU, Nokia might be using 2Ghz CPU.

  • Anonymous

this phone will work in canada since it supports gsm 1900. use fido or rogers sim card.

  • Anonymous

it s just sad 3 g dose not connect for canada 850 1900 hspa

  • the killer

ohhhhh myyyyyyy goooooodddddd, this fone is S E X Y. All the se fan boys (and others who think this fone is ugly) please dont bother me. if you dont like this fone then simply go to the se section and dont bother us.

P.S. the reason for so many comments already on this fone is that this fone ROCKSSSS.

  • muzammil

N 82 does't have a good sound quality please increase the sound quality in all upcoming handsets e.g n73 & 6110 navigator

  • rolin

hello everyone..
what's d different between black one and the silver one?
Any upgrade? or just change the color only?
If nokia really wants to upgrade, 2.8" display, and music edition probably will make SE-fans come and join into BIG nok-fans..
will you, nokia???

  • X1

Hey NOKIA !!!


Take off this ugly, crappy silver version from us... :/

PLEASE ! ...

  • Anonymous

to everyone who doesn' tunderstand why black is a big deal. Because Black phones look good. It has nothing to do with being a Nokia fan or not. Some people like the colour black, some people don't. But you can't ignore the fact that lots of people -do- like Black coloured phones. Get that through your thick skulls thanks.

  • Tom

The N82 is the best phone out there. I got rid of an N95 for the smaller N82, faster camera, Flash, no moving parts, Easy in the pocket.

  • gurly girl

to mr gauraz,

at dat time nokia will produce its superb phone too la!!
do u think se will be king of the phone??
in ur dream!!!

  • Gaurav

All Inteligent people pls dontbuy any slow crapy phones like nokia. SE realisin p5i with 5mp opticle zoom, 520mhz proccesor. Wait wait 4 king of all phones

  • the truth frees

hello everyone. this comment is directed toward all the black n82 haters, that include ignorant n95 8gb fans, SE fans, silver n82 owners:

1) the fact of the matter is, n82 is probably the best phone on the market right now. and the fact that nokia released a black one just shows their confidence in the future success of this series.
2) xenon flash goes a long way. the camera on this thing is on par with many digital cameras on the market today. any objective review cannot deny the fact that the n82 is better than the n95 8gb or any other phone model for that matter.
3) while it's true that there are black fascias/face plates that owners can use to change the color of their phone, nokia has no intentions of releasing a "black" face cover for current silver n82 owners. so to those who downplay the significance of this new color option, i'm afraid to say that you are mislead and you will be stuck with the rather ugly silver color indefinitely.

probably the only bad thing about this phone is that nokia is being cheap and including a 128 mb card. also, the talk time is slightly shorter than the silver n82. but i still plan on buying this phone. cheers, nokia.

  • Anonymous

this is all a hoax i just checked on their website and beside colour it said titanium. also, all the pictures they have are the ones with the titanium.