Samsung Galaxy Note20 to pack a 4,000 mAh battery

18 April 2020
It's said to be unveiled in August.

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  • atd
  • 23 Apr 2020

Samsung is always updating thier devices. Good for them but not good for customers. Its waste of money if time to time need to change a divices.

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    • Anonymous
    • f}m
    • 21 Apr 2020

    Vasra, 20 Apr 2020+ Only the plus. And yes, I still own 2 notes myself, but ... moreNobody cares

      r, 20 Apr 2020Have you actually used the galaxy note? Galaxy note 10+ has... more+ Only the plus.
      And yes, I still own 2 notes myself, but have moved on to better devices since last year.

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        • Lucky0670
        • 0CD
        • 20 Apr 2020

        I own note10+ and wait for note 22 in 2022, I'm no hurry to upgrade plenty of time and take it time to review first cos when new phone come out it cost a lots included pay monthly often so high at the begin... I'm take my time to read review first then decide what to do next..

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          • sy1
          • 20 Apr 2020

          Vasra, 20 Apr 2020Used to buy the Note series, then Samsung started dropping ... moreHave you actually used the galaxy note? Galaxy note 10+ has card slot.

            Used to buy the Note series, then Samsung started dropping the ball:

            - bad Exynos
            - too small battery
            - remove 3.5mm headjack
            - remove card slot
            - etc.
            ... while jacking up the price.

            When they are finally finished, there will be no USB-port, no buttons, no FP reader, no card slots and it will cost 3000€ 🤣

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              • ypcx
              • HB4
              • 19 Apr 2020

              Adegbenro, 19 Apr 2020You should feel sorrier for those who will only get the Exy... moreYes that is what I have implied by saying "as an European user".
              That we get the inferior Exynos version.
              Inferior not just compared to the Snapdragon version, but to all other phones running Snapdragon.
              But to hope that this is going to change is foolish.
              Samsung will pay US govt to blacklist Huawei before they will admit that their business decisions suck.

                Shanti Dope, 18 Apr 2020Well then it needs to be as well-optimized as an iPhone ... moreThis one I cannot laugh because it's so true.

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                  • saddameu
                  • nDx
                  • 19 Apr 2020

                  Anonymous, 18 Apr 2020What you people fail to realise is that optimization doesn'... moreyou really believing what you type? same samsung phone exynos vs snapdragon, spandragon gives 20% more battery life yet they have exact same battery so yes optimization plays a big role, both hardware and sofware

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                    • 4000mAh
                    • vV5
                    • 19 Apr 2020

                    WOW !! 4000mAh is great !! it will last me 3 days of heavy usage

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                      • somerationalguy
                      • KLU
                      • 19 Apr 2020

                      another one already? smh, I'm still using an "old" pocophone F1 and I'm still able to run every single apps available on play store (tho the touchscreen is annoying) and also for testing my apps.

                      do people seriously change their phone every single year? unless you are a youtuber who relies on brand new phones and their so-called review (which ALMOST ALWAYS a shallow review) to get money from views and clicks, I don't see any rational reason on to why you need to change it every year.

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                        • Anonymous
                        • bJb
                        • 19 Apr 2020

                        This should be 5,500 mAh!!!!

                        As the 20 Lite Series, they are getting 5,000 mAh batteries and 5G!

                          Shanti Dope, 19 Apr 2020Okay, not gonna convince you to believe these facts anymore... moreYou missed the whole point of my post, but that's understandable.

                            Fearghast, 19 Apr 2020"scientific evidences first" OH, you joker you. You are ... moreOkay, not gonna convince you to believe these facts anymore, but these are the results, and they truly reflect real life usage.

                            There's just no point in explaining things when you're just full of ego and pride to claim your false points to be the real thing, even after being contradicted by real life scientific test already.

                            And oh, GSMArena is testing battery life scientifically for setting the phone's screen brightness to 200 nits, which is the optimal condition at which majority of users would operate their phones at. They even set the same level of speaker loudness and do exactly the same routine with the same contents for full equity across all devices. You can read about their review tests and how they do lab tests.
                            You'll know better, and see that I'm right while you're wrong.

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                              • Buxz777
                              • 0RS
                              • 19 Apr 2020

                              Sponge, 18 Apr 2020Besides, I absolutely hate that I've just being reading tha... moreI agree but got bored with Huawei software so moved to iOS For the first time since the iPhone 4 and it’s awesome

                              In the UK I bought a 128gb iPhone 11 , series 3 smart watch, iPad 11” 256gb refurb for the same price as a samsung s20 ultra lol

                              I don’t have to use exynos , I don’t have to deal with Android updates, I get access to awesome services and support and the gadgets I bought will have a better resale value then the s20 ultra that will drop in price quicker than a virgins pants in Amsterdam

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                                • markobarko
                                • 3pu
                                • 19 Apr 2020

                                The S20 battery life is a joke!!! A big disappointment here with Sammy.

                                  Shanti Dope, 19 Apr 2020Here you go, in-denial citizen more"scientific evidences first"
                                  OH, you joker you.
                                  You are forgeting one scientific thing, it could scientificly work on prelease scientific unit, but is certainly did not work on scientific retail firmware one. Not to mention you read that test scientificly, GSM is not testing scientific Idle battery life.
                                  Stay scientific bro.

                                    Fearghast, 18 Apr 2020Xperia 5 had one of the worst battery I saw on an Android p... moreHere you go, in-denial citizen

                                    No need to answer all your bs. They're just made up because of your ignorance to facts.
                                    Not gonna reply until you deal with scientific evidences first.


                                      Anonymous, 18 Apr 2020You know that the Ultra lasts that little because of 120hz?... moreOppo Find X2 Pro also has 120Hz, but it lasts far better, with even smaller battery than the S20 Plus (not the Ultra)
                                      Heck, it could even work both in highest refresh rate and highest resolution possible, while the S20 Ultra should've already had the upper hand by being limited to FHD+
                                      Exynos's optimization is crap, but that's what the majority of people in the world would have access to, so in order to experience the best from Samsung, you must be living in the States
                                      That's truly fair, huh?

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                                        • Anonymous
                                        • JT5
                                        • 19 Apr 2020

                                        Fearghast, 18 Apr 2020Sice there are no official information, you literally are c... moreSomeone reliable posted 3600-3800 mAh + 6" 21:9 FHD.
                                        The rest is same of 1 ii.

                                        6" 21:9 is similar to 5.6" 16:9.
                                        It will be enough, even with 5G.