iPhone SE (2020) AnTuTu scores reveal underclocked chipset

23 April 2020
The A13 Bionic chipset in the $399 iPhone is closer to an iPhone XS Max than an iPhone 11 Pro Max.

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harlekkin, 24 Apr 2020It's a phone. Calm down. People will use it as that. The va... moreLast Time I heard, you don't need to be a tech nerd to enjoy higher refresh rate display or any of the aforementioned features.

All I am say saying is that the true potential of the chipset is bottlenecked, so Apple users who think a bunch of Benchmarks puts this SOC ahead of SD855 or SD865 are largely mistaken in their assessment.

    SNA1970, 24 Apr 2020yes the soc can play games over 60fps using TV output.Is that TV part of the bundled hardware at 399$? Nope!
    Does that TV offer high refresh rate touch screen? Nope!
    The bundled HW is a low resolution tiny screen limited to 60hz.
    Can the UI in general day to day usage match the fluidity of 120hz displays? Nope!

      SLSAHXOHVOMVN, 23 Apr 2020Android flagships are utilizing the SOC to its full potenti... moreIt's a phone. Calm down. People will use it as that. The vast majority of people aren't tech nerds like you - they just need a phone that does everything for them.

        So the SE 2020 still performs closer to the 11 Pro than the XS Max, which is quite a feat. It's not meant to be on par with the Pro series at all, hence why it's a mid-ranger. Not sure what the commotion is all about?

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          • 24 Apr 2020

          SLSAHXOHVOMVN, 23 Apr 2020How is it on par with best performance on Android? Can t... moreDo a lot of phones below $399 have IP 67 rating? Do they have wireless charging? Do their Antutu scores come anywhere near the benchmark that iPhone SE 2 offers even with 3GB of RAM? Are they gonna keep getting software updates for years like this phone provides, without lag (because of the top-end A13 chip-set)? Do you think their primary camera quality is going to be similar to that of the SE 2, which is on par with the quality offered by iPhone 11 and the 11 Pro models? Do you think these other phones are gonna look after your privacy and security like Apple does?

          The only real shortcoming I see on the iPhone SE 2 is the relatively smaller screen size and maybe the battery life but even that has been ascertained to be decent by many reviewers, thanks to the adaptable nature of the A13 chip-set which optimizes battery life based on your usage.

          So unless you're looking to do hardcore gaming or "extremely" professional photography and video edits or stream videos throughout the day, which is not at all the type of audience this device is aimed for anyways, you're getting a banger deal, I'd say.

          P.S. - I'm not an Apple fanboy at all, not even close. In fact, I've never used any Apple product ever, just android phones since 2012. But I'm heavily considering switching and trying out the Apple ecosystem for this one. That Product RED version with the black bezels look dope!

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            • 24 Apr 2020

            Anonymous, 23 Apr 2020Battery life has always been a concern for the smaller iPho... moreXperia xz1 compact 3 days on battery

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              • 24 Apr 2020

              Well no surprises as a13 is just a12 soc with oc and smaller manufacturing process.. They already at the limit...

              It just incremental update year by year for apple or even Qualcomm.. They only can improved efficiency, integrated modems & isp ..

              But it still value for money for iphone se.. It just if you want bigger iphone..then go for xr or ip 11.

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                • 24 Apr 2020

                SLSAHXOHVOMVN, 23 Apr 2020How is it on par with best performance on Android? Can t... moreThis phone absoluletely obliterates any android in anything speed related.

                  SLSAHXOHVOMVN, 23 Apr 2020How is it on par with best performance on Android? Can t... moreyes the soc can play games over 60fps using TV output.

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                    • 24 Apr 2020

                    The iPhone SE (2020) has the same chipset as the iPhone 11. The reason behind low benchmark scores than the iPhone 11 could be because of the RAM. iPhone SE only has 3gb of RAM where iPhone 11 has 4gb ram. That could result in higher benchmark scores.

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                      • 24 Apr 2020

                      But.. But.. But.. It is still a flagship chipset.. That makes it a flagship phone.. Apple never sells anything other than flagships.. Right?

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                        • 24 Apr 2020

                        SLSAHXOHVOMVN, 23 Apr 2020Android flagships are utilizing the SOC to its full potenti... moreThe iOS handicap is intentional. If iOS had the extensive customization options of Android and have all of Android's features and capabilities, the bionic processor wouldn't be faster than it currently is with iOS. Apple calls crippling of the software to improve hardware performance 'software optimization'.

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                          • 24 Apr 2020

                          SkaAndroid, 23 Apr 2020Haha the Retro Phone with Old Specs is under clocked. What ... moreThe Old SE was NOT holding back and was at full speed. It has sightly more battery than 5S.

                          Why this one was underclocked with same battery? Shame on Apple

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                            • 23 Apr 2020

                            HuCCioNe, 23 Apr 2020Complete scam ? This phone will perform better than throttl... moreLol that's true

                              Anonymous, 23 Apr 2020But that so called "partial performance" you're crying abou... moreHow is it on par with best performance on Android?

                              Can that SOC do split screen multitasking? Nope, limited by iOS.
                              Can the SOC do super slow motion recording like SD865? nope, handicapped by hardware.
                              Can the SOC run games beyond 60fps? Nope, handicapped by hardware.
                              Can the SOC stop throttling after continuous gaming? Nope handicapped by lack of dedicated cooling.

                              Potential of the chipset is handicapped by iOS and poor co-hardware not to mention the tiny screen.

                                Anonymous, 23 Apr 2020The difference is only ~5% less performance, in comparison ... moreAndroid flagships are utilizing the SOC to its full potential while A13 chip still remains handicapped by iOS. On a tiny screen, it's even more handicapped.

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                                  • 23 Apr 2020

                                  The duck u guys smoking so a phone small than the iPhone 11 which correlated with worse thermal management which can clearly be understood by the iPad Pro 3 having the same spec expect a previous gen chipset than the iPhone 11 Pro Max yet managing to have 200,000 unit score diff but the iPhone SE has a difference of just 20,000 points with the iPhone 11 due to the iPhone 11 having a 1 more ram. The website is just putting out click baity titles for ad revenue.

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                                    • 23 Apr 2020

                                    Anonymous, 23 Apr 202011 - 517k SE - 492k XS - 443k 5% slower than 11 and 10... moreHow many Android phones have Qualcomm Snapdragon 865, Exynoss 990, Kirin 990, paired with HD resolution? Haha..

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                                      • 23 Apr 2020

                                      These comments are hilarious; anyone claiming outrage about the performance either knows absolutely nothing about computer technology, or are deliberately baiting trolls. Even if Apple had miraculously crammed the 11 Pro Max battery into the SE it would still run slower due the smaller enclosure's lower capacity to dissipate heat; it's just physics.

                                      In other obvious news, 2 sequential 'identical' phones off the same production line (from any manufacturer) can produce significantly different results. Also, different dies from the same wafer can produce different tiers of processor. 1 benchmark proves nothing, that's why aggregator websites like cpubenchmark are important for meaningful comparisons in PC hardware.

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                                        • 23 Apr 2020

                                        Haha the Retro Phone with Old Specs is under clocked. What a surprise. We all know Apple throttles old iphones and this Retro phone will not be thr exception