OnePlus downsizes its workforce in UK, France, and Germany by up to 80%, report says

25 April 2020
The company confirms the layoffs are unrelated to COVID-19.

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  • Gibbo

I had a oneplus 3, it was fast, dirt cheap had an ok camera, it worked brilliantly still until I dropped it and smashed the screen a couple of months ago, replaced with a redmi note 8 pro, its fast, even dirtier cheap, has a pretty good camera, why would I buy a new oneplus now, its fast, outrageously expensive, has a decent camera, the flagship killer has become just a flagship.

Anonymous, 26 Apr 2020Contradicting statement on the Exynos part... EU has being ... moreActually I went from Samsung to Huawei(p10 plus) almost 3 years ago just to see what the competition has to offer. And I am very pleased, in my opinion they are only missing a payment system that is similar to Samsung pay and while both offer two year of os upgrades Samsung does 4 years of security patches while Huawei only 2,5. Also Huawei has their Huawei corners (don't know what else to call them) in larger tech shops if I want to claim my warranty. And if i needed to buy a phone today I would get S10 Lite it has Samsung pay and a Snapdragon SoC for under 500 €.

  • Anonym

Anonymous, 26 Apr 2020On the other hand, there are also consumers demanding highe... moreThose are the same people who do not understand the concept of taxes, or how most prices outside Europe are displayed *without* sales tax/VAT. Then, there are those that openly brag about ways to evade sales tax when buying from some Chinese stores, which goes to show their character.

With such a prices no wonder no one buys. Apple and Samsung in Europe are the only one who can charge 1000 euros for latest device, other brands will have zero chance, one plus very close to 1000 euro margin but offering sub bar quality(all those issues,with OLED screens) the only way they coukd expect to sell it, if they woukd sell it for like 500 euros,max

  • Nosia

OnePlus is now dead in Europe .... too expensive!
We are not gonna pay for this price!
Ciao ..... R.I.P.

  • kembrek

Shouldn't that be CCS Insight as opposed to CSS Insight?

  • Anonymous

ponk87, 26 Apr 2020Oneplus has never been a real contender in Europe and with ... moreContradicting statement on the Exynos part... EU has being a long victim of the biggest Exynos market beside Korea, and base on your claim, yet you're still using one.

No doubt OnePlus is (not yet make) not a serious competitor in Europe, but it against what their marketing department do with the many sponsors in Europe. Which is particularly bad management consider the choice downsize of the location. It all fine choosing McLaren as hyper expensive edition, but that ain't cutting the sales. Since OnePlus has so many sponsor to e-Sports teams, their marketing team is clearly focusing on the gaming/tech industry. How hard is make a slight (50/100+ Euro) more premium e-Sport based version of their phones? What most of the Chinese vendor fail to realize is, brand name reputation need to come first, and has to build and create trust overtime. And none of them is doing that, including Huawei, since day 1. I assume their biggest problem is the mentality of China's market alone can generate enough revenue to sustain the operation, which for most of these vendor/groups are true.

Oneplus has never been a real contender in Europe and with things going as they are now they will never be. The only Chinese brand that can in reality sell flagship phones at flagship prices is Huawei and even they are in trouble since they lack Google support now.

And don't give me that ''well they offer the same hardware or maybe even superior hardware so they can charge the same as Samsung or Apple''.

Just look at Samsung, they have incredible mobile payment system that literally makes apple pay and android pay look silly. I can buy their smartphones anywhere online in Europe and if something breaks down I can take them to my local Samsung store or Samsung corner and they will handle the warranty for me. Of course I wont buy their current flagships till they either replace their exynos or make it as good as a the snapdragon SoCs. However I would still buy a Samsung phone before a flagship from Xiaomi, Oppo or Oneplus since Samsung pay and the ease of claiming my warranty is a big deal for me.

  • Anonymous

They cut the cost since they hired ironman

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 26 Apr 2020On the other hand, there are also consumers demanding highe... moreIts a free market, if you can't attend the demand under the conditions people are agree to buy your product then close and do something else that give you profits. Competition usually favor potential customers. Overpricing hardware not.

  • Anonymous

Anders, 25 Apr 2020If a company is charging a price that people are unwilling ... moreOn the other hand, there are also consumers demanding higher specs at lower prices. People who judge phone prices based on mainland china (or USA for Apple) prices.

  • Anonymous

Workers asked to relocate to Helsinki? Might as well resign then, lol.

  • cherry

Anders, 25 Apr 2020I keep saying it about these overpriced phones, particularl... moreThat is true. I live in Germany and all my colleagues have iPhones and show a respect for people who also own it. I really don't like iOS (tried it) so I have a Samsung S8+, which is also good, but brings no status. I'd love to get the new S20, but with Exynos I will rather wait, maybe the next Smasung will be better with AMD.

Anonymous, 25 Apr 2020Flagship products can no longer accomodate cheapskate consumers.If a company is charging a price that people are unwilling to pay

That is the companies fault and their problem.
Not the consumers

Consumers won't care if OnePlus start losing money, but OnePlus will. Consumers aren't losing anything because they're already not buying their phones

  • Anonymous

Kriegsherr, 25 Apr 2020I think you are wrong on this. Majority of the brand loyal ... moreThat just for this technology impaired/ignorant bunch.. I ruled out Samsung completely due to the mass use of Exynos chip in EU market... I mean what a rip off... Paying slight more (without any currency difference), meanwhile supposedly cheaper, and most of the time loose on CPU/battery efficiency and development unfriendly. One of the many little things making EU very uncompetitive.

  • Anonymous

No wonder OnePlus price in EU is so mess up... They will never gain any more market shares if they continue with its current pricing and marketing.

  • Anonymous

AlexP, 25 Apr 2020When I need a phone, I'm buying a phone, not a brand. Good ... moreBad brands Apple and Samsung what a funny comment lol. If think that Chinese OEM’s are better than Apple and Samsung then you’re totally wrong.

AlexP, 25 Apr 2020When I need a phone, I'm buying a phone, not a brand. Good ... morethe first part of your statement is true. you are buying a phone, not a brand. but its also not like that companies just showed up and became brands. they became brands because they have sold premium products or services. More to that, they have better after sales service, specially Apple products. Apple has the highest share in the phones that costs more than 750 bucks. if they are not up to the mark in quality, do you think people would spend their money year after year? maybe once, but not year after year.

brand products retain price longer than non brands. So after careful thinking, its wise to spend money behind a brand in most cases.

  • Anonymous

Kriegsherr, 25 Apr 2020I think you are wrong on this. Majority of the brand loyal ... moreI don't know about your country, but in my country Oneplus became much popular last year. Their phone arrived in the biggest marketplace website in my country. The people were very satisfied with the products. Also I read the review from Samsung S20 and S20+ which does sell very poor compared to S20 Ultra, due to unjustified increased priced and is know Samsung loose 30% of their price after 6 months of their release and because of poor Exynos performane. 10% of the comments boycotted Samsung shit Exynos that they will not buy another Samsung and will jump in Oneplus's boat. Official account of Samsung replied that they are taking alternatives into considerations. I think Oneplus have some solid user base in the Europe and they could increased the price so much- all companies goal's is to increase profit after 3-4 years of not so much margin profit. I think Apple, Google, Oneplus and Sony are the best premium brands in Europe. Don't compare any Android OS, especially Xiaomi heavy costumized OS with flawless OxygenOS in the Oneplus phones.

hercules07, 25 Apr 2020Lol oppo is under bbk, not under OnePlus, so its OnePlus ce... moreBBK is the parent company of the group but Oneplus was set up as a subsidiary of Oppo with Oppo being the only major institutional shareholder in documents filed with the Chinese authorities. They are a private company now so it's difficult to know if that's changed as they don't have to make that information public but Oppo is still a major shareholder and it's highly likely that Oneplus is a subsidiary of Oppo