OnePlus downsizes its workforce in UK, France, and Germany by up to 80%, report says

25 April 2020
The company confirms the layoffs are unrelated to COVID-19.

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Realme, its own sister brand, is comfortably taking over OnePlus previous flagship killer position. Leaving OnePlus in an awkward position of high end flagship that doesn't have the same brand power to entice flagship buyers. My guess is they will start offering cheaper models with mid level spec in the future.

  • Smallworld

Aierlan, 25 Apr 2020Well they won't be worried about Oppo anyway as they are pr... moreThey are still worried about Oppo. If you have two brands in your company and one vastly outsells the other and both are roughly on the same segments then you cut one brand. Simple. Why waste money on 2 brands when you can make money with just one.

From what i have seen regarding phone purchases by people, is that people tend to buy entry-level,mid range budget phones from chinese companies.People consider all chinese company phones to be simply "some phones" they can use for the time being until they can afford real phones.
Why Oppo,Vivo,Xiaomi and Huawei won over Europe is due to their cheap products.Yes,Vivo,Oppo and OnePLus are the same company,but 1+ doesn't have a midrange-entry level phone.All their phones are flagships who offer same products each year with new chipsets and screens.Nothing about these phones is flagship worthy.Their cameras fall behind competition,their quality is random and their SAR ratings are high.They have no IP68 as well or expandable storage or iCloud.
OnePLus will never accomplish anything in Europe due to it's massive pricing.All their old phones were same priced as iPhones,Samsungs,Huawei flagships who offer a LOT more.
You guys keep thinking 1+ is a great product,but until they leave the 800+ euroes zone they won't accomplish anything.
Besides.All those Vivo and Oppo people mentioned in the topic are ones who bought phones under 200 Euroes.Nobody is insane enough to purchase a flagship phone as main phone from these companies.

  • Anonymous

Here in France One + is completely unknow...and with prices even higher than Samsung, it won't change soon.

Kriegsherr, 25 Apr 2020I think you are wrong on this. Majority of the brand loyal ... moreWhen I need a phone, I'm buying a phone, not a brand. Good phone helps me, bad brand (Samsung, Apple...) Doesn't

Aierlan, 25 Apr 2020Well they won't be worried about Oppo anyway as they are pr... moreLol oppo is under bbk, not under OnePlus, so its OnePlus ceo's tension that they can't get extra profits anymore so that they can buy more expensive maclaren cars :)

Val, 25 Apr 2020Mentioning Oppo as One Plus' competitor is like mentioning ... moreWell said!

Smallworld, 25 Apr 2020Simple, the reason is called Xiaomi. Xiaomi has been openin... moreWell they won't be worried about Oppo anyway as they are practically the same company, with Oppo being their largest shareholder and sharing their technology with Oneplus. Their goal is to get into the premium market to make more money and it is difficult to get enough sales of premium android phones in countries like the UK to make it worthwhile

Anonymous, 25 Apr 2020OnePlus have the advantage to take Samsung unsatisfied cost... moreI think you are wrong on this. Majority of the brand loyal people in Europe don't know about which chipset they are getting in their Samsung. Often they even don't care about update after years. they just see its the Samsung S10, S20 and simply buy. so Oneplus grabing Samsung customers is a far cry. Plus people in this region has money to spend for a brand hence without big name, its hard to do business in Europe. Oneplus doesnt have that.

If I am gonna spend 800 euros or more for a phone, I would like to spend for a brand product, not Oneplus or xiaomi or whatever.

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 25 Apr 2020Oneplus Z aka upcoming Oneplus 8 Lite with decent specs.With Mediacrap Dimensity 800 and a single useful camera at most. And obviously without jack, expandable memory and extra features that other mid-rangers add to compensate and due to the type of customer they are oriented. So it'll be equally overpriced again and below competitors in what they offer for its price, like with OnePlus 8.

  • Smallworld

Simple, the reason is called Xiaomi. Xiaomi has been opening stores and doing heavy promotion in every European country while OnePlus is still having relying on internet promotion and carriers. Even Oppo has worked their marketing in Europe. OnePlus is simply not don't enough and they're getting eaten alive by other Chinese makers

  • Anonymous

Adinatsu, 25 Apr 2020Are op phones supported for 3 years... so my op7t will get ... moreIt came with android 10 so definitely not getting android 13. They will get quarterly security updates on the third year not OS updates

Anonymous, 25 Apr 2020yesThx man i had no idea about that

Yeah keep asking for that high price see how that works out for you :D
At that price point it's not event tempting to switch brands to 1+

  • Anonymous

Not going too well with those higher prices if they need to change their priorities.

  • Anonymous

Flagship products can no longer accomodate cheapskate consumers.

Orchard Inc., 25 Apr 2020The report says, "OnePlus downsizes its workforce in UK, Fr... moreCompliance cost is way too high in Europe and in generally western markets where huge litigations for minor things are common! Naturally business needs protection and insurance which has to be paid by the consumers in that region! Don’t expect anything cheap in those regions!

  • Anonymous

Time to sunset this brand. It overrun its flagship killer moniker and has now turned into a dead weight.

  • Val

Mentioning Oppo as One Plus' competitor is like mentioning Huawei as Honor's competitor.

  • Anonymous

Abhi Dahiya, 25 Apr 2020I like how OnePlus is being criticized here taking the aide... moreThe business model to deliver flagship killers is not a sustainable one. COVID-19 has just exposed this a bit too early unfortunately. Does OnePlus makes good devices? Yes. Are they supported well? To an extent. Do they have what it takes to take on Samsung and Apple? In some time, they can but if they rush into it, you can see the outcome.