Sony Xperia L4 is now available in Europe, Xperia 10 II hits Taiwan next week

27 April 2020
Both phones were announced back in February.

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  • 28 Apr 2020

All this hate against Sony, people, please, just buy a used sony and you will understand why they are more expensive than other androids and why some of us have been using and will carry on using Sony for years. From the battery that shows no degradation even after 3 years, to the software that is bloatware free, the processor that is not slowed down even after years of use, to the resilience of the devices, the audio quality, the innovation that they bring to the market only to later be commercialised by apple and samsung. I'm not a fan of the current aspect ratio but that does not make these new devices overpriced.

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    • 28 Apr 2020

    Outdated specs, overpriced product. Sigh Sony, stop squeezing easy profit from consumers if u wanna survive.

      Sony stop wasting your money and time with these outdated products.

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        • 28 Apr 2020

        I expect this to sell for like 150€ or less in a very few days or weeks, because nobody would buy it. There are infinite alternatives at that price point for a better smartphone, discounts etc.
        The 10 II will be obviously overpriced too, and should drop at least 100+€ before starting being viable. I mean, my 1y old A50 is mostly the same specs, and it's already Android 10.
        There's no real midranger. Make the same phone with a snap 700 series and price it under 400€, i would buy it. Just don't mess with software upgrades.

          Nokia 5.3 is better in every aspect than l4 and cheaper than l4 (169£)

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            • 28 Apr 2020

            AnonD-833125, 28 Apr 2020Thank you. I always thought that Sony fanboys are worst eve... moregood that there are a lot of choices...
            but judging others choice is lame...
            you can get any non xperia anyway...
            it is not about the "specs" nor "price"...
            the experience you get... it is...
            so if you happen to use an xperia and it wasnt good, then it is not for you...
            from miro, z1 compact, z3 to z5 premium, i cant find the reasons to leave xperia... they have what i expect from phones...
            i also come accross other brands, but they dont make the cut... except for some models of nokia lumia, htc, asus... these brands are nowhere the top sellers, yes, but it doesnt mean it doesnt cater to someone...
            if ever you wonder why some "few" people are wondering why they still buy xperia... some of us also wonder why others dont... and cant believe the "bashers"... i mean, there are only few xperia users but articles like this is flocked by people with a lot of complaints...
            i mean it is not like a president that is difficult to remove, you can always ditch a phone and get another brand... so you can live happily ever after

              [deleted post]Im happy too \(^v^)/

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                • 28 Apr 2020

                Anonymous, 28 Apr 2020Helio P22, low resolution display, 3GB of RAM, 13 MP main, ... moreThank you. I always thought that Sony fanboys are worst even than the Apple ones.
                At least Apple has an ecosystem, Sony has the same Android you can find on Xiaomi, Realme, Lenovo, LG, Samsung, Asus, etc. Just minor tweaks each and there. The problem with Sony, it is relying on their name to charge extra money.
                In the flagship territory maybe they are competing, price wise (mainly because a lot of manufacturers are increasing their prices in this category, lately). But in mid-range and low-end, they always seem a step behind (look at the L3 and 10/10 plus from last year). And sadly for them, this is the most important category and the most phones sold worldwide.

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                  • 28 Apr 2020

                  Helio P22, low resolution display, 3GB of RAM, 13 MP main, 5 MP ultrawide, 2 MP depth sensor.... for 199 euros? Hehehe That is all less economical, more like overpriced compared with what you get from other brands. But you know... its Sony. Like with Apple, fans will buy whatever crap thing they release if they can't afford other thing of their beloved brand. Idem like with the iPhone SE (2020). If the majority of your customers only buy your cheapest product... and you only have a small portion of the market, then you are not competitive. And sure that the Xperia 10 II will cost, at least, the double, so more of the same.

                  Apple have their own ecosystem but Sony no. So things only can go worse in the future when the Playstation generations stops buying their phones.

                    Waiting for since announcement day it's amazing & economical in T20 hope it will be available in Dubai UAE....

                      FromChinaWithLove, 28 Apr 2020Considering that this phone won’t be cheap and how Sony’s p... moreIf you're going for Apple - you're not getting apple because of the phone, you're getting it because of the OS and software.

                      Xperia 10 ii is going to be the same price as the Iphone SE. Depends on the user, if they want 21:9, the triple cameras, no notch/punch hole or the headphone jack.

                        Considering that this phone won’t be cheap and how Sony’s phones aren’t exactly Popular in the smartphone realms (where even Apple put out a 399 iPhone this month). Does Xperia still got any buyers?

                        Don’t get me wrong I was a Sony fan and a Xperia phones user myself ( until my XZ drop dead a few months ago)

                        And I don’t think the previous version was any big sell in most markets/regions, both the 10 & 5.

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                          • 28 Apr 2020

                          i hope the importer for gray market gets the xperia 10 II soon... wanted to see how the ui is before i finally jump from z5 premium to xperia 1 II