TCL 10 Pro and 10L go on sale in North America starting May 19

14 May 2020
They will be available exclusively through Amazon on launch.

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  • Anonymous

wow what a bargain, just $450 for sd675? that gets 169000 on antutu .... wow
Poco F2 pro is at $500 with 5g sd865... 600000 on antutu...

The 10 Pro looks like a really good phone, but it's just a tad bit too expensive.

Still makes no sense why TCL used an OLED on the 10 Pro with the outdated Snapdragon 675 when the 10 5G has the Snapdragon 765 with an LCD

  • Edgar_in_Indy

This is the least expensive phone with a large primary camera sensor (1/1.7"). With gcam, it should be a very capable camera phone.

  • Sac

Lol ! overpriced junk. Neither display nor any other part justifies that pricetag.

Tcl 10 pro is one of most beautiful phones with great build quality. With SD 765g for the same price this could be a great deal. With 675 is overpriced.

  • Anonymous

The Galaxy A71 is arguably better than this and costs less, not exactly sure why TCL is charging $400+ for the 10 Pro when the only real selling point is maybe the more premium build quality but even that's a stretch.

BigDisplay, 15 May 2020I never even heard about them before... Lately it was the company behind Blackberry phones.

Absolutely excellent. Another great android premium mainstream handset for those that prefer this exact spec and unique design.

I never even heard about them before...