Flashback: Sony Ericsson Xperia X10 fixed past mistakes by choosing Android

24 May 2020
The original Xperia phone ran Windows Mobile. SE was also toying around with Symbian S60. The Xperia X10 would change all that.

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Shanti Dope, 24 May 2020I hope you do know that the Xperia Z2 and Xperia 1 Mk II ar... moreMy point is Xperia 1 MK 2, can't compete with S20s, OP8 Pro, iPhone 11 Pro and so on, it is behind on some factors, compared to these flagships, especially camera.

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    • 25 May 2020

    I still have the Sony Ericsson Arc that was released a year after the X10; it's one of the best looking phones I've had and always got compliments when I used it. Too bad that its limited hardware in terms of RAM/storage made me move to Samsung/iPhone and I haven't looked back since.

      Anonymous, 24 May 2020My first mobile phone was Seimens. The second one was Nokia... moreSimilar experience with you. My first was nokia, then motorola (until it got stolen), then I used sony ericsson and sony phone till now. I didn't use any xz,xzs,xz1 series, but jumdped from x performance to xperia 1 (and i got xz2 as my second phone), and I might get the 1 iii next year, if 5G coverage is good enough

        rich, 24 May 2020Ahhh... Those times when there were selections of differen... moreTrue. Today people will mock the phone of they're even slightly different in term of the overall design and shape (not colors or pattern or whatever). Sony tries to always be different, yet people still hate the design because they want to have mainstream design. LG is also join the try to be unique band wagon, i really glad tho

          Man, I love the design of the front. Class.
          And the hardware buttons. Really nice.

            Shanti Dope, 25 May 2020Of course it's natural for a phone being released despite w... moreXiaomi Mi 10 Pro Anything but half baked.

              CeeCeePee Ewil >:, 24 May 2020Doesn't matter, Japanese manufacturing is slowing shrinking... moreIt DOES matter especially when it comes to handling private information of people. Well, it's no longer my business that you simply don't care about your personal data being sold to unwanted Chinese servers because of your choice to trust their unsafe software.

              If they don't stand enough chance, then they wouldn't be bothered enough to stay in the battle. Or maybe Sony's products aren't that good enough that Samsung feels the heat of challenge against them in camera sensor semiconductor competition.

              Pulling out stores or whatever, it doesn't matter, so long as it can still be bought globally. I do believe that gold can only be found in some places, while garbages can always be found everywhere.

              Things like popularity or brand loyalty don't matter for security purposes. I don't care if my phone model isn't the most popular thing in the world, for as long as I'm safe to use the product, knowing that no one is stalking on me with my phone.

                Anonymous, 24 May 2020Yes it's following the trend of not being able to sell half... moreOf course it's natural for a phone being released despite with half-baked features and nothing but pure advertising

                Remember, the best kid doesn't always stand out

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                  • 24 May 2020

                  Ahhh... Those times when there were selections of different phone designs and sizes to choose, with different experiences. Not like phones nowdays that's basically just a big jumbo knockoff of each others and everything looks just the same.

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                    • 24 May 2020

                    My first mobile phone was Seimens. The second one was Nokia. Since then and up until now, I only use Sony Xperia. It's just not the same as others. Unique rectangular, forget about XZ1,2,3 tho. So I jumped from XZ to Xperia 10Plus. Next one would have be Xperia5II

                      Josh V, 24 May 2020I had this phone 30 years back .It was the trend then until... moreIt came out ten years ago. Highly doubt you had it 30 years ago.

                        I had the X10i and remember loving its look and feel. Took pretty good pictures as well. I remember the notifications were a bit screwed up as sometimes you would get the light flashing to say a text had arrived but it never did. Had loads of people at the time ask me why i never responded to a text i never recieved. This was the last Sony phone i had. Moved onto the HTC desire HD after that and both companies never seemed to make anything exciting enough to go to back to since.

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                          • 24 May 2020

                          G.Agrianitis, 24 May 2020I owned the Galaxy S back then which was definitely better ... morei feel you.
                          i remember back then i was going to buy my 1sr android phone, the Xperia X10 was so pretty, but the specs and features was inferior to Galaxy S.
                          so at the end of the day i finally picked Galaxy S, and i didn't regret it at all.
                          but i still turned my head everytime i saw Xperia X10

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                            • 24 May 2020

                            Shanti Dope, 24 May 2020Much better than being handed to Chinese servers that would... moreDoesn't matter, Japanese manufacturing is slowing shrinking and moved out to other countries like China and Vietnam.

                            Japanese technology companies and industries don't have enought to stand upon,their products have been completely phases out by China in all departments, so they have to play to the flute of US sanctions.

                            You can clearly see Sony just pulled out of 15 markets while chinses OEMS rapidly expanded into all those markets.

                            Good or Bad, in the end this argument of data handling falls flat on face when it comes to sales and brand following.

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                              • 24 May 2020

                              My Sony Ericsson X10 mini is still working smoothly Since 2013.Its meant for 7.5 years.Love you Sony Ericsson....

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                                • 24 May 2020

                                Shanti Dope, 24 May 2020The Xperia 1 Mk II is showing the real Sony uniqueness. No... moreYes it's following the trend of not being able to sell half a million phones in Q1 2020.
                                Where Mi 10 and MI 10 Pro alone sold 1 million in Feb-March despite the Covd19 mess.

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                                  • 24 May 2020

                                  Oh man, talk about a throwback! I got the Xperia X10 in Black shortly after launch and absolutely loved it! It was my first Android smartphone and I learnt how to Root in it, I played around with countless ROMs and all sorts of mods on it, loved the phone to bits. The phone did develop an issue with the MicroUSB not wanting to stay in and go loose, that got fixed by Sony Ericsson.

                                  I did get fed up with Sony Ericsson’s poor update roadmap planning and a few months after we got Android 2.3.3 Gingerbread I decided to leave my X10 for a Samsung Galaxy S2.

                                  Those were some great times, early Android days were filled with all sorts of debates around the best manufacturer and best UI approach. I appreciated Sony Ericsson sticking to making great Cameras and Screens in their phones.

                                  I miss the old Sony Ericsson, my first SE was the W800 Walkman Phone, they were such an exciting brand, they did things in a cool and different manner, such a pity about the infighting.

                                  Good times :)

                                    It was my dream phone, that time I was in UK but could not afford buying the phone. Later I brought Xperia Arc.

                                      Anonymous, 24 May 2020Actually there is a small OEM from USA that has a 4K screen... moreNever heard about this. Never saw any news about this.

                                        CeeCeePee BAD >:(, 24 May 2020Sony data will be sold to japanese serversMuch better than being handed to Chinese servers that would sell your private information to hackers, make profit, and use them to spy on you every second.
                                        Japanese servers are never known to cause privacy issues. If there is, it's very minor and not threatening enough for it to be a major concern.

                                        You do understand why US banned China from entering their country, and even prevented US companies from making contracts with Chinese companies.

                                        Edit: Where did you get that info about Sony selling private data anyway? Mind sending me a reliable link or proof to that?