ARM's Cortex-A78 and Cortex-X1 will power the Androids of 2021

26 May 2020
Cortex-A78 brings a 20% performance boost or 50% higher efficiency, while the X1 is a super powerful core to rival the Apple A-series CPUs.

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What if in first scenario we had 870 on 5nm FF and it's clocked at 3.0ghz i think it will outperform the 778G on same node and clock speed

SupaSiblings, 20 Nov 202050 percent lower energy, means it takes account of the memo... moreJust to clarify, if the RAM and Cortex A77 takes up 1w, the Cortex A78 and RAM will take up .5w,

hmm, 26 May 2020I dont understand this where it has 20% more power but runn... more50 percent lower energy, means it takes account of the memory that the CPU grabs from, it means that in total, to do a task, it needs 50 percent less watts, so instead of 1w for a77 to do a task, 0.5w for a78 to do a task, at the same speed, 20 percent extra performance at higher clocks, is because it takes the same watts, a78 takes 1w at 3ghz, a77 takes 1w at 2.6ghz, but a78 performance is 20mperfent better,

LilPhone, 27 May 2020What laptop has SD855+? Only SD8cx (Samsung Galaxy Book S).... moreThe latest Red Magic and BlackShark would like to disagree with you, it costs 800 or less, and it performs better or equal to A14 in IPhone 12 Pro Max, and you can also boost the CPU and GPU for max performance, which despite having a 1 year old SoC, zips past a13 and a14, even a12s

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AnonD-894375, 28 May 2020Nope, I have nothing against mali. My statement is based on... moreMali is bad, no doubt in that.
Exynos 990 is just worse.
Samsung has always made the Mali GPU better than Mali actually is. Somehow they have messed that up this year.
Even using the same Mali GPU other manufacturers(like Kirin/MediaTek) were 1 generation behind of Exynos.

  • Anonymous

AnonD-894375, 28 May 2020Dude, read the post again, when did i say mali was bad. I w... moreAnd you said "your argument STILL doesn't stand"

Which would imply we spoke before. But those were our first responses to each other here that I know of.

  • Anonymous

AnonD-894375, 28 May 2020Dude, read the post again, when did i say mali was bad. I w... moreMy comment was completely sound and factual.
Just like yours was... well yours was based on reality but exaggerated somewhat. But you were calling out that person for trying to claim that the exynos was performing better. Which we know it wasn't.
But since graphics was the main point of their claim and that's what throttles so heavily I commented on the graphics.
And it still stands that under a better set up the mali would sustain better.
But for some reason you didn't read what I said properly or just didn't like what I said. So you said something that didn't make sense about my argument not holding ground.

And I never specifically said you had something against mali. Since you claimed my factual point held no ground i guessed that maybe you had something against mali. I didn't say that was for sure the issue. Thought based on your reply it was a logical option.
My issue was not whether you do or do not like mali. The point was that you were the one not properly following along. And you still are not following.

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AnonD-894375, 28 May 2020Dude, read the post again, when did i say mali was bad. I w... moreAll I said was basically that the lack luster set up of the exynos 990 didn't discredit the mali g77 gpu
Your response to that was....

"Unless the GPU and CPU is separate in mobile chipset, your argument still doesn't stand."

Now learn to follow along your own comments. Or is that too complicated??

  • AnonD-894375

Anonymous, 28 May 2020It still holds no bearing then. And my claim still holds. ... moreDude, read the post again, when did i say mali was bad. I was talking about Exynos 990 all along then you came up with mali.
You the one that came out of nowhere starting saying I am against mali...

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AnonD-894375, 28 May 2020Nope, I have nothing against mali. My statement is based on... moreIt still holds no bearing then. And my claim still holds.
It's not that the mali g77 is not a capable gpu. It's the overall set up of the exynos 990. With a different core and clock set up and not having such power hungry cpu cores the graphics would perform much more admirably. Still not quite as efficient as adreno in 865, but able to sustain better than it does now.

  • AnonD-894375

Alex 94, 27 May 2020I checked on many sites. Sd 845 was 45$, 855 53$, 855+ 60$ ... moreAre that the price at the time of release? or current price?
No use to compare if it is current as older chips will be sold at a discount. I highly doubt 855 is sold at that price at the point or release or within 3 months of release.

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Anonymous, 27 May 2020Go to YouTube and check one plus 8 pro fortinte test the ph... moreYes, OnePlus 8 have overheating problem, but doesn't mean it SD865 is the main cause. Do you see report sof other mobile running SD865 overheating?

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Anonymous, 27 May 2020Not only does that not make any sense or hold any ground...... moreNope, I have nothing against mali. My statement is based on your original statement about exynos 990, not mali.

Annyms, 27 May 2020Well views are inherently subjective. I have rarely seen ... moreYour post is based on anecdotal evidence while my post was based on facts verified in the real world testing by third party entities.

Each of the below has real world tests on YouTube confirming the same.

-IPhone throttling after continuous gaming - verified fact.(nobody stopped them from putting extra cooling in their phones.)
-IPhone reloading apps and games compared to other flagships - verified fact (no wonder they are upgrading to 6gb RAM on upcoming iPhone 12.)
-IPhone not being able to push past 60hz and touch sampling rate locked to 120hz and higher latency compared to other phones - verified fact.

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JDK, 27 May 2020well then, they are even, right? Look at the majority of sp... moreFirst of all... learn to read if you are going to stick your nose into other people's business and bash.
Not to mention if you are going to come into a conversation making claims off topic then at least make sure they are correct.

For your unrelated side tracking point. Incorrect. Iphones in fact are not always ahead on lots of the speed tests....

For the related point. The claim was not that iPhone was or was not faster...
They were upset by the fact that gaming phones held up better in longevity of graphical performance...and though not the point discussed cpu too.
So the claim was that even after throttled the iphone will perform far greater.
Where as real world results show gaming phones sustaining about 90% of performance even after an hour or more on non stop heavy usage. Even here on gsmarena.
But they refuse to accept this and try using a link that doesnt support this claim.

  • Anonymous

JDK, 27 May 2020well, well. Sure then. iPhone is superior in normal usage c... moreSo instead of being mature and realizing and admitting the hypocrisy you just continue the side tracking and bias.

The claim was you can't compare the gaming phone to iPhone. But then at the same time comparing them anyway while saying you can't. Just to say iPhone was better with a false claim.
But when pointed out you'll just ignore that and side track more?

Addressing your further side tracking: iOS is not bloat free. The ui is not noticeably any smoother. Not all androids are full of bloat. While the cpu is technically better it is not fully utilized as better. And again you don't have to be a heavy gamer to experience throttle. Where even the iPhone can throttle on some daily continuous tasks the gaming phone won't. The iPhone will only perform some bursts better.

Your claim of walking around with 7.1 inch tablets is pure bias and unrelated side tracking. These phones in question are all similar in size. Including iPhone. The pro max is no small device. I wonder if it's within your capabilities to stay on point or make any related and factual claims.

And the main reason they made better use of their capacity was stand by time. Which helped boost mixed usage. Actual usage time was never the greatest. Especially because until recently iphones always had underwhelming capacities. It's been one of their Achilles heals. Along with underwhelming ram and storage which has been the downfall of aging iphones for years despite users like you trying to claim otherwise.
The pro max is the first and only iPhone to have a reasonable sized battery and one more proportionate to the size of the device. And guess what? It actually has great battery life and that's one of the big reasons.

But yes. Instead of giving better battery capacities which help phones last longer throughout a days usage and stand the test of time better... let's continue to accept overpriced devices with lower capacities because it's more convenient to carry a power bank.....
Because that totally fits your logic of not wanting to carry extra or huge devices.....

Anonymous, 27 May 2020Riiiiight. Being able to tell that their link doesn't prove... morewell then, they are even, right? Look at the majority of speed tests. iPhones are always even with androids with snapdragon 865 released like 5 months later.

Anonymous, 27 May 2020Oh well since we are admitting gaming phones do all these t... morewell, well. Sure then. iPhone is superior in normal usage cause of the better CPU. And, no bloatware(samsung, xiaomi, I'm looking at you). And, a generally smoother UI(except without 120hz, but iPhones this year are getting that, I'm sure iPhone will become smoother again). Plus, you don't want to hold 7.1 inch tablet phones everywhere. Even if they have better battery life(which they don't, their high refresh rate displays suck more up, and iPhones are noticably better at taking advantage of the capacity they have), you would be better off bringing a seperate power bank.

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 27 May 2020It's not about color accuracy, noob. It's about maintainin... moreWell then my dear noob. Like you said. All panels have that issue. And come accuracy ties in with the gamut.
You sure say a lot of contradictory and ridiculous things while trying to sound so "superior".

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 27 May 2020Lmao, these blind dudes that can't read, leave them. True,... moreRiiiiight. Being able to tell that their link doesn't prove what they want or match up to real world results means we can't read.
But then sharing a link that doesn't prove their claim means you all can read.
Let's have a round of applause for that logic.....