Sony PlayStation 5's Amazon listing reveals price

11 June 2020
Sony will unveil PlayStation 5 games later today through an online event.

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Anonymous, 11 Jun 202010 euro for 1gb internet in romania u cant get better than thisBut you guys have pretty cheap broadband rates, right?

Anonymous, 14 Jun 2020PS5 is pretty cheap for the caliber of hardware. If pricing... moreEven you don't know what are you talking about.. Lmao

LOL, 14 Jun 2020LOL! ;-) I don’t want to get into a verbal mud slinging se... moreYou're stretching your head too much.. Lamo.. Even you don't need to comment from two IDs because you've been caught long ago.. Other than making joke of yourself more get back to the track show your class of knowledge. Alas you don't have that's why you were escaped in vane.. Xd

Anonymous, 14 Jun 2020For a "PhD" if you can't see the location tags on gsma webs... moreDidn't I told you about changing location? It's damn easy by joining into new vpn.. Alas a so called flase game developer doesn't have this simple basic idea. Same as he doesn't know any sht about relevant topic that's why he escaped then formed a new location tag and name to reply his own. But coincidentally he get notified in very next moment without having any membership account and he replied to his own XD.. Yeah common for the guy to be caught in second with minimal knowledge..

How did I get here? Because this is my newest membership account as far remember and I get notifications of reply. But with anonymous instant id/without membership account I need to find this article everytime to look out your reply..

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Vegetaholic, 14 Jun 2020Simple reason why console can't surpass PC is price and fix... morePS5 is pretty cheap for the caliber of hardware. If pricing I got from company docs are true, it would be an amazing surprise. Sony is waiting for Microsoft to make it's move before announcing the price. Stay tuned for digital edition! that deal is possibly a shocker of the year. Down the road, with upgrades, yes PC is a PC, and it would be cheaper, but something that cheap, out of the box is a pretty good deal. I am a PC + switch guy through and through, but this time around, my brother is probably getting his first console

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[deleted post]For a "PhD" if you can't see the location tags on gsma website, I'd recommend returning to university to give it back. Your tag is XSs, I see what your PhD stands for now! *Mic Drop*

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[deleted post]LOL! ;-)
I don’t want to get into a verbal mud slinging session on a web forum with a ‘post-doctoral’ multi qualified delusional character in case he knocks me down to his level with sprinklings of childish name-calling thrown in here and there for good measure.
It’s gone past my bedtime and I’ve got a superhero costume to put together. After all, I’m going to be needed to fight all those super villains and it can’t be accomplished without my help. ;-)

I do enjoy reading about forthcoming tech and it’s spec as well as how it may or may not move the ‘game’ forward to the next level or what maybe the next ground breaking feature.
So peace and good health to all

Vegetaholic, 14 Jun 2020lol, your computer will run shit for 600 euros, please don'... morePs5 cpu is freaking underclocked which cannot even beat ryzen 5 mobile cpu.. The power draw is even lower than ryzen 5 mobile cpu.. Which cannot even compare with zen+ ryzen 5 cpu. It's damn bottlenecking for the gpu itself.. Don't say anything which you don't have any deeper ideas.. The newer 3300x can beat the cpu at any test any time without any hiccup.. Which can be overclocked and the power draw is freaking awesome.. And in 600 € a machine can be made now which can play 1080p in the best way possible.. Even 1440p can be played comfortably..

Anonymous, 13 Jun 2020Ryzen requires B550 chipset (it works on B450 through bios,... moreSimple reason why console can't surpass PC is price and fixed hardware nothing else :)

Anonymous, 11 Jun 2020Still not a fan of consoles with this price. My computer wa... morelol, your computer will run shit for 600 euros, please don't talk nonsense :) to get ps5 cpu you already have to waste around 300 euros :) what about motherboard and so on? Unless you playing games on 720p all setings low up to 30fps maybe I can beleive you :)

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Anonymous, 14 Jun 2020That was when I gave up, for a guy with that many degrees h... moreI don’t know as much as some genuine people on here but it’s interesting reading of how much progress we are making and how fast, in the world of computing and micro electronics.

Does anyone think that the 7-8 year release of new consoles is ok or is it too long a time to wait? How has mobile phone tech advanced during a generation release of a games console?

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Anonymous, 14 Jun 2020Brian is 3 levels (in job hierarchy) above me. His office i... moreOk, thanks for your reply
I’ll have a look at both consoles when they are released and may or may not purchase either one

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Anonymous, 14 Jun 2020Brian is 3 levels (in job hierarchy) above me. His office i... moreLook how his kiid replying his own reply made with another fake name? The question is how suddenly you got notified when you're not running an membership account but usual instant account like me.. How did you know that one guy replied you? I've tons of membership account here since I'm commenting from a usual instant account. And it's impossible to get notified when someone will reply.. But coincidentally you replied your fake account very next time XD.. Thief has been caught XD..

Yeah I can name dozens of officials name and say whatever about their bio or info or office from no where, Because no one gonna check that! Lol..

Surely this kiid is the new visitor here.. Go check some post from 2008.. I've following this page.. African for a reason..

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Anonymous, 14 Jun 2020Brian is 3 levels (in job hierarchy) above me. His office i... moreJust an add on, He is creative director and I am an engine programmer, so I work at pretty low level literally and theoretically compared to him, we don't work in same teams, but our teams work together under him

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Double Dutch!, 14 Jun 2020You say you have a Degree, Masters and phD what did you do ... moreThat was when I gave up, for a guy with that many degrees he types worse than my 8 y/o nephew. Feel free to read my comments though, if I am wrong, I'd love to be corrected. To be honest I know more about consoles than PC's these days so I can't say I am 100 percent correct, but you can be assured that PS5 is a dope piece of tech! if you are looking for raw FOps, xbox will be better and I won't even deny it. But the way we squeezed out performance in Spiderman and ratchet and clank(you probably have seen gameplay) is pretty nice. My name would be on 42nd line in end credits!(unless the writer rearranges stuff. Since 42 is a vaunted position)

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Just an Insomniac, 14 Jun 2020Do you know Brian Allgeier?Brian is 3 levels (in job hierarchy) above me. His office is few cubicles away from mine! How can I forget him, Brian was the guy who hired me! An amazing guy, he is!

  • Double Dutch!

[deleted post]You say you have a Degree, Masters and phD what did you do your thesis on? I’d like to read both sides of your and the other guys arguments but it is hard to read, follow and understand you because your ramblings are all over the place and then you’ve started to use childish language as comebacks against the other guy.

With all that qualification, shouldn’t you put it to better use alsewhere and leave the childish arguing to, well, children and teens. Just saying

Let’s wait and see how this PS5 turns out when it is released.
Stay well and stay healthy everybody

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Anonymous, 13 Jun 2020I work at insomniac (read the comments properly please) If ... moreDo you know Brian Allgeier?

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Anonymous, 13 Jun 2020 (I'd suggest you look into insomniac games, I am somewhere... moreThere many man do work in Insomniac games.. Who the hk know which one is you.. Deliver something with proper proof other than talking bs.. I don't need to read an infant like you who is totally lack of information of hardware knowledge.. Hence you're in the internal with Sony ps5 development but couldn't answer anything better I asked lol! Surely internet couldn't help you that deeply. Even some of my engineers can tell better about ps5 hardware engineering.. Your given information are very much like a 12th standard student, which might not have full and accurate information and understanding.. 'Extract every bit of Processing power' the funniest sentence I heard about development process XD.. If you really have more sense of their inner architecture that's what I'm asking in two replies.. Try on kyd! Let's see how much internal info you can speak. Yeah not cpu but gpu one.. Forget it kyd.. I'm damn sure you don't f even know the how a game works in hardware.. Even I asked about it as well. But no single reply from you were committed.. I've touched way more processors, chips or circuits during my masters and phd than your whole generation ever touched.. And what irrelevant claims? Say the guy who is full of false informations, false claims and misinformations? The guy who did not answered my single question about particular process and hardware. Lamo! I'm thinking that you're from Africa.. Are you thinking of age is around 16-17? Are you for real kyd? I hope I'm older than your elder brother.. And suddenly a 16 years old guy knows more than you right? I know the process about making games and no one told you to give the full description but basic stuffs since you don't know any f about it so you can't tell more.. But ray tracing is another dimension of work? Lol! Where did you get this false information? We had topics on ray tracing and phy sim but I never read of such information of dimension at any where? Stop making sht infos from your dream which you don't know about.. And here I didn't ask you about ray tracing physics, even an infant could tell better than you help of internet. I asked you about the rt process of AMD's new gen gpu.. As you're unknowingly just saying apu this apu that, so I think you can tell me the internal processes as well and what haven't you seen in consumer level gpu.. Go on 6 years old girl I'm waiting here.. Full of bs XD

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Anonymous, 13 Jun 2020 (I'd suggest you look into insomniac games, I am somewhere... moreand another point, sony and microsoft are not developers, they publish games made by studios owned by them for consoles they sell, so if manufacturers won't work with AMD to optimize the hardware, who will? Insomniac is owned by sony (I have been at insomniac since 2018), , so why won't I work to make the game perform best it can? so there goes final wrong statement in your straw hat