Light, the designer of the Nokia 9 PureView camera, leaves the smartphone market

11 June 2020
This means that HMD will have to look elsewhere for the camera on the perpetually-delayed Nokia 9.3 PureView. 

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toddluvzgta, 18 Oct 2020You do realize that it was Microsoft who screwed them over ... moreThere probably was some insight to this.

If Nokia were resilient enough to be releasing tablets today it would mean another competitor to the Surface.

Yankee self-interest at its finest.

Qwerty2020, 12 Jun 2020What a SHAMELESS BULL**IT... If Nokia pricing is indeed ... moreYou do realize that it was Microsoft who screwed them over and they are the reasons that they are struggling.

I'm sticking with Nokia instead of using one of your phones myself so that people like you won't hack my credit card info for instance. At most I will just sell that Chinese crap on to someone else if any at all.

  • jeff

lpl, 13 Jun 2020Still, I love my 9 pureview :) But how do you use an sd card and or backup photos

The Light Concept itself is remarkable, and arguably the most radical imaging concept since larger sensors of the Nokia days.

The problem with the implementation was that the hardware in terms of SoC hadn't been created until very recently. Also, Light didn't address issues with their early sensor (they should have chosen Sony, to begin with), OIS, and limitations of image fusion with so many sensors.

Pixel and many other flagships could bring almost equally good photos and better, at a fraction of the hardware numbers, do it so much faster and also have Night Mode and other tricks that Light's high lineup of engineers just didn't equip themselves for.

Light can still compete and beat the Smartphone Flagships, if it begins with understanding its limitations and not imagine competing with DSLRs to begin with.

  • Carol

lpl, 13 Jun 2020Still, I love my 9 pureview :) Well, now you have two reasons to love it, one would be because it is a unique peace of hardware. Second would be because allot of trolls will false sustain they have it...

Still, I love my 9 pureview :)

stobs, 12 Jun 2020truth is nokia never usually did use the latest hardware fo... moreoh forgot about the nokia n9, the meego thing - that was the first nokia with a 1ghz processor (ti omap). the 808 pureview was the first nokia symbian with a 1 ghz processor (arm).

and brings another example to mind - ti omap chipsets. TI's chips were better than qualcomm. based on my experience, they felt like they could be pushed more than their qualcomm counterparts with less effort. like they were heavy-weights as opposed to qualcomm's lightweights. i recall overclocking a TI 200 Mhz chip to 300 Mhz without difficulty on windows mobile - an increase of 50%!

but TI's chips were more expensive than qualcomm's as they did not have an integrated modem module (for communication) which qualcomm did. one fine day, they suddenly gave up citing lack of profitability and closed their chip line. not sure what they're up to these days.

  • Sj


  • stobs

MATE 30 PRO, 12 Jun 2020It is not annoying, it is the truth, or do you want to read... moretruth is nokia never usually did use the latest hardware for their devices - except for the camera. its been like that since ages. imagine, the first nokia phone with a 1 ghz processor was nokia 808. long after other companies were exploring dual core.

nokia always did their own r&d and designed components from scratch, but i still can't accept that as a legitimate excuse for their lethargy. end of the day, they weren't dynamic enough to match the changing trends, they focused on a market that they didn't understand (& did not understand them - murica), ended up with one of the worst partnerships + sale in the history of business with microsoft, and unfortunately were not shameless enough like the chinese companies to blatantly copy components from others and use them on their products.

hence their situation today.

  • Pinkie

I have the Nokia 7.1 and the Nokia 9.1. I don't know what happened, Nokia use to have the best phones . After using your phone for a few months, the other party can't hear your conversation. Your pics are shaded that means u lose those memories. Nokia need to do some research on their new phones. The ones since Nokia 7.1 wasted money

  • stobs

Qwerty2020, 12 Jun 2020What a SHAMELESS BULL**IT... If Nokia pricing is indeed ... morewell, reason being western companies did the original r&d heavy-weight work unlike huawei and other cheap chinese fraud companies that only copy the designs from their factories and repackage them into new phones with minimal r&d work.

this isn't just for phones, its applicable for stuff as simple as spanners too. they're cheap because they did not do r&d work and the factory setup was helped by the american & european companies who flocked to china for the cheap labour.

hence, a flood of western money into china (an ironically pure capitalist model in a communist country) and hence the predicament of western companies today.

serves them right to work with liars.

  • Anonymous

Qwerty2020, 12 Jun 2020What a SHAMELESS BULL**IT... If Nokia pricing is indeed ... moreMan, so much salt ... And it doesn't even have anything to do with Light, which is the company the article is about.

  • Qwerty2020

Anonymous, 12 Jun 2020stop it paid huawei guy! What about Nokia 6.1 , 7.1, 8.1, 6... moreWhat a SHAMELESS BULL**IT...

If Nokia pricing is indeed "good at price point", they wouldn't be in such a predicament right now!

See, Nokia 6.1 was priced 269$ in US, and 302 euro in EU at the first launch.
That device was powered by SD630, the sibling of SD625 literally.
MANY manufactures has launched phones with SD625, half the price of what Nokia asked, such as Redmi Note 4, Redmi 4 prime, etc, with the same aluminium back & frame!
Even Redmi Note 3 pro and Mi Max which launched in 2016 were FAR BETTER than this at half the price!

Next, 7.1 was literally 'X6 / 6.1+ on steroid'.
While the pricing of 6.1 was already quite high for a device with SD636, 7.1 pricing was nothing short of EXORBITANT. $349 or 319 Euro for the lowest 3GB/32GB option!
There are TONS of cheaper devices powered by SD636 at that time, as Qualcomm are starting high pricing their SoC since SD660; Redmi Note 5, Asus M1 Pro, Mi Max 3, even Lenovo Z5! All of them launched not too long after 6.1!

Next, the MOST STUPID ones, 8.1. This device was literally flopped and DOA.
Why? Because it was SOO underpowered compared to its predecessor, but have EXORBITANT price; no wonder the nearly discontinued 8 was sold out later when people who wanted to buy Nokia products learned that they wait for nothing..

next, 6.2? Did u even read here of how CATASTROPHIC the device was? It was flopped and DOA.
People literally buy its predecessor (6.1 plus/x6) which was near discontinued and got cheaper (with decent camera, though)

next, 7.2? Yikes, HMD even considered 'recycled' Nokia 7+ then give it UNTHINKABLE price tag!
ONCE AGAIN, did u even read the review of 7.2 here? It was WORSE than 6.2; at that price, even 2018's Poco F1 was MUCH BETTER CHOICE in almost EVERY ASPECT (price, UFS, SD845, surprisingly useful camera, etc).
FYI, when 7.2 was out, TONS of devices with the same price was having SD675 (Redmi Note 7 pro), SD710 (Realme 3 pro, Mi8 SE, Mi9 Lite, Mi cc9, Lenovo k10 note, Z5s, z5 pro, z6, even Meizu x8 & Meizu 16x).

The ONE & ONLY Nokia product which has SANE price tag was 5.1+.
BUT, Nokia is such a jerk that it literally CAPPED the powerful Helio P60 (underclocked) so that it won't flopped the 6.1 plus & 7.1 sales. Added with B-grade LCD display which has bleeding issue, you got 'decently priced' Nokia Android phones.

See? This is THE REASON why TONS of 'smartphone-conscious' people mocking Nokia.
They NEVER make something right (pricing, specs, camera software, forever locked bootloader, etc), BUT wants to monopolize the smartphone world, again.

Anonymous, 11 Jun 2020Xperia is close to nothing. Just some pro software function... morefocus, burst shutter, jpeg+raw, natural colors are not just some sw tricks. Every phone got some downsides, like small amount of detail per pixel, missing new hw+sw features on xperia. There are users though that care more about those features 1II offers.

  • Anonymous

MATE 30 PRO, 12 Jun 2020And is that all the explanation you can offer to defend HMD... moreI'm not in a position to defend or attack HMD. All I am saying is that he is right about saying your repeatedly attacking HMD gets annoying if your attacks don't even remotely cover the topic of the article you are commenting on. In this case, it is "Light", a company name you didn't even include in your initial comment.

Look, I'm not saying you are right or wrong, it's just an explanation of why people could get annoyed by the same kind of comment under different articles.

So, to answer your question: Yes, that's all.

  • Anonymous

Using the camera tech from light was an absolute flop..the Nokia 9 pureview had potential but people have little patience for such underwhelming phones

Well i bet the will come with something totally unique.
Maybe they should try to partnership with cannon and make a Nokia Pureview combined with Mark III camera capabilities a phone.

Anonymous, 12 Jun 2020For a start, you could actually refer to the topic the arti... moreAnd is that all the explanation you can offer to defend HMD ????

That's all ????

  • Anonymous

MATE 30 PRO, 12 Jun 2020It is not annoying, it is the truth, or do you want to read... moreFor a start, you could actually refer to the topic the article is about, not HMD in general and you disliking this company.

  • Carol

MATE 30 PRO, 12 Jun 2020It is not annoying, it is the truth, or do you want to read... moreThe problem is, you keep saying the same bull''t over and over again, you're getting boring. If you don't like HMD, nobody is forcing you to buy their devices. But to troll their comment section everytime their is something about them, or even worse, nothing quite about them here being Light under the "Camera" you gotta have a lot of time. As for they are not avangarde, well nokia 9 it is, a great niche supercamera device. The only problem with the phone is that the people actually need to use their brain, to be able to use it's camera. I admit, pretty uncomun this days.