The OnePlus 8T phones might come with 65W Super Warp Charging

14 June 2020
And a new Ice Blue color for the OnePlus 8 family is also in the works.

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clar, 19 Jun 2020Anything less than 200W charging is for little girls...Or maybe for smart people who don't want their batteries to last less than 1 year on that exaggerated charge.

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clar, 19 Jun 2020Anything less than 200W charging is for little girls...less than 150W charging is now

If anyone is still curious about the electromagnetic pop up, I am mid development of the 3D model, I am pushing details and I plan to make an animation to show how it work.

I am not just making the pop up, but the whole phone to go with it, i stay realistic/faisable in technology but I am still pushing the concept as far as possible with things like :
Graphene display (they are ultra thin and are reflective like Kindle readers, meaning no backlight is required during the day) and tactile.
Solid state battery and non induction based wireless contact fast charging and data system that also serve as a watertight opening to the removable battery and dual sim + dual SD card slots.
Many sensors and really powerful AI to handle all of those, an optical solution to get from a large optic to a 90° periscope (meaning no 45° slope) to allow 2 APS-C sensors while remaining really thin.

If you want some sneak peaks, here it is :

Anything less than 200W charging is for little girls...

Anonymous, 15 Jun 2020Won't electromagnets be affected overtime with corossion or... moreThere are many possible ways to make it, the main one I envision is basically with the pop up being a sealed box with the magnets inside it, then the tray where the pop up is, is also sealed, the magnets and the coils are on the inside of the phone, of course it mean there is a gap between magnets and coil, but since magnets are exponentially strong with the distance and work well through many materials, it won't be a problem.

I am making a 3D version of it on Sketchup, I'll post the video and reply you with the link.
I'll try to make multiple models, but the main one I make in 3D have the advantage to be removable without any need to open the phone itself.
Here are screenshots of what It look line for the moment (I haven't yet made the exploded view variant).

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Demongornot, 15 Jun 2020Well the Poco F2 Pro is basically the Mi 10T Pro, it follow... moreWon't electromagnets be affected overtime with corossion or something like that?

DrakeX, 15 Jun 2020Mi 9T is an exception. Xiaomi isn't gaining much profit fro... moreWell the Poco F2 Pro is basically the Mi 10T Pro, it follow a really similar concept, the OnePlus 7(t) Pro was a bit expensive but it followed the trend of OnePlus to be increasingly pricey since the OP6, so the pop up isn't to blame here...
The Vivo NEX 3S 5G is also one of the cheapest phones with the SD865.

I know, on the beginning, there must have been lots of R&D to figure out all the specs, position, where to attach the motor assembly, the rail system, the speed, size, sensor connector etc, but after the firsts who obviously had to make some research, now that the base concept is known, it isn't pricey anymore, it probably don't cost much more to research than to research where to put the sim tray.

I am sure I could find a phone with 9mm+ which is have less features than the Poco F2 Pro, but I wanted to stay honest and not find the worst/best case scenario, I didn't even checked the firsts top expensive flagships for the same reasons, the Galaxy M21 because it is not comparable in price range, the Huawei P40 Pro+ because it is top and probably have really nice features to density, the Xperia 10 II as I don't really know its price range, same for the X3 SuperZoom, the Xperia 1 II is top end like the P40 Pro + and the P40 Pro I didn't compared for the same reasons, but I remembered the Edge+ was basically around similar price range and if I recall correctly it is highly focused on quality, so I thought i would be a good comparison.
I could have "cheated" and took the Red Magic 5G who is thicker and doesn't have more features, but this is true that many modern phones are on the 9mm and 8.9mm average and pop up make it thicker.

Well, I quite often wrote that IP certification is useless, even dangerous in certain cases, as it doesn't guarantee a smartphone with IP68 will actually survive accidental fall (many do die) and most non tech literate peoples could think it mean total waterproof while it is water resistance.
Put my electromagnetic pop up concept with all the 3D facial recognition sensors (30k dot projectors, IR camera + light, but also add UV camera and light and a laser scanner) and double that with Iris scanner (as it use the same sensors anyway), and add the Qualcomm 3D Sonic Max, and the awe factor will rise above the sky xD
Both I'd say, peoples are so easily scared and companies don't care at all about them.

I have many things to have about the notches and punch holes, I prefer the bezel over them, but the privacy aspect of the pop up is even better for me !

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It gets to a point where how fast do you really need?

Demongornot, 15 Jun 2020Actually it isn't about cost, the Mi 9T Pro and the Poco F2... moreMi 9T is an exception. Xiaomi isn't gaining much profit from it which is what makes it cheaper unlike the normal Xiaomi phones. Realme X2, Poco X2 have notches when their successors didn't and they were released in a short time frame. Those midrange you mentioned are more expensive than their notched counterparts. Even the first pop-up phones, NEX S and Find X cost a lot. There must be some engineering going on to put it in the phone.

That's a good point comparing F2 Pro and Moto Edge+. I have no argument on that.

Honestly, I'm not affected by those myths but I can see how it influenced. Some people think that popups are a futuristic feature. I have the Mi 9T, the popup and UD fingerprint is what awe people. All I want was no notch. Only con of a popup is no IP cert. There weren't any durability problems. I don't know whether it's the consumers or companies who started from going popups to notches cuz companies don't really care much about the consumers.

Even though I have the Mi 9T, I actually don't care about the notch when phone screens are getting too damn long. Video content is mostly 16:9, cropping it makes you miss the area that was cropped.

Asphalt-nation, 14 Jun 2020I've been owning a 2018 Oppo Find X for 22 months now. Litt... moreOppo Find X had a smaller battery than the usual 4000mAh and also you didn't say what and how much you use the phone and when you charge. There are many causes of battery degradation, gaming takes the biggest toll. I had a Redmi Note 4X and after almost 2 years, the battery was reported to have 70% in Accubattery although I was getting like less than half the original SoT (10 hours including an hour of gaming). I was a heavy user. I usually charge when the battery is low usually during the day and never overnight charges. I used the charger that came in the box which was up to 10W.

I feel like some people are too stuck about battery health like it's the end of the device. Changing the battery doesn't cost much when you can afford such a luxurious flagship in the first place (although some phones have it glued). I'd take a fast charger any day of the week so I don't need to wait too long for it to charge.

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Anonymous, 14 Jun 2020You again with same dumb speech like robot? It matters ... moreIf the power flowing through the charging cable(s) is 65 W, then it is correct to advertise it as 65 W.

Anonymous, 14 Jun 2020How is it fail when the Poco F2 Pro just launched WITH a po... moreActually it isn't about cost, the Mi 9T Pro and the Poco F2 Pro are, regarding their chipset and comparable other specs, among the cheapest of their class (flagship killers or cheapest flagship), there are cheap entry level phones having a pop up, like the Huawei P Smart Z, the Huawei Honor 9x, Elephone U2, Realme X or Oppo F11 Pro for example.
It is just a simple mechanism, there is nothing that really add any relevant amount to the cost here.
For exemple, I found a spare parts website, and remember that said website need to make profits and they probably also paid a wholesaler who also made profits (where smartphone brands probably directly buy first hand or produce their own) and the delivery cost for each buyers before this online shop, for the OnePlus 7(t) Pro the pop up mechanism/motor is 8.26 USD and the pop up "tray" is 7.52 USD.
So I guess it may cost OnePlus 10 USD max to add a pop up mechanism, not much really.

And the internal space isn't the real issue, look at all the feature the Poco F2 Pro have :
Audio Jack, NFC, Wi-Fi ax, underdisplay FPS, large battery, many cameras, 5G, IR camera, it even have a super large (the largest) cooling system on a smartphone.
It almost have all the features, yet it is under the 9mm marks that other phones without pop up and with less features are in, just looking at other phones that the top of the batch, in the Review list here, the Motorola Edge+ is a good example of a 9.6mm thick phone with a simple punch hole but not really much more features than the Poco F2 Pro except maybe the wireless charging, but it is a really thin thing, proving that the pop up doesn't prevent a phone to get features.

Add the electromagnetic pop up concept I often talk about, and now it take even less space and is even cheaper.

The real reason why it isn't more popular and more implemented is because of all the false myths about it.
At first when it was announced, there was so many peoples who wanted it, it was a true hype, it was awesome, it was rare finding peoples saying negative things about it, it should have been the next big trend.
But then news media started using the same fearmongering keywords :
"Wear, fragile, water, dust, durability, fall, moving parts, added point of failure".
Then, quickly, peoples started to believe those things said without any proof, evidence or even exemples, more and more peoples were already gone from wanting it really bad to fearing its fragility, and just as it was born, the stupid media killed it, the Oppo Find X showed what was possible, both 3D facial recognition + fulldisplay, the only one to still have both yet, even though it isn't a real proper pop up but a pop up/slider hybrid, it should have been the way forward, pop up such as the one seen on the Vivo V17 Pro, but hosting 3D facial recognition and other biometric sensors should have been a little more common, but the myths did spread, and now that the pop up proved it is at the height of its expectations, and even higher, that it is a robust and durable thing that have no real negative points.
Peoples are still believing those old myths, you'll still see peoples mentioning how fragile it is despite having almost no reports on pop up failure to be found and on the same device many failure report on more important components like display, battery or electronic...
Water is still really often mentioned despite many video proving the OnePlus 7(t) Pro is more than capable of surviving accidental drop on water.
Then you see peoples like the guy you answered who just hate it for no apparent reason, they never have a valid reason to hate it BTW, and when you prove their argument wrong, they get mad.
THIS is why the pop up isn't more popular, it isn't about cutting the cost, if the pop up cost 10$ more than the punch hole, they could just make the phone 10$ more expensive.

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Anonymous, 14 Jun 2020Two batteries of 2.000 mAh and One battery of 4.000mAh prov... moreDude wtf are you talking about

Anonymous, 14 Jun 2020Pop up camera is a failed tech companies should stay away f... moreI didn't saw this stupid reply...

Ok, how is it failed ?
*It is durable, tough, fast, work well and basically all the negativity about it is totally false and debunked arguments.
*I ever heard of any pop up user unsatisfied by it (unlike punch holes, notches or curved displays for example).
*It allow fulldisplay without any drawback (chuck of it removed or poor pictures).
*It respect user privacy, hell its the only front camera option that respect privacy.
*It is cheap, easy to implement and is the only actual solution appart from bezel to get additional front sensors.

And underdisplay camera is actually the stupidest idea ever, you don't make an ultrasensitive camera then try to make a poor quality spot on a high resolution display to make pictures through it just to have to compensate everything through ton of software because of how bad the RAW quality is.
It would be as stupid as making a space telescope underground with the most sensitive sensors and the biggest mirror ever, trying to build a transparent roof (that by the way won't be transparent enough for that exemple to have a fair comparison) to replace all the ground above it, and trying to compensate the poor quality you'll get through software, just to protect it during the day, rather than simply doing the obvious, a mechanical door that protect it, as they all do in real life.
It will cost a lot, normalise to remove all sensors but the camera, give crappy image quality, normalise lack of privacy and even make peoples forget they are potentially observed, make a spot where the display look different, potentially have negative effects on the display in the long run.

Pop up camera > Bezels > No front camera > notches with more than just a camera > teardrop notches and punch holes > underdisplay camera.
And it isn't just my opinion but pure logic of : complexity, cost, ease of use, annoyance and intrusiveness, usefulness (as the least sensors it allow, the least useful it is).

Anonymous, 14 Jun 2020Two batteries of 2.000 mAh and One battery of 4.000mAh prov... more30W charging takes a little over and hour for 4300-4500mah battery.
Here 65W takes half the time.

End result is that it is twice as fast.

Asphalt-nation, 14 Jun 2020I've been owning a 2018 Oppo Find X for 22 months now. Litt... moreI also have Oppo Find X, my battery shows 91% after 2 year usage.
I only charge once a day.
Not much detoriation compared to lower Watt charging phones.
You must have a defective piece or emptied your battery too many times.

Find X2 pro, it's successor guarantees 92% battery after 2 years too.

  • Depraved Monk

Not again 8T oneplus line up has become so confusing

Interesting... They should wait for this tech for the 9.

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Whackcar, 14 Jun 2020Yeah. Also, western brands have also used dual-battery syst... moreTwo batteries of 2.000 mAh and One battery of 4.000mAh provide you same 4.000mAh.
You will be using 4.000mAh.

32.5W and 32.5W are not 65W. You are not having 65.
That is the problem.
It should have been advertised as 32.5 ....

All phone makers fool people with bad advertisement.

They try to make you believe your phone is as powerful as computer, that it takes photos as same level of professional cameras, that is records pro video quality videos, that screens are as good as tvs etc.....

I've been owning a 2018 Oppo Find X for 22 months now. Little under two years.

It was one of the first device to introduce really fast charging (50W). It was made possible thanks to two batteries of 1700mAh, each using 25W voltage for a total of 3400mAh.
0 to 100% in half an hour, a total blast.

22 months later, or 1.9 years, total battery capacity is now 1274mAh, according to AnTuTu.

This means that battery capacity depleted by 63% in less than two years.

I now need to charge my phone four times a day, soon it'll be a landline.

Fast charging is, indeed, killing your battery.
The higher the voltage, the worst.