Qualcomm announces Snapdragon 690 chipset with sub-6GHz 5G, Wi-Fi 6

16 June 2020
The Snapdragon 690 is the successor the Snapdragon 675.

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Anonymous, 17 Jun 2020If I buy an Android device instead of an iPhone, I'll only ... moreI thought you will consider A13 Bionic chip for Android.😂

  • AnonD-754814

Qwerty2020, 20 Jun 2020If Samsung x AMD partnership in GPU bore fruit on time (Q1 ... moreActually you're getting this slightly wrong.
I think Apple has ended the partnership with Imagination technologies long time ago.
So, nothing stops Imagination technologies to work with others. I guess the new GPU isn't worthy.
But Apple has made a new agreement this year. But that doesn't count presently founded GPUs from Imagination Technologies.

About Nvidia and AMD. Remember that, they can't do it alone. If they try it alone they can make it powerful but they will be far from efficient. That's what happened with NVIDIA.

About AMD GPU in Exynos. I'm not even sure whether the GPU uses anything named AMD or not. Actually the problem is, we don't know much about the agreement between Samsung and AMD. Probably AMD is just helping Samsung providing the IP and support for money. Because Samsung had also been working on HM GPU before that.
Or they might have other mutual agreement.

  • AnonD-754814

Qwerty2020, 20 Jun 2020It's high chance that they'll use both; having 1core X1 + 3... moreThat was not my point.
Qualcomm isn't used to high performance core. So, there is a high possibility they might mess it up while using cortex X1. You also need to understand that Qualcomm did a clever strategy to use their own 'Cryo' branding even if those are Arm cortex core so that they could stand out from others. And many people think that Cryo cores are custom core which they aren't. So, using cortex X1 core might bring them with others in terms of advertisements. Which is a bad marketing for Qualcomm.
As Qualcomm has years of experiencing on regular cortex core doing overclocking and being efficient, now they're going to use whole new power hungry cortex X1 core.
It's high possibility that Samsung might beat Qualcomm in term of CPU power and efficiency. Now about GPU. It's a whole other thing. Possibly Samsung might have to stick with Mali GPU next year too. May be their own custom GPU isn't ready.

  • Qwerty2020

AnonD-754814, 19 Jun 2020MediaTek has had a great time this year. Hope they will do ... moreIf Samsung x AMD partnership in GPU bore fruit on time (Q1 2021), next year's QC flagship might have worthy rival for the first time.

Imagination Technologies might have better GPU than even the current Adreno 650, but they almost exclusively partnered with Apple; who knows what kind of agreement they had behind the scene? (No chance of other SoC designer to use their GPU without Apple's approval?)

Even current MediaTek's flagship SoC don't use PowerVR GPU, like it did in Helio X30.

If only MediaTek could partnered with Nvidia to use their X1 GPU on Dimensity seies, they would obliterate next year's flagship Snapdragon for the first time.

  • Qwerty2020

AnonD-754814, 19 Jun 2020That's a very well said. 2021 is all about what Qualcomm ... moreIt's high chance that they'll use both; having 1core X1 + 3 custom cores of A78.
If they don't do this, they won't be able to close the performance gap with current A13.

The problem is, ARM's X1 is custom core, so it'll cost more for QC to produce.
That means, expect another price hike for the upcoming QC's flagship SoC

  • AnonD-754814

Viper, 19 Jun 2020If qualcom will mess up then i will be happy its not like t... moreMediaTek has had a great time this year. Hope they will do good again.
Exynos has had good times before. Even Apple used Samsung made SoC one time.
So, it's just a matter of time before Exynos do good again.

This getting very interesting.
But i fear than the 6xx CPU will be too slow for continuous use of 5G networks and streaming.

  • Nitin Yadav

Viper, 19 Jun 2020If qualcom will mess up then i will be happy its not like t... moreWith these terrible chipsets from Qualcomm, I am sure brands like Mediatek would rise and they would do good in the market.

  • Arnav

I don't think Snapdragon will be able to provide any interesting aspects in this chipset. Their affordable offerings have almost always turned out to be disappointing.

  • AnonD-894375

Anonymous, 18 Jun 2020what happens when they reach 700Restart as 1xxx?

  • AnonD-754814

Qwerty2020, 18 Jun 2020I'm agree with you. Even though Samsung partnered with A... moreThat's a very well said.
2021 is all about what Qualcomm chooses to do. X1 core or their semi-custom Cryo core.

  • Viper

AnonD-754814, 18 Jun 2020Doing is right the first time is not easy. But I was not ... moreIf qualcom will mess up then i will be happy its not like that i don't like the monopoly that qualcom had and even they haven't integrated their modem in sd865 just to increase the price so its time that meditek and exynos rise up atleast we consumers will be benifited

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  • Anonymous

what happens when they reach 700

AnonD-894375, 18 Jun 2020I find SD675 is one of the rare name seq by qualcomm, the C... moreThe 690 will be the same. Qualcomm is definitely doing some weird stuff. It seems like they're basically 700 class chips with a cut down gpu or radio.

  • Qwerty2020

AnonD-894375, 18 Jun 2020I find SD675 is one of the rare name seq by qualcomm, the C... moreYeah, SD690 is the successor of SD675; both offering latest Cortex architecture BUT with 'modest' clock (in order not to overshadowed ANY SD7xx chip), and WEAK GPU (Adreno 619L only supports UP TO FHD+, but @120Hz to cope with the latest trend of high refresh rate display).
ALL QC mid-range have pathetic GPU, in reality. Even the 4 years old Adreno 530 in SD820 was still MILES BETTER as it supports at least QHD, but with slower refresh rate ~60Hz).
That's the reason why gamers / people who buys phone mostly for gaming, don't bother themselves with mid-range SoC-powered phone.
Last year flagship / flagship killer phone are the only way to go.

In short, SD690 is QC's half-assed attempt to keep MediaTek 'gaming-labeled' Helio G & P series at bay.
For Dimensity, D800 series & D1000 series are still unbeatable for its asking price.

  • Qwerty2020

AnonD-754814, 18 Jun 2020I don't think Samsung has the authority to give that permis... moreI'm agree with you.

Even though Samsung partnered with ARM and be given rights to use custom core X1, it's highly unlikely they'd let 3rd party to have access to it, because rights cannot be passed to other party unless ARM allowed it (intellectual rights are complicated thing in this business).

Another point, I also agree Samsung won't use AMD processor.
IF the rumor of AMD C7 is true, it'll more likely intended for ultra low-voltage notebook processor, not mobile phone SoC.
Why? Because even Intel failed to develop their ULV netbook-grade processor to be as energy-efficient, while relatively powerful, as ARM.

This means, no alternative architecture is viable to rival ARM atm; the very low TDP of SoC is something out-of-reach for mobile notebook manufacturers to achieve, as SoC consists of many components cramped in small die; should AMD attempt this, they would failed as horrible as 'Atom'.

On the other hand, the desktop processor & mobile notebook processor are basically only have CPU (and sometimes IGP too), and no strict power consumption needed, as both desktop & mobile notebook processor main selling is the 'power-hungry' CPU (and gaming-ready IGP when available).

  • AnonD-754814

Viper, 18 Jun 20202021 most interesting soc will be the the next exynos with ... moreDoing is right the first time is not easy.
But I was not talking about GPU. Probably Samsung might use ARM GPU this year too.
I was talking about CPU.
It's Qualcomm's bad luck that Samsung has ditched the powerful custom core and just that time ARM has come up with a new powerful core.
If X1 core weren't introduced , Qualcomm might have good CPU power advantage over Exynos.
But as there is the X1 core. There is high possibility that Qualcomm might mess it up.

  • Tushar Sharma

Why is Qualcomm not able to launch chipsets with integrated with a 5G modem? This is really embarrassing from a brand like it.

  • Anonymous

sub-6Ghz is true 5G, 17 Jun 2020"Sub 6Ghz 5G is based on 5G network and offers 4G+ speeds i... moreAnd all of those are irrelevant to typical mobile consumers who use data for Instagram, Maps and IMing. 5G is big of a step as 3G and it will bring a small revolution in the way things work but mobile phone will not be one of them.